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  1. They're also finding CTE in soccer players who head the ball a lot at a young age. There's lots of different factors that could cause it, if it was that advanced it definitely wasn't all from his time in the NFL.
  2. Didn't realize Watt got injured on Punt Coverage. Reminiscent of when Polamalu got hurt on Kickoff Coverage and was out for weeks. I get that special teams is important, but how about not using our stars on Coverage? Also, looks like Watt and Gilbert should play, but not Tuitt this week. And the closer we get to the game, the more worried I get about the Steelers playing down to their opponent. I know that Glennon beat us back in 2014 and they've been showing the tape to the team this week, but this seems like a letdown game with the Ravens up on the horizon.
  3. My last hope was that he'd be cut and picked up by a RB needy team, or traded. I was thinking, what if he goes to Arizona, or the Giants, but their O-lines are just as bad. Seattle and New Orleans should trade AP and Lacy so they can fail on new teams. I feel like I should cut him, I just can't yet. Ugh.
  4. Non-ppr. Team A Gives: Odell Beckham Team B Gives: Ty Montgomery, Alshon Jeffrey, CJ Anderson, 2018 2nd (Pick 12-16 probably) Team A was in the running for the Sacko for the 2nd year in a row. Has a young team and needs some points now. Team B had great depth, now they're very thin. I think long term I definitely like Odell, but this year I think gaining the depth will help Team A compete.
  5. Agree. That said, he's probably not going to destroy the Ravens D. He should have lots of opportunity this week, and if Brandon Williams is out he might have space to run. I have to decide between him and Martavis Bryant and it's going to be tough.
  6. Is Lacy a cut in dynasty? I've offered him in several trades for scraps and got 0 takers.
  7. Against the Bears, if we win by less than 10 pts it will be a disappointment. Also, this should be a get right game for Leveon. Great chance to start the season 3-0.
  8. 0-2 but I have Zeke and Derrick Henry, so I still have hope! Trying to get Buck Allen and Chris Carson this week to shore up RB depth.
  9. Some takeaways from the game: Our offense still looked sluggish. The play calling was better than week 1, but Big Ben didn't look great. Missed some good opportunities and didn't seem to go through his progressions on some plays where a WR/TE would be streaking down the field open but he only had eyes for AB. Bell looked better, but still didn't have much room to run. Villanueva looked awful. Our O-line got much better after he came out. Maybe it was due to illness, idk, but he is not living up to the paycheck. Our D looked stout again. Wish we'd done a bit more against a backup QB, but Keenum was getting the ball out quickly and Diggs/Cook are truly talented. Our kicking game is on point! Overall, we won, so I'm happy. But I don't think we were good enough to beat a top 10 team, and I don't think we'll win Oct 1st against the Ravens if our offense doesn't improve.
  10. Updated Injury News: Tuitt questionable Dupree no longer on injury report, should play Wilcox and McDonald questionable Bradford, Rhodes, and Barr all questionable If Bradford and Rhodes don't play, our odds go way up.
  11. A few notes: Bradford on the injury report. If he somehow misses this game, our odds shoot way up. All of our sacks took longer than 4 seconds. That could be due to good coverage, or due to Kizer being a rookie. If we play a veteran QB, the odds of sacking him after 4 seconds is much lower because the ball will already be gone. Villanueva looked bad. Well, our whole line looked bad. Hope they can get it together this week, but the Vikings D is more troublesome than the Browns. Don't forget to root for the Browns this weekend against the Ravens!! That D is formidable, but I honestly think the Browns have a shot.
  12. I think Rhodes is going to shadow Brown, and if the Vikings have to worry about the run at all then they can't take away the deep ball with safeties 30 yards deep like the Browns. Bryant should have the opportunity for a bounce back game, even against a tough D. Also, if the Vikings key in on JJ in the red zone, then Bryant might have more of an opportunity.
  13. I'd pass on playing him if I could, but it's a rough week for streaming. If they don't feel that Bell is ready to go yet, there could be a lot more throwing. I would project him for 275 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 turnovers.
  14. 100% agree. The Eagles' D is tough up front but there should be lots of openings for long passes. Pryor was open a fair amount, just kept dropping the ball. If Hill can hold on he should keep his streak alive.
  15. As the owner of both DJ and AR15 I'm in a holding pattern. If someone wants to overpay (which no one will) I'd accept, but I can weather losing them so I plan to just pop them into my IR slots and hope I don't lose more players. I still view both DJ and AR15 as top 8 and top 15 dynasty assets and plan to hold. Even if DJ misses the whole year, hopefully AZ finally takes their o-line seriously. And I'm hoping that AR15's injury leads to him leaving Jax for greener pastures.