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  1. I did put the Rock Chalk in there to soften the blow.
  2. If you talk to yourself as much as you talk to us here you should be fine. Just be prepared to ignore yourself.
  3. I PR'd a half marathon two weeks after knocking 31 minutes off my marathon PR. I'm 50 years old. Don't be a vag. Rock Chalk Jayhawk BMFer!!
  4. Don't know how to post a poll within a thread, so I'll just do it manually: Who will win the training run between @Juxtatarot and @gruecd tomorrow?
  5. One thing I dug about him was he changed. When he went to Mecca he saw brotherhood of blacks and whites gaining spirituality together. That trip made him realize that racism was the issue - not just the white man. And that racism can exist on both sides of the aisle.
  6. When a reporter is interviewing someone and they don't ask a question. They just throw a statement out there. For example: Sports talk radio host interviewing Patrick Mahomes: Hey Patrick, you guys really executed well out there today.... Mahomes: Yeah, Coach Reid really called some nice plays and we executed well. Sports talk guy: That throw to Tyreek was right on the money in the third quarter.... Mahomes: Yeah, that was a nice route by Tyreek there. How about: Sports talk guy: Hey Patrick how did you know Tyreek was going to be open on that play, especially with the D-end coming on a stunt up the middle? Mahomes: Good question. When I saw the pre-snap coverage I saw the D-end cheating to the inside, so I knew Tyreek was going to be my hot read on that play.
  7. The NFL can suck a big fat one. I don't ever want to hear one more word from them that they care about player safety. The owners are just a bunch of greedy sack suckers that are only trying to extricate every last penny from every person on the planet. And in the meantime, a guy like me can't even buy a face value ticket to a game because those wanks allow brokers to buy up every seat for the whole season within 2 seconds of them putting tickets on sale on the public.
  8. I could probably run 9 in the time it takes you to run 18. I'm in. We'll meet at the cheese store.
  9. I went running last night with a sore groin region area. Suck it up Pulisic.
  10. Yeah, this is a fact. I've used Advanced Marathoning's heart rate chart as a general guideline for my easy runs, and based on my max HR of 197, my range is somewhere between 137 - 157. So yeah, most of my easy runs are usually around the 150 mark. And more often than not, closer to 152 or so. So I have been at the high range of that. I've made it a concerted effort the last couple of weeks to keep those under 150 FOR SURE. I've been shooting for 145ish. So I agree 100% with you. And that's the plan for the next month. After the race in April, my focus for the 6 months after race is to try to maintain 40 miles per week, with a bulk of those at 140. I need to increase my efficiency, because right now I'm not really scratching the surface of where I could get to.
  11. Anyone else feeling just blah lately? I've just been exhausted this week. Last nights workout just sucked balls. Was able to do about 3 miles at a 7:45 pace but it just all fell apart. That second SOS workout the last couple of weeks has been a problem it seems. Clearly the Hansen fatigue has kicked in. On the bright side I have completely eliminated drinking beer during the week. And even on weekends, it's been pretty limited. So I have that going for me.
  12. The best part of this is they share a spring training complex with the Astros.
  13. Your only solution then is to get a t-shirt made of the World Series trophy and wear it to work every day. Just keep your mouth shut and grin the whole time. While pointing at the shirt.