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  1. Interesting stat: Passing yards allowed per game fell from 320 to 170 after trading for Minkah. In other news, Artie Burns expected to start for Steven Nelson. Not good. Very not good. I sadly expect him to commit at least one crucial PI and allow 2 TDs.
  2. Went back and watched some college game tape of Hodges. He flashed signs of being a really good anticipation thrower, and also had moments where he was flustered and threw bad picks. He's similar to Ben when he escapes the pocket, he keeps his eyes down field and pump fakes the crap out of the defense before finding a target for a big gain, or he lobs up an idiotic throw for an easy pick. From 3 weeks of Mason, I think that Hodges has an equal shot to be a decent starting QB. Mason has the arm strength and confidence, but he's not very good at anticipation and usually waits until a target is completely open. By then the secondary is closing and the pass is often broken up, even though the WR or TE was wide open at one point during the route. In his limited time, Hodges threw the WR open instead of waiting for him to be open to throw the pass. A mistake of Rudolph's is to commonly overthrow WRs to prevent a potential pick, and Hodges has almost the opposite problem, throwing the ball into the dirt at WRs' feet. If he doesn't set his feet and have a proper throwing motion, his passes don't quite have the umph to reach their proper target and can fall short. I think that if our team can have an equal turnover differential, and our defense can hold the Chargers to 24 pts or less, that we will win the game. If it turns into a shootout, I think our chances drop from 50/50 to 10%. Hopefully Nelson will be able to play because he's currently being charted as the 12th best player in coverage so far this season by PFF. Prediction for Sunday night! Steelers start the game with the ball and go 3 and out and everyone freaks. In the first half the Steelers cause 2 turnovers while giving up 1 and go into the half down 14 - 10. In the second half the Chargers get some cheap call that goes their way and they further the lead to 17-10, but then Hodges and Conner go on a tear and our D shuts down the Chargers until late in the 4th. The Steelers will be up 24-17 with Rivers having the ball and 3-5 minutes left. We'll all feel pretty good, like, Hey we've been shutting them down all 2nd half! But of course our D will change 100% from what has worked and go prevent. The Chargers will score and tie it up with 1:30 left and all hope will be lost. But wait! quack. quack. Quack. Quack. QUACK! QUACK! The stadium ramps up the noise (it's in LA but more Steelers than Chargers fans). Hodges leads an incredible drive and moves them down the field into easy chip shot field goal range and Boswell scores the game winning FG as time expires. Stadium goes wild! QB controversy going into the bye week. Lose to the Dolphins in 2 weeks (jk, they're going to crush the Dolphins, Fitzpatrick revenge game).
  3. Mike Pouncey placed on IR by Chargers. They're now missing their starting LT and Center. Our D-line and OLBs should be able to do some damage on Sunday and hopefully keep us in the game. Hope abounds!
  4. People are ragging on Holton, but he's been open the last few weeks, just overthrown by 2-3 yards. He seems to be beating coverage on the deep ball, but not getting accurate looks, whereas Diontae has been thrown to in triple coverage while completely covered deep. Not sure what's going on there. Hopefully if Moncrief is the one asked to step up, he actually remembers how to catch a pass.
  5. Are you guys serious? All you do is b***h and moan about how everything is terrible and the season is lost and our future is compromised. The AFC North sucks this year; our season is far from over. This team is 1-4, yes, that's true, but we barely lost to the Seahawks and 49ers who are looking very good this year, and we had a game stolen from us against the Ravens with our 3rd string QB who wasn't getting 1st team reps the whole week. The Browns just got destroyed by the 49ers and are 1 game ahead of us. They play Seattle this week and have the Patriots upcoming. The Ravens play Seattle next week and the Pats after that. We play the Chargers who have been dropping games left and right, then a bye to get a bit healthy, then the Dolphins, a historically bad team. Even if we lose to the Chargers, we could be 1 game back from the Division leader in 3 weeks. 1 game. All most of you do is complain about how everything is lost and we're going to have a top 5 pick, wah wah wah. How about cheering for your team and hoping for the best? Maybe believe in our franchise and its leadership? We have one of the best in all of sports with an incredible history both recent and long past. We got unlucky to have Brady and Belichick in our Conference, and Peyton for many years, otherwise we would probably have a couple more titles under our belts. In years past people would say is that they wished the Steelers would make some kind of move and not stand idly by on the sidelines as other teams went out and traded for marquise players. Well, this year we went and did it, and all anyone can do is complain about how our future is compromised and we're going to have a top 5 pick. Hey, how many games have we been blown out in since week 1? Zero? They've all been close? Maybe adding a leader on the back end of our defense has something to do with that. Fitzpatrick was a player that had an extremely high grade from our Front Office and has already proven himself to be a stud in the NFL. I hope the Steelers keep improving, even with their backup, backup QB at the helm, and are able to get enough wins to squeak into the lead of the AFC North and sneak into the playoffs. I know that if that happens all of you will be saying "Oh, I knew it all along, I believed in them the whole time, I knew they could do it." But we'll both know you didn't believe and that you gave up after week 5. They might not do it, and they might end up with a horrible record, but I'll be hopeful until we're officially eliminated and I'll continue to support our team even after that.
  6. It's all going according to plan! Browns lost, both the Browns and Ravens face Seattle and the Pats in the next few weeks. We just need to get a few wins and we're back baby! Quack, quack, quack, QUACK! QUACK! QUACK!!
  7. Also, it was great to see Ola get a sack! I don't think it counts because of the BS call, but I wonder if they include the stat after confirming that it was a ref mistake?
