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  1. What's the difference between that and right now if #2 and #3 in the conference have the same record and didn't play each other?
  2. Didn't they initially have 30 seconds to review a play and then the monitor went black? If you can't make up your mind in 30 seconds then stick with the call on the field and move on. Or better yet, don't have the ref on the field go and look at all. Have a group of former officials in NY each be responsible for a game in real time and have them make the call on reviews and then call it in to the ref the result in 20 seconds. Get these guys off of the analysis telecast and in the booth reffing and speed it up for everyone.
  3. I've done about 10-12 hot yoga classes and am a big fan.
  4. I'm deciding between Powell, Hyde and Scarbrough. I'm leaning Powell right now.
  5. And once Lamar took over last year he basically didn't even catch any passes so let's call it 2/3 of a year.
  6. The Pats can't keep 5 OL healthy, where are they going to find a 6th?
  7. I'm also deciding between Williams and Sanders. Sanders should've been getting the bulk recently but the Eagles love to have a big committee so is anything actually changing this week or is this just talk? Edit - we get 0.5 per carry and 1.0 per reception so Williams getting a lot of carries is quite valuable too.
  8. I've done a lot more of this recently as well, or even waiting until after the early games are over. I used to basically stare at my laptop constantly watching scores get updated and following all four of my leagues and wasn't even watching football. Now I essentially make my final lineup decisions Sunday morning and turn on Red Zone and just watch football for 3.5 hours. Agonizing over every single stat and cheering for and against myself took the fun out of it.
  9. I know there's a deadline of 10 days or something like that for Gronk to sign if he plays this year, is that the same window for someone like AB? Is there a time frame that he needs to be on a roster for in order to play this year?
  10. I don't expect this to happen, but hopefully Gase at least sees this as his last chance to keep a head coaching job and actually feeds Bell more often. How does he expect to win by not using his best player over and over?
  11. I also like to sign a long time vet or two as well to have in the locker room at this time of year.
  12. Agreed. Also, just go to commercial for the 30 seconds instead of showing the replay over and over and having a former official give his opinion and then still have it be the opposite opinion of the call. I thought there used to be a time limit for the review and then what the ref is watching just goes black. It seems like they can take as long as they want now.
  13. Because history says so? You don't like him as a player, we get it, and maybe at the end of the year you'll be right about him not coming back around, but until then we've seen these dips in production before from him.
  14. Injury aside, I'm not sure why the Giants don't use him like the Panthers use CMC. He should be touching the ball 30+ times and never coming off the field.