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  1. Vince Williams signed a 3-year $5.5 million contract. That's not starter money. I wouldn't be surprised if they resigned Harrison and Timmons to 2-year deals. They're probably letting him test the market to show that he's not THAT in demand. Also, could see the Steelers going ILB in the first 2 rounds if the right player falls. Vince is pretty solid at run defense, but he's just not fast enough to cover for any lengthy amount of time. Also, mock drafts are starting to get ridiculous. Most have recently shown the Steelers taking Hasaan Reddick, Taco Charlton, Any number of CBs, or Corey Davis, but some are starting to show players that are graded at 3rd rounders or below. The Steelers don't reach that far for players. I know it worked out for the Cowboys when they took Travis Frederick, but usually players are graded that low for a reason.
  2. Wouldn't be too shocked if Washington blew up the roster a little bit with aims of getting lots of draft stock next year. Gruden could be dumped after this coming season if the Skins don't do well, and a new coach would want to bring in a new QB. If they trade for #2 and somehow get Garrett or some other very talented player, I could see them going QB next year with a new coach. IMO if they trade Cousins, Gruden doesn't have long.
  3. That is great news. I was wondering why he seemed to be less explosive than previous years, but this shows that teams went above and beyond just to stop him. They won't be able to do that in the NFL without risking being torn apart by WRs and TEs (on most teams). I worry that in Carolina the defenses can stack the box and that he won't perform as well as somewhere else.
  4. Leveon Bell apparently doesn't need surgery on his groin. This is good news, probably. He had 1 doc say he needed it and 2 said he didn't. Really hoping it doesn't become a nagging injury that he ends up having surgery on midway through next season.
  5. As a Steelers fan I'd be ok with the pick. I know a lot of fans don't see WR as a need since we have Bryant and Brown, but if either gets injured we're SOL. Ross is very talented and could stretch the field which allows for more room for Brown and Bell underneath. I don't think they'll go WR in the first, but it's nice to see a different choice. Seen a lot of Reddick, Taco, Takkarist, Tight Ends, or CBs. I've said I wouldn't be shocked no matter what position they go with because they have a lot of spots that could use upgrading, but not many spots that are 100% devoid of talent (except ILB if we don't resign Timmons). Upgrades could be used all over the defense, so I'd assume that's where they pick. Also, I really hope Fournette doesn't go to NO since I have pick 1.01 in a dynasty league.
  6. Also, Jerry Jones and Romo are BFFs. They go on vacation together and hang out all the time. He doesn't want to screw him over by trading him to a loser. He genuinely wants him to do well, just not at his own expense. Jerry would probably love for Romo to go to the Broncos in the hopes that Romo would do well, but ultimately lose to the Cowboys. It would be like you sending your friend to the Browns for a tiny gain, pretty cold.
  7. Steelers to let Timmons test Free Agency. Colbert stated that it would be nice to have him back and that he could fit into their plans, but it would have to be at the right price. I could see Timmons giving the Steelers a home town discount, but it's not a guarantee. Steelers resign Chickillo to 1-year deal. Allegedly trying to lock up Villanueva in a long-term deal. Resigned Steven Johnson, a special teams player. Steelers signed Karlos Williams to a reserve/futures contract. Looks like they won't cut him loose after his troubles. Could be a great 1-2 punch with Leveon if he can stay on the field. Was a TD machine in Buffalo. Steelers trying to sign Landry Jones. View him as better than 80% of the other backups in the league. Really hope they don't overpay him. Steelers allegedly showing interest in Cordarelle Patterson. View him as a decent deep threat and red zone target that could try to revitalize his career with a top QB. Just kidding, no interest being shown, but wouldn't that be an interesting pickup? Could help our return game a lot.
  8. Scot did have an issue that he worked through. If he was back off the wagon then there'd be reports about it, not just wild speculation by a person who is more of a joke than anything nowadays. Also, the Skins should franchise Cousins and hope that San Fran signs him away for 2 first round picks.
  9. He did pretty well in 2014 and 2015, won't know about 2016 but he seems to have done pretty well there as well. Is he off on some players, of course, like anyone. But his top 5 for each position usually have 2-3 players that turned out very well and sometimes all 5 have done well. Does he always get the best player at #1, no, but that's incredibly difficult. At best I'd say his top 5's would be better off not being ranked. Just, here's 5 guys to watch at each position. That would allow for a bit of leniency that would make his predictions more accurate. First impression of 2017 is that some of the orders are wrong, but that many of the top 5's are pretty accurate. He isn't taking a lot of risks though, most of his top 5 players match other top 5 lists, even if the order is moved around. The players I think have the most chance of not ending up being top 5 at their positions are Davis Webb, Alvin Kamara, Cooper Kupp, Zay Jones, any of the O-linemen. Most of those were ranked at the bottom of their respective tiers. Also, no problem with not having Juju in the top 5. Every USC receiver comes out highly touted, then falls flat in the NFL.