  8. Hey! I think my overt optimism should exclude me from these worry warts.
  9. Let's wait and see what everything looks like after the week of 11/3. The Steelers will have played two tough, but beatable teams in the Chargers and Colts, and the tanking Dolphins. The Browns and Ravens will have faced the Seahawks and Pats. If after that week we haven't caught up somewhat, then the season is going to be 99% done. I don't think a loss this week means that we're 100% out, but I agree that it drops our odds to maybe 5% in my eyes, even if the Ravens and Browns lose. Also, the Steelers should probably rest Rudolph at least through the Dolphins game. And please, don't trade for a QB. Just scour people's practice squads if Paxton isn't the answer. The Pats have dominated in part because they make the playoffs every year in a crap division. The two years the Jets were actually good, the Pats couldn't handle them. How about us getting lucky for once and having a crap division that we can still contend with using a 3rd string QB?
  10. Well, idk about all that, but I like the optimism! Also, anyone looked at the Ravens schedule recently? Bengals (easy win), Seahawks in Seattle, Patriots, at Bengals, Texans, at Rams, 49ers, at Bills. That could easily be 5-7 losses with how bad their defense is looking and now missing Tony Jefferson. The Browns play at the 49ers tonight, hopefully a loss, then against seattle and the patriots, at Broncos, and against the Bills before facing us. They could easily drop 3 of those games, if not 4, and the Broncos could be a tough beat at mile high stadium. Ideally the Browns would be super focused on the Bills and lose, then drop a game to us, beat up on the Dolphins and ride that high, and then drop to us again because they got too full of themselves. This division is still open, we just need a little help from our friends, or frenemies. Whatever.
  11. Quack. Quack. Quack! Quack! Quack! The magic starts here. Behold, the Mighty Duck. We were winning against a team that many said would blow us out, with a 3rd string QB! And he looked great. The only reason we lost was that we got robbed by the Refs, and then Juju f***ed up and fumbled in a spot where no errors are allowed. He was trying to fight for more yards when we just needed to play it safe and move into FG range. Hodges looks good and our Defense looks legit. The Ravens scored off a stupid turnover by Samuels, and because they ended up with good field position (and got a handout from the Refs). The D is still improving and I think that by the end of the season we'll have a top 8 defense. The throw by Samuels was a poor decision, but I like the idea in principle. If a RB is running out to the flank and is clearly going to get tackled for a loss, throw it out of bounds and take the incompletion instead. Don't throw it to a WR that has his back to you (Think it was half on Washington and half on Samuels). The season is most likely DOA, probably an 80% chance we don't win 8 games. But I don't think all hope is lost yet. Our team is improving and we still have teams like the Dolphins and Jets remaining. We got blown out in week 1 by the Patriots, who haven't looked as good since (they've played crap teams). All 4 other games were either a win, or a close loss, WITHOUT OUR STARTING QB. It sucks that more of those close games haven't gone our way, but I still think that the 20% chance that we turn things around isn't unattainable. It's not likely, obviously, but I still think we could beat the Chargers. If we can beat them we go into the bye 2-4 with the Dolphins coming out of the bye. The Ravens look worse and worse each week, the Bengals are a dumpster fire, and the Browns are wildly inconsistent. This division is not decided. It's still within the realm of possibility that the December 29th game against the Ravens decides the AFC North champion, and I still think that if Lamar keeps rushing as much as he does that he won't last the season.
  12. It's not gonna happen, but apparently Diggs wants out of Minnesota. If we're going full tilt, why not send a 2nd and 4th for Diggs. I know that our WRs are getting open, and that it's really a QB issue that they're not doing that great this year, but still, that would be a huge upgrade to the unit. And he's still young.
  13. Woah, Ravens cut Tim Williams, OLB. I remember him being the bees knees when coming out of Bama. Wonder if another team gives him a flier.
  14. I was trying to keep an eye out because I was skeptical of the trade. He had some nice plays when the play broke down and that's what we really need. It seemed almost like he was replacing Switzer's role out there in the passing game and seemed to do a lot better. I also saw him provide some key blocks but that was only on 2-3 plays so idk how he did the whole night. That one play where he made the catch on 1st or 2nd and 15 for the first down was clutch. Overall, this game gave me hope. I'm not going to overreact to a possibly terrible Bengals win, but we beat a team we should beat and that's an improvement. The offense looked innovative, or at least different. The defense annihilated a crappy offensive line. And our QB didn't turn the ball over. Not too shabby. Rudolph is still not progressing through his reads well enough for my liking, but I was happier with the check downs than with runs for 0 last week. There were a handful of plays where I could see Juju streaking across the middle of the field wide open, and instead Rudolph threw the 5 yard check down, instead of the 15+ yard gain. Hopefully they can look through the game tape, show him all of these missed opportunities, and start to take advantage in the coming weeks. We're facing off with a pissed off group of Ravens next week. They lost a game to the Browns that might look close on paper, but was really a blowout. They're going to be angry and looking to dominate us. We need to come out next week and punch them in the mouth right from the get go. Lamar Jackson can't pass under pressure, and we need to keep the pedal to the metal all afternoon long. Their O-line isn't as good as recent years, and we need to dial up the pressure, while making sure he's can squeak out of the pocket for easy 8 yard gains. If he runs, we need to slam into him over and over. On offense, we need to exploit their secondary. It's been weak so far this year and gashed for huge plays. We need some more deep passes, preferably to Johnson and Juju instead of Holton. Overall, very happy with last night and I enjoyed it as much as possible because who knows how many wins we'll get this year. We beat up on a bad team, but that hasn't exactly been the norm in recent years, so I'm quite pleased. Also, the MNF crew is super lame.
  15. Yeah, I was blaming Fichtner for safe play calling, but he just came out as saying that Rudolph wasn't taking advantage of opportunities deep down the field early in the game. Sounds like he wanted Rudolph to sling it and he chickened out. Hopefully week 2 he starts to go through progressions instead of locking on and forcing it. We'll see.