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  1. Giving up Mike Evans Getting Blount and Jordan Howard. Redraft, I already have AJ Green, Edelman, DT and Sheppard.
  2. Jennings included? Got Jennings or Ryan Matthews
  3. I'm not sure who to go with. Any advice would be welcome.
  4. Is it accurate to say that drafters this year are in only 1 of 2 camps? Anti-Fragility 0RB or Value Based Drafting. Am I missing anything?
  5. Fair enough. Another theory is that it takes place after the Khitomer Accords and is a hybrid Starfleet/Klingon ship which explains the triangular back sort of. At the end of the trailor there is rhe subtle sound of a cloaking device being activated which I completely missed before. Check out the link
  6. I'm not a fan of the small saucer section and the larger triangular nacelle section. It's designation is NCC 1031 which means it came before the NCC 1701 TOS Enterprise. The nacelles look like an early version of the TOS Enterprise as well. I respect your opinion but I feel strongly that the ship doesn't look good.
  7. All it takes is 1 look at that junk ship and you can tell...
  8. I've been a low long Star Trek fan and I wanted to ask other fans if they hated the design of the new ship and the fact that the show takes place pre TNG. I feel like the post TNG DS9 and Voyager era would make for the best unexplored territory.
  9. Has the Electoral College historically been effective at representing the will of the people? 2. Does the general public have any Actual influence in todays Government?
  10. 1. Would gun control supporters rather... A. Apply pressure to the Government to openly and transparently ban assault weapons out right by repealing the Second Ammendment even though it may take years or decades to do so.. Or B. Pressure the Government to back door gun control as hard as possible legally like banning or taxing ammo sales into oblivion much faster then option A would take...
  11. Would it violate the right to "Due Process" to ban gun sales to people on the no fly list since there is very little regulation on it and it's supposedly hard as #### to get off of if you're put on it by mistake?