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  1. a lot of that may do with how IDP isn't nearly as straightforward regarding scoring and value as it is with offensive players. it's a much more nuanced aspect of fantasy football. not for the drive by fantasy players, and drive by fantasy players are the ones driving the market and the clickbait.
  2. someone correct me if i'm wrong here, but offseason content, including the bloom 100 and combined board, is free as long as you've created a profile and are logged in. also, if your concern is having this information to use during your draft, it would seem that moving the start date of your draft back one or two weeks might easily fix this issue.
  3. the confluence of your handle and this statement is not lost on me.
  4. i just read "the great MFL outtage of 2018" in its entirety and i'm ashamed of myself for doing so.
  5. there should be a handful of worthy interior OLs available in the 2nd round. i'm not necessarily opposed to taking one at 1.20, but damn sure against trading up for one. if quinn went in that direction, i'd be extremely surprised.
  6. Zenner plays special teams, so there's that. Also, somebody isn't making the final 53 at this point. Is it zenner? Washington? Green? Abdullah? We'll have to see, but we're not keeping all of these backs, especially if we draft one.
  7. they could also be looking for an older RB to provide a presence in the RB room and film room. might just be me, but i don't view either abdullah or riddick as the type i'd tell a rookie "see that guy over there? go listen to everything he has to say." just a thought.
  8. he's a ST piece. outside of that, he's a back up. that's all.