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  1. Realistically, the Steelers need to start playing as though the playoffs start right now and I just don't get that sense from all the news coming out. We'll see if they play with an intense focus, or just squander another lead.
  2. Ok, I've had time to calm down, still not happy about how last weekend went, but I'm not sharpening the pitchfork either. I still think the team plays down to opponents, and that Tomlin needs to work on his time management and replay reviews, ideally hiring a specialist. But I'm less "the sky is falling" and more, "We need to rebuild". We lost the last 3 game on final drives, bad calls, and a major injury. We could and probably should be 10-2-1, but our D couldn't handle a quick offense and gave up last minute scores to fall behind. I think that is mostly because of a lack of talent, and not a lack of scheme. You can only do so much with what you've got. The Steelers came into last week leading the league in sacks, that's nothing to scoff at. We don't have a ton of turnovers, but we've gotten some bad calls and bad luck as far as that goes with fumbles bouncing out of bounds or right back into the hands of the ball carrier. On offense we have great talent on the O-line, QB, and WR, but we have no WR depth and without Conner our running game is nothing. Our D needs to improve in the secondary and linebacking corps. Our ILBs are tasked with being versatile and have to fall into coverage at times. They usually do fairly well, but late in the game they often begin to fall behind. Also, who would we put on them instead? Burns or Burnett? The secondary is easy to blame, but that's because they've been rough. Haden and Hilton have been excellent, but even great players make mistakes once in a while. Davis, Edmunds, Burnett, Burns, Sensabaugh, etc. all need to improve or be replaced next year. I don't like our chances against New England or New Orleans, but this team has showed the ability to stay close in games even against tough opponents. If they can keep it close and somehow get the ball in Ben's hands with a final drive, I think we could close. If we have to rely on a kick or our D to close out a game, we have little chance. Also, fire Boswell. He might be a good kicker sometime in the future, but right now he's not pro quality. I think we end 8-7-1 and need help getting into the playoffs.
  3. I don't normally bad mouth Tomlin and generally think he's a top 8 coach in the league, but this weekend has me starting to second guess that. He's always been terrible on the west coast (well, the team under him) and they've always played down to bad opponents, but I let that slide because overall we did what we needed to in order to make the playoffs and push for a Super Bowl. This team is too talented to waste, and missing the playoffs is 100% a waste. I do think the team is hampered by weakness in the secondary and middle of the D, a huge hole from the loss of Shazier, but the team seems to constantly under perform (except against Carolina) and his time management and challenge management is questionable at best. Not putting Ben back in until the team was losing is terrible coaching. He thought they could coast without risking their #1 QB, but you can't take any team for granted. This team doesn't have a winning mentality at all, they have a "don't lose" mentality. They almost never put the pedal to the metal to put a team away, they just get a lead and then change gameplan to try and stop the other team from winning, instead of trying to take the win. I believe that part of the reason the Pats win so much is that they try to just score more and more, and never let up. When you start changing the plan at the end of the game it never ends well. Being cautious is one thing, but being cowardly is another. I don't think we should fire Tomlin this year, but I do think that 2019 should be looked at as a probationary year. If we don't make the AFC Championship next year (assuming Big Ben is healthy), then I think Tomlin should go. I don't care if we go 16-0, results are what matters and right now we're not getting it done. That said, there's still time to turn things around. I think if we somehow go 2-1 that we can still make the playoffs and compete, I just don't think it's likely.
  4. Bos has the yips and has got to go, but I doubt they fire him at this point. They're just gonna give some platitudes about keepin on and whatnot. Also, if Ben was ok to come in after we were losing, he was ok to come in earlier, poor coach's decision. 2 misses field goals, an almost missed extra point, we finally had a game where penalties were called against the opposing team, and we still couldn't win on the west coast. I think we go 1-2 to end the season and miss the playoffs. It just feels like that year where the Browns beat us in week 17 to keep us from getting in. Also, we look like garbage the last 4 weeks. Get Burnett out of there please, he was giving Cook a 10 yard cushion the whole game.
  5. It was so sad to watch, and the train wreck in the 2nd half almost seemed expected. We would have won if the refs made the proper calls, but that just seems to be our luck this year. A false start here, a block in the back there, and an incompletion instead of a fumble, that lead to 21 Chargers pts. I wouldn't be 100% surprised if we lost next week to the Raiders in Oakland.
  6. Well, that sucked. We had multiple opportunities slip through our fingers: AB missed a wide open TD pass to Samuels. Grimble could have cut back for an easy TD. Washington dove for 0 reason on a long bomb that could have gone for a TD if he just kept running and got under it. Big Ben threw a bonehead INT to end the game. It would have been picked by the CB if not the DT. We looked bad and didnt' capitalize on opportunities at all. We also didn't generate much pressure during the game. We will get destroyed by the Chargers this week if the team doesn't step up, even if they are missing Melvin Gordon.
  7. I'm pulling for Ola to get some snaps, but after missing out for half the year, I think our expectations should be pretty low. Watt is killing it though, so if Ola gets to play across from him, he should have some decent looks.
  8. Phew. That was a close one. If Chick is injured and going to miss time for a while, any chance they bring back Ola? I want him to get a shot, especially if the team might not bring back Dupree next year. We need to know what we have.
  9. An injury isn't a miss... This poll is dumb.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers Pats game is flexed to Sunday night, and maybe the Saints too. We have a lot of real tough matchups coming up.
  11. steelers1080

    Le'Veon Bell

    What teams would be a great fit for Fantasy next year? Aka, very solid offensive line and not a committee? The teams that come to mind that could use an improvement at RB are Colts, Texans, Jets, 49ers, Bucs, Eagles, Bears, and Oakland. I think the best bets for Fantasy are the Bears, Colts and Texans, and their O-lines are ok when healthy. But I think it's more likely he signs with the Raiders or Jets. They seem silly enough to spend big money on a running back when they have much bigger fish to fry. Overall, I'm fairly certain I won't view Le'veon as a top 8 RB next season.
  12. It's going to be another annoying offseason I think. I doubt they let him walk scot-free. This week's game should be easy, that's how I know it'll be close/dangerous. The Jags just lost their best O-lineman, and their D is playing poorly, compared to what they could be doing. We have to push on the gas and not let up, whenever we're leading and then we try to change the game plan, that's when things fall apart.
  13. steelers1080

    Le'Veon Bell

    IT'S OVER. Ugh, finally. Now we know, time to move on.
  14. New England looked really weak, but now they have a bye and Gronk could be back healthy afterwards which would completely change their offense. I don't think New England is going to look remotely similar to the team we just saw, after the bye. Cincy losing was great, and no matter who wins next week (Bengals vs Ravens) we win!
  15. I think it will also be gold if he stays healthy and goes 24/160/2.