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  1. Red Zone just said hamstring and return is questionable.
  2. I'm putting him in over Miles Sanders for flex but that might not be saying much.
  3. I believe they were up by 4 and decided to go for it instead of trying to be up by 7.
  4. Pats put up some nice points based on only giving up 3 but only recorded 1 sack and 1 turnover. I know they have a dream schedule coming up but do I go after them or stick with the Seahawks?
  5. Hill at the hospital, doesn't sound good from a shoulder injury.....
  6. I've cringed watching that celebration both times he's done it.
  7. Excellent point. It's also nice to see them put the ball into play quicker and not waste 60 seconds+ every time the ball goes out.
  8. I forced myself to get into this routine every morning and it's made a huge difference in my day-to-day. A sore back can affect so many things, just force yourself to get it done for a few days in a row and it will quickly become easier to do every single day.
  9. Raspberries are #1, pineapples #2, mango #3.
  10. I'm in a dynasty startup that allows for starting 2QB and is also best ball. I've never done a best ball or super flex before, how does strategy change for this type of league (also 6/passing TD)?
  11. I guess it would be hard to keep up with a likely irrelevant player and an incorrect thread title.