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  1. @Joe Bryant - I've thought about this post all day. I've thought about the words I want to use to reply, because the last thing I want to do is disrespect you and the community you have built. Because the truth is, you have built an amazing community. We are friends, foes, adversaries at times, family 99.9% of the time, and a lot of us have met in real life. And on a message board, all you see are words. You don't see race. Or sex. Or sexual orientation. Or demographics at all. You see and are seen by the context of your words. And that is pretty incredible. Over the years we really have no idea what the other poster looks like. We have very few, if any, biases based on how you look. Holy Hell that is great! This is how to want society to work! And it just works. We all work together. In regards to your email, I have no problem with it. This is how you feel. This was so important to you that you used your platform to speak from your heart. And when a man does that, he can do no wrong. Because that speaks to the essence of a man. The part that disappoints me is that you had to start this thread to feel validation. You had to feel that it was ok. You had to make sure that what you said didn't disrupt your day-to-day operations. You had to feel good about that decision to make a stand. And that makes me sad in a way. I know you are a man of principle. I know you do great things in the community. I know you try to foster a real community here on the internet that actually means something. But to me, a man loses conviction when he has to justify a position. And I think that's what you are doing here. It means more to stand up with a fist in the air and declare "THIS IS WHAT I STAND FOR AND I AM GONNA SAY IT NO MATTER THE REPERCUSSIONS!!" And sadly, asking if this was OK lessens that.
  2. Heck, maybe these are the end times. If so, I’ve had sex, eaten Chinese food, drank plenty of beer, have heard my 3 kids belly laughs, watched them smile for the first time, run three marathons, and watched the Royals and Chiefs win championships in my lifetime, as have my kids. I’m pretty confident my wife still loves me since she just left to buy me some more beer. I think I’m good.
  3. Man, ours is way better than yours. I defy anyone to find a better convenience store than the QT.
  4. Man, I love this time of year: 1. 6.25 mile run this morning 2. Farmers Market 3. Quik Trip for a big coke and bag of doritos 4. Oil change 5. Bank All before 9:00 am. Booyah! Have a good weekend gentlemen. Awesome run @xulf.
  5. Why I love the Royals: 1. They are paying their minor leaguers for the whole year. 2. Their nearly 150 employees will not have any layoffs, furloughs, or take pay cuts. Higher level employees will take tiered cuts, but the Royals plan to repay them when greater revenues come in hopefully next year. Per Jeff Passan and Jon Heyman. I'm sure the players fall under another category, but good to see the Royals taking care of their employees.
  6. Is this on Strava? Otherwise it didn't count. Try again.
  7. This is such an excellent mystery. Here is what we know: 1. The OP is complaining to an HOA he doesn't belong to 2. The landscaping company allegedly damages his car 4 years ago, yet 3. Just now won't mow his small parcel of land So, from what I know about mowing crews, they don't give a rat's smelly bootay about what is in the way. They mow. Their goal is to mow a property as fast as they can to get to the next property. Mowing is the lowest margin portion of a landscape business. You could lay down in front of a mower and they will mow over you. Bunnies have no chance. So they do not care about the OP and his dinged car. UNLESS, someone specifically said: Don't Mow That Guy's Lawn. But why? Could it be the numerous phone calls from the OP? Threats? Bad reviews on their Facebook page. Email after email to the company service manager wanting recourse for the car? There is more to this story. But at the surface, it points back to the OP.
  8. Yeah, the Royals under the old owner was to basically break even. Some years they lost money, and some years they made money. What sucks is the Royals changed ownership this past winter. I feel bad for the new ownership group. You wait a lifetime for that opportunity and in year one you lose your ###. This is gonna hurt the Royals bad for a long time in my opinion.
  9. I do this now around the rocks in my backyard when I want two hours alone. Crack a beer, sit there and snip. When one of the kids bothers me I look at them and extend the scissors to them, not saying a word. They leave 100% of the time.
  10. I'd just buy my own lawnmower and cut it. But do it at a different length than the lawn service. Cut weird patterns in the lawn. Like a middle finger or something.