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  1. The current narrative is that he told her he was going to break things off, and then later that night she showed up at the hospital with bruises on her face. One of the nurses (anonymous) said that they and other workers (but not all) thought the wounds looked self inflicted, and that there had been no punch to the stomach. I don't know if any of that is true, that's just the most recent story to come out. At this point I have 0 clue what to believe so I don't want to condemn either person. One side says that Hill beat/choked his ex-fiancee at least twice and broke their kid's arm. The other side says that Crystal made everything up to try and trap him and was trying to trap other athletes prior to Hill until she got pregnant and that her family is trying to extort money out of him. I don't know which side to believe, or if it's some mix of both. At this point I've pretty much given up caring. My main point was that, him not walking away doesn't mean he's 100% guilty because people in psychologically abusive relationships can't easily get out. He could still be 100% guilty, I just don't think that him staying is evidence of that.
  2. Over/Under 70 catches? I think that he could have a decrease in rushing TDs, from his high of 16 down to probably 8/9. But that his receiving TDs could go from 3/4 to 8 in an offense that's able to open things up a lot with the threat of Kyler running. Hopefully Kyler isn't run first, but the ability to scramble when necessary will allow DJ some space. I think that if Kyler runs too much that he'll end up like RG3 getting knocked out from 1 huge hit.
  3. How does this class compare to 2019? The 2019 class was previously hyped as a historically amazing WR class, but then when it finally arrived the buzz was dead and it's now thought of as a mediocre class overall. 2020 is getting a ton of buzz, but it's hard to tell what that all means without some baseline comparison. Are the top WRs the next Julio or AJ Green? Are the top RBs as good as Zeke and Saquon? Where are these guys fitting in?
  4. Draft in progress, Non-PPR. I only had 2 picks, 1 and 6, and I'm happy with who I got. Really wish I had some later picks because there was lots of value with Henderson at 16 and JJ at 19. I think Irv Smith was the biggest reach, but only if Kyle Rudolph stays in Minn for 3+ years. Josh Jacobs David Montgomery Miles Sanders N'Keal Harry Parris Campbell AJ Brown DK Metcalf TJ Hockenson Devin Singletary Deebo Smith Mecole Hardman Noah Fant Andy Isabella Marquise Brown Kyler Murray Darrell Henderson Hakeem Butler Irv Smith Jr JJ Arcega-Whiteside Damien Harris Terry Mclaurin Diontae Johnson Bryce Love Alexander Mattison Justice Hill Dwayne Haskins Benny Snell Darwin Thompson Kelvin Harmon Ryquell Armstead
  5. It seems like one of them is abusive in the relationship, psychologically, physically, or both. From all the conflicting stories I'm not sure which way it goes. It doesn't surprise me that neither of them has left the relationship before now, because it's often quite hard for the abused to leave the abuser. No matter who is at fault, it seems like it's for the best that they not stay together.
  6. The only news has been Conner saying he wants to share the load with the other RBs. Literally, a player saying that he wants to do whatever is best for the team. That's the biggest news, since it's fantasy relevant. This offseason has been great so far.
  7. He ended up going pick 13. I wanted him, but not enough to trade a 2020 1st for him with all the hype around that class. My hope is that he starts slow. The owner that picked him quits early on players and if he has a terrible first 4 weeks then I might be able to steal him for less.
  8. I don't currently have any picks after 1.06, but I'm considering jumping back in later for him if I'm able. Really like his tape and there's almost 0 buzz around him right now.
  9. Just what we needed, a 2nd Tyreek Hill thread for double the bickering...
  10. Apparently the Money issue stems from the fact that all the players drafted before pick 24 (Jacobs' pick) have guarantees for all 4 years of the rookie contract, and all the players drafted 24 and later don't have them for all 4 years. So, Jacobs wants those guarantees, but the Raiders are cash poor and cheap, so they don't seem to want to make guarantees. Both sides need the holdout to end in order to have a good year, hopefully it ends sooner than later.
  11. Not great news. Gruden holds grudges forever. If he holds out over money, there's every chance that Gruden could bench him in weird situations just to prove a point.
  12. Got Hill in the 10th round of a best ball draft, feeling pretty good even if he misses 6 games.