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  1. I was thinking of sending something to the winner of the fastest average pick. But what could I send to places like across Canada, US, Australia?
  2. We have a 16 team league, with members in 9 cities and 3 Countries. So our first 3 rounds are quick, and than it's 5 hours given per pick. I was thinking of giving out a prize to the team that uses the least amount of time to make their pick. Any Award ideas?
  3. We have our award, its called the Meat Head Award. Your picture is put up on the site all year and your team name and logo is changed for the next season, or at least until you stop finishing Last.
  4. Anyone know if there's a new Dynasty Draft list on here? Draft tomorrow in a new league and always good to have it printed out for me to check off.
  5. Joined my 3rd league and they have a early draft this week. It's starting from scratch and will be a my first Dynasty league. Does anyone have a great new up to date Dynasty Ranking sheet? I'm sure I can figure it out, but it would be nice to have to one before the draft.
  6. That would be awesome. Really liked what you did. I really like the history aspect of things too. Used to have the champs banners on the front page, but it got crowded. So that last two season I haven't had any. But man, love the whole separate page with all the winners. So how did you guys do your draft? Did you have two separate drafts for each Conference? So there's double the players? I even looked up a league with two 10 team leagues. And figured out a schedule to have all teams play against each other and two games against each conference team.
  7. Love your Champions Page.... I would love to have that on ours. Who did you get to build yours? Looks very similar to what we have. And that draft board is great. That would be neat to have to see how people drafted. Looks great. Here's ours
  8. Oh ya? Be great to hear more about it. I was looking into a two 10 or 2 12 team league. Actually I could figure out a 10 and 10 schedule where everyone plays conference 2X and other conference 1X with a 14 week regular season. But It's still just a pipe dream. I need to do some more homework. Thanks for contacting me.
  9. I run a 16 team league for 14 years now and I'm looking for change. 1. Has anyone thought about playing a Offensive Line as a starting position? I would love to have members pick a Team Defence and a Team Offence (as in Offensive Line). But I need a point system and ideas from others. 2. We have alot of interest in our 14 year 16 team league. But we can't expand. I had a few members give me some insight on Parallel Leagues. Like two leagues, that play against each other but use the same players (two drafts). Just like some ideas. Thanks
  10. Thanks guys, Awesome information. We use MFL for the past 12 years and have been a league for 14. There are a few things I like to change ( I run the league), but with out great info. It would be tough to push through. We play in a 16 team league now and it's really good. But so many friend want join and I was wondering how I could make that happen. I have another question I want to put out there. Has anyone used a Team Offensive line as a starting position? Wonder if there is a good point system for this.
  11. Hey, thanks for getting back to me. How was the league? How did you do the drafts, and I guess each player could be picked by each league?
  12. Awesome...thanks for responding. I'm looking into ideas of maybe removing kickers and improving Def points. Just wondered about OFF Line points and if they would be fun or not.
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking for new ideas for our league next year. We have played in a 16 team PPR league for 14 years now. Love it. But Its time to check out new ideas. I was looking at a few of them and would love to hear from you guys on adding to these thoughts. Maybe some of you have something to add or know what I could be looking at. 1. Changing our Defensive Teams points. How to make it more fun watching Defenses without playing in a IDP league 2. Add Offensive Lines as a roster spot. How to put a point system together. 3. Adding teams to our league, and have a Parallel League where you maybe have 10 on each side. Has anyone played in one and how did it work? Love to hear some of these ideas. Thanks guys.
  14. Agree, I was hopping to see if there was some new ideas for Defences or even Offensive lines. Have a cooler point system for D's and actually have one for Offensive lines. That with out playing IDP's