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  1. First off, there is no way he gets 2-3 games. This is abuse of a child. Abuse of a child. Abuse of a child. Let it sink in you dunce-headed people. The DA said a crime was committed but he didn't have enough evidence to bring it to trial. This means Hill either did it or is covering for his fiance. Hill is done in the NFL. This is my opinion. Done. Abuse of a child is the worst of the worst. He's done.
  2. Yeah, I agree with this. Hill will get a minimum of 8 games in my opinion. As I have stated before, I also believe the Chiefs will release Hill. I do believe they will try and trade him his weekend, probably have no takers, and he is released on Sunday or Monday.
  3. Yeah, that's the Deliverance race we are all running.
  4. Don't worry about it. Indiana weather changes every 5 minutes.....
  5. Can't anymore. I turn into a salad shooter.
  6. Dang, that sucks. Hope you feel better soon.
  7. Man, I would if I had time. We just started air conditioning season and I will be knee-deep in that for the next 4 months.
  8. Tuesday and Thursday. Rest day was on Wednesday.
  9. Easy. My Hanson plan was 6 days a week, and Friday was always an easy day.
  10. Awesome. If I remember, the Emcee would do something like this: Post link to picture #1. Followed by basic clues like: - lives West of the Mississippi - loves fast food - favorite type of music is country Then people would guess for an hour or so. Then: Post link to picture #2. Followed by more direct clues: - favorite sport is baseball - thinks wine drinkers are silly People would guess for another hour or so. Then: Post link to pictures #3 and #4: Followed by clues that narrow it down even more: - Is a fan of the Oakland Raiders - Favorite band is Led Zeppelin The honoree would usually hang back until all the photos were posted, followed by the guessing. After another hour or two, he would reveal himself. It was great. Thanks for doing this.
  11. Wear this around the back yard and strut around.
  12. Sounds like a bunch of you guys are fans of Dick's now.
  13. Yes. The poster would send 3 or 4 photos to whoever was facilitating it, along with some clues like: Favorite sports team Where they were from Favorite band The photos were usually a mix of older and newer photos. Just hilarious.
  14. We used to do this at The Huddle. Mystery Huddler. It was a riot. The Emcee would post a photo or two with clues, and then the guessing would commence. If nobody would get it, they would post another photo or two with some more clues. So dang fun. Some of the photos and responses -