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  1. I don't think so. People have been jizzing all over themselves about Amazon over the last year. It's the right time to do it. I'll probably cancel Netflix streaming when Amazon Prime goes up. Funny, I'm sitting here thinking I'd cancel Prime and sign up for Netflix. I love the 2-day shipping but in reality it's not all that often that I need something in that time period. Prime streaming selections leave a lot to be desired compared to Netflix. For me, it's not always about the time period necessarily - it strikes a balance between getting it fast and not having to go to a local store for a single item or two. The yearly fee is worth it in shipping costs saved and time and energy saved... when I needed air filters, I got them from Amazon because I wanted them soon and I didn't want to go to Walmart or the grocery store just for that one thing. I had something like 60 orders with Amazon last year, including all my holiday shopping.
  2. Who, incidentally, will be shaking up their prices soon, too. Probably a tiered model, but the days of unlimited streaming for $7.99 are winding down.
  3. Hitler had proof Katy Perry sold her soul to the devil. Everyone cared then, too.
  4. I gotta admit, I'd be okay with another $40 a year. Ten bucks a month for free two-day shipping? As much as I spend at Amazon, it's still worth it. I'd have to crunch the numbers, but I suspect it would still be a good deal at twice the price. And while $40 a year sounds steep - and it is, considering the current price - I have to wonder when the last time they raised rates was. People have a weird way of thinking that something should stay the same price forever.
  5. I have. My kids' doctor has one. Does my anecdotal evidence trump yours, or vice-versa? What are the actual sales numbers on the 5S? I'm not defending the device - I didn't upgrade to it myself. But "unmitigated disaster"? Because you haven't seen one? I don't think so.
  6. I like my iPhone (5) and I like my various Apple products. They work well together - Macbook Pro, Mac Mini (kids/wife computer), Apple Extreme router, Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. I like that everything is unified, and yes, "it just works". It really does. Having said that? If the next iPhone isn't revolutionary, I'll switch to an Android-based phone. And "revolutionary" means more than "bigger screen", because that's the most ludicrous assertion... the bigger the screen, the more desirable the phone? Come on. That's but one factor. The rest of the Apple line-up, I'm perfectly happy with.
  7. Depends on the writer. Thanos has been defeated by Squirrel Girl, after all. It's the writer that dictates the outcome of the fight, not the characters - or else Batman would lose to Superman every time instead of the other way around.
  8. Well thought out post and really do not want to argue - just discuss. Now maybe my 15 year window was wrong. Just curious what you would consider brilliant work by Marvel. At DC, they seem to have more iconic recent work than Marvel - Sandman, Dark Night Returns, All Star Superman, Superman Earth One and I think the current Batman will be iconic. I don't see that type of work at Marvel over the same period of time (which looks like it was over 15 years - which was my original erroneous statement). You might throw out Civil War - I thought it was a forced storyline and not that good. Heroes Reborn would register but even that ended poorly. On to the cinematic universe - said it before and I will say it again here - I think Ultron is a better Avengers 3 villain than two. Power levels put him in a class with Loki. I trust Whedon will right a good story - but I think a Masters of Evil would have been a better Avenger 2 story as it would have been a team vs team approach and the battles would have been funner at an individual level. Cap, Hawkeye, and Widow are going to have the same battle issues as part 1 - relegated to clean up duty cuz they can't go toe to toe with Ultron. Just discussin Sandman ended in 1996 and Dark Knight Returns was 1986, but the other three you mentioned were more recent. I agree, those are all seminal projects. The current run on Batman will definitely be remembered. From Marvel in the past many years, I'd say Avengers Disassembled, House of M, Civil War, Annihilation/War of Kings, World War Hulk, and Infinity. Throw in the X-Men arc that brought the original X-Men up from the past, I think. The 90's were not kind to Marvel. There's almost nothing I would say is really iconic during that period... but the 80's? Oh, man. Secret Wars, Mutant Massacre, Inferno, Fall of the Mutants? Just fantastic. Ultron would have been a great choice for Avengers 3, but they reeeeally wanted to do Thanos. Knowing that, Ultron had to be the Big Bad for Avengers 2. And I fully agree, I'm not expecting much from Hawkeye or Black Widow in Avengers 2 either. I suspect that's one of the reasons we're getting Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch - Hawkeye and Black Widow will likely be relegated to the background.
  9. worse than genocide. Maybe not that Okay, if someone kills a room full of people and you say that person deserves to die, that's fine I just don't think "that guy didn't get out of my way, he deserves to die" is reasonable, even rhetorically. It's a great way to convince someone you're a d-bag, actually. IMO.
  10. The assertion that people that disagree with you or piss you off in some way deserve to die. It's over the top rhetoric that makes you sound a thousand times worse than whatever the guy driving in front of you, or the woman in line at the grocery store, or the guy who texts in a theater, did.
  11. He was always begging the other Nazis for seed money, I heard. Pretty pathetic.
  12. Hitler constantly drove 65 mph in the left lane.
  13. Are you speculating on the spoiler or have you read that some where? I was not familiar with that character so I read about the character in my daughters Marvel Encyclopedia. That would be an interesting direction to take. It's been confirmed by the creators. sweet, that sounds like fun. I know there have been a number of versions of that character, I wonder if they are focusing on any specific one or will just create their own version of the character. It's new. There's never been one with the name of the character they're starting from. Gah. I need to learn how to work spoiler tags, I guess. The guy they're starting with? He's unique to the show. The guy they're ending up with? That's from the comics. And their method of creating that character is different from what's been in the comics, though there might be some similarities or overlapping details.
  14. I would be shocked if they killed off any of the big characters. First that would be a real slap at canon. Second I think Disney would find it a little disconcerting for their money truck to lose an asset. Agreed. I wouldn't put it past Whedon, but I don't think Disney would go for it... unless it was one of the minor members. No way they whack Iron Man, Cap, Thor or Hulk, but I could see them getting rid of Hawkeye or Black Widow. Though being the only woman, I'd say Black Widow is pretty safe.
  15. Or you're rowing for Harvard... Or you're Luther Campbell or Luther Vandross Or you're wearing a J. Crew turtleneck.