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  1. Courage Boys are #15 in the Heavy Hundred this year New Grandpa Urine & Pterodactyl #26
  2. Sounds like the twangy western station that impedes on 104.1 all hours of the day
  3. I think that comes from a story of a bunch of high schooler (football players) playing a sex game amongst themselves. Four points for nailing a girl, 3 for a beej, etc. If she's a 4-pointer, well, you know...
  4. Are you looking only in the Addison area? There are multiple threads on Dallas nightlife in the past...Was looking to stay close to her place. Figure there were plenty of options there before branching out.In case nobody answered, there is Houston's (highly recommend) and Chamberlain's (Steakhouse or Fish Grill, both great). Kenny's Wood-fired was mentioned and is a very nice joint as well. Also recommend Chaucer's if you dig sushi, and del Frisco's if you want to drop two bennies.
  5. Followill catching some flak in the blogosphere for lashing out at some dude on Twitter.
  6. met Demarcus Ware at Academy yesterday when he and his wife randomly stood behind me at the check-out that was cool
  7. Doocy probably makes 4x what a radio host makes and works maybe 1/10th the hours.What do we conjecture a person like Corby makes right now? $200k?