  10. Oh well. In other news, Kelvin Beachum's contract wasn't picked up by the Jags. They could resign him before he hits FA for less money, but if he decides to test FA (which he should do since they didn't show faith in him) I think the Steelers should dip their toe in the waters. He was a great starting LT for us and I think would be an upgrade at the position.
  11. Could/should the Steelers try and swoop in and steal Junior Galette? He's been injured the past 2 seasons, and has questions about his character, but he was a pass rushing machine. It would be a pretty big gamble.
  12. I think by now we've figured out that NE can't be trusted...
  13. He's a gamble pick. The choice many people are making is Josh Gordon or: Breshad Perriman, Tyler Boyd, Michael Floyd, Desean Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, Cameron Meredith, Adam Theilen, etc. Those guys will never be top 5 fantasy WRs. Ever again. Larry maybe, but he almost retired this year. Some people are willing to gamble on a player who has a 10% chance of becoming a solid WR again, than take a mediocre player who could end up having a few good weeks per season. It's about strategy. Is it the smart play? No, obviously. But if Gordon somehow returns to the field, and then returns to the player he once was (incredibly athletic, fed targets like crazy, and making the wrong read every other play), then the team that took a chance on him has a great shot at going deep in the fantasy playoffs.
  14. The Gilbert pick is a 2018 6th, so we'd still have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7 this year.
  15. McCaffrey, Cook, Fournette Best Case: Pittsburgh, Indy, Philly, Baltimore, Oakland, Redskins, Browns, Seattle Pitt; Bell gets hurt a lot and if he gets hurt again next year he might be priced out of Pittsburgh. Drafting a top RB prospect could be in the cards but wouldn't pay off until next year/any year Bell goes down. Indy and Philly are in need of a bell cow back. Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh stated earlier this offseason that the Ravens need a 3 down back. Any RB taken in the 1st or 2nd could have great potential there. Oakland and the Skins could use RB upgrades, but I doubt they take the leap in the 1st. Seattle had issues with RB injuries this year and really was hurting when they couldn't run the ball. If they can snag a top talent at RB, I could see them taking over the starting job quickly. Could still be rough with their horrible O-line. And the Browns. A surprising answer, but, if Hue gets a young QB, he could emulate Dallas and pair them with a great RB to take some of the heat off. They still have a mediocre O-line that needs improvement, but they have a ton of cap space so maybe they can improve it via FA. Worst Case: NO, GB, Minnesota, Detroit Either they waste RB talent (NO/GB) or they have crap offensive lines (Minn/Det) Williams, Davis Best Case: Philly, San Fran, Redskins, Tampa These teams need a new #1 WR or need a solid #2 in a throw-first offense. Philly and Tampa need more WR talent and can turn a 1st round WR into a fantasy producer. Skins could lose 2 receiving talents in FA, Crowder is good but not a #1 and the Doctson injury issues have been troublesome. If they lose KC then the value of a WR drafted here drops significantly. SF is a surprising answer, but if Shanahan can get a QB to come to SF, he's shown the ability to have ridiculous WR 1s in the past. Worst Case: Titans, GB, NE, Indy, Minnesota A lot of people tout the titans as a good landing spot, but they're a run first team and I don't see them ever producing a top 5 fantasy WR. GB and Indy have solid QBs, but they already have a plethora of WRs. I doubt they make the investment, but either way, too many mouths to feed. NE, they change game plans every week. They didn't have a single reliable WR last year, it was boom or bust. I see that happening with any new WR drafted unless they're the second coming of Randy. Minnesota, they could use a top WR talent for Bradford/Bridgewater since Diggs and Theilen are ok, but not #1s. Their offensive line is pretty awful though, and the QB would have 0 time to throw. Njoku, Howard, Engram, Etc. TEs Best Case: NE, Pitt, NYG, Skins, Oak Some high powered offenses that either have TEs with injury issues (Skins, NE, Pitt) or no talented TEs but have solid offenses that could use a good red zone target (Oakland, NYG). Worst case: Titans, Cleveland, Miami, Seattle Lots of people are saying the Titans go TE, I hope not. Again, run first team. That TE won't produce until Walker leaves or retires, see Gates, Antonio. Cleveland, they can use all the help they can get, but without a solid QB no TE stands a chance. Miami, lots are saying they'll go TE in the first. I hope not, Tannehill already has too many targets to make any player a reliable fantasy producer. Seattle, I could see them going TE if they want a Jimmy Graham replacement after he's a FA next year, but I could see them trying to return to their roots and running the ball more. Don't think a TE would do well here.