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  1. Hi @Joe Bryant.. I used to be very active poster in SP and for a brief stint in the FFA. I've completely stopped posting and now only occasionally lurk the SP for tidbits of fantasy info. I saw your manifesto in SP and hopped over here to hopefully settle something since we are doing a reboot. The main reason I stopped posting here is that I was constantly being accused of being an alias for Squisition in this forum which then creeped into SP banter. Can you officially settle once and for all that I am indeed a unique snowflake that drops in randomly and not an alias of Squistion? It be nice to engage in some SP talk as fantasy kicks off with out the mob constantly accusing me of being an alias.
  2. Sorry, I get my middle aged fat man banter from another forum. I tried. I really did. Thanks for keeping my memory alive.
  3. and it feels so much more authentic
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Raiders/Chargers game they completely missed the memo.
  5. I have a hard time believing that a guy can still perform at a high level only playing 5 games in almost a four year stretch. That's if he doesn't face criminal charges, AND pull himself together. Even in dynasty, this guy is definitely a waste of a roster spot IMO. I had come to believe he just simply didn't care and wanted to smoke the sweet cheeba. It seems he does care, but is just beyond stupid or diseased. He should of never of pulled the rehab card and just took his punishment as a weed martyr, of sorts.
  6. Based on history and what he has said in the past, the last thing he wants to do is a merry go round. Everyone has been some combination of bad/inconsistent/hurt. It's on Williams to produce, and I believe this situation is ripe for someone to take control.
  7. Diggs is in the slot, Treadwell would be on the outside on 3WR sets replacing Johnson.
  8. Just read a great tweet:
  9. That really isn't that solid. Jones is dealing with a calf right now, Dez is dealing with Dak and Dink Prescott and Jefferey is hobbled and without Cutler who force feeds him. Tate has been a huge disappointment and Crowder is just depth. If dynasty it is extra rough imo
  10. I've found this logic to be the source of some of my worst trades and try to avoid it at all costs.
  11. The Dilferbacks on ESPN are the absolute worst. C'mon man
  12. Very nice insight here. Kudos.
  13. I'm sure the could tell you how many millimeters per millisecond, which is likely (no clue though) the lowest range at which they measure. Can't imagine they need any higher precision, but who knows with a billion dollar industry. I think you are correct on them using mph as something that most people can relate to or grasp.
  14. The data is being collected in millisecond intervals. They are taking in massive amounts of data so it's extremely accurate.
  15. The RFID tags are embedded in the shoulder pads for every player.