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  1. Thank you sir. If this works you will never buy a beer again if you ever come to Kansas City.
  2. I hate the new LED offerings in the stores. I never know which ones to buy to give me the proper glow in the house. I either end up with the ones that look like hospital florescent lighting or a lower yellowish glow that makes the house look like a funeral parlor. And since these LED lights last 27 years and cost about $900 apiece I'm stuck with them because I'm too stubborn and apparently stupid to keep trying to buy the right ones. Blah.
  3. I think Trump takes this easier than anyone thinks. Just a gut feeling.
  4. The problem is Cash relied on the wrong set of analytics. This year Mookie Betts hit .200 against lefties and .323 against righties. And he already had struck out twice against Snell in this matchup. Certainly a small sample size for this year, but Snell should have most definitely pitched to Betts.
  5. It’s over. They can bring Jansen in now and feel comfortable about it.
  6. Yeah, this is baseball in a nutshell these days. The lack of balls in play is what is killing the game.