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  1. Non-PPR Gave: Alex Collins Got: 2018 2nd (Probably in the 17-22 Range, potential to make playoffs, but not a given) Sold Collins to the Ravens' fan, I have good RB depth and they're on the cusp of the playoffs. Also, don't think he's the starter next year with Dixon and a possible rookie.
  2. It's definitely not allowed to pay them outside the salary cap, donation or otherwise. But taking a hometown discount isn't unheard of. Brady did to an extent, so the Pats could build around him. He should be the highest paid QB in the league, but he doesn't need the money and cares more about winning.
  3. Because he's already playing for the pick. He didn't want to make the playoffs. That's the only explanation. Plus, he keeps saying he doesn't regret the QB change, thus he's happy with the loss.
  4. He has 1 TD. Please fire Sarkisian already.
  5. Still had an ok day, but I blame Reid for not using him enough, and that's why they lost. (Probably not true, but as the Hill owner I'm allowed to be irrational)
  6. Any chance the Chargers start to use him more when the game is close? He's making the most of every opportunity.
  7. I need Julio to outscore Matt Bryant by 1.6 points...
  8. His teammates in the past have talked about his ridiculous ability to heal quickly from injuries, but unless he's given a 100% clean bill of health from several doctors, I highly doubt he plays again this year. Teams in the past have brought back players before they were fully healthy in order to make a playoff push, but it doesn't make sense to bring back an injured star for a team with no shot. I don't think he gets fully healthy before the end of the season; thus, I don't think he plays again this season, even though I'm sure he wants to.
  9. I was one of the many nervous about this game. Turns out, the team might not be as bad as they have been. They played 6 of their first 9 games on the road and the home games were against the Jags, Cincy, and Vikings, three of the best defenses in the league. Big Ben has historically been bad on the road and it's acceptable to not be great against the best defenses as long as you win (Jags excepted). The Steelers now have a lot of home games to end the season, if we can continue to use the no-huddle, this could be the new normal. As long as the Steelers can avoid overlooking weak opponents, and not play down to the Texans on the road, we have a great shot of ending the year 14-2. The Pats will be tough, especially with their defensive improvements, but at home we'll be on even footing and Leveon will take them down.
  10. You called it. Juju was still looked at a fair amount, but he definitely a focus of the defense. They ended up letting AB get loose more as a result. Wouldn't be surprised if next week flip flopped, and the D focuses a lot on AB letting Juju and Leveon get free more.
  11. I'm more worried about our Regular Season game against them for now.
  12. Historically, Thursday night has been low scoring. That said, there is support for a Big Ben bounceback since he's had 6 road games, and 3 home games against 3 of the top pass defenses. It's possible he plays his best game of the season tonight, but the short week might work against him, and therefore Juju. Also, that one Tenn CB is a ballhawk.
  13. Well, the coach said he's not coming back...
  14. This is a very talented team, but right now it's not a very good one. They play down to opponents, especially on the road. They can't seem to tackle with any reliability (especially our DBs or Shazier). Ben can't find his deep ball, especially when targeting Bryant (that INT was his fault and Bryants, for not fighting back to the ball). Our O-line is underperforming like crazy, they keep getting pushed around by lesser talent. Our team is still in a prime position to not only win the AFC North, but also to get a Bye or Home Field Advantage in the playoffs. The only good team left on the schedule is the Patriots, but I'd be surprised if we didn't lose 2-3 of our last 7 games. If we can manage to get home field advantage, and stay relatively healthy, we have an excellent shot of making the Super Bowl. Then we'd just have to take on the NFC Contender, and the NFC looks much stronger than the AFC right now. It's a youth movement (outside the Saints), but the Eagles, Rams, Saints, and Vikings are all playing very well. Hopefully the players are just focused on the game tomorrow. The Titans are on a 4 game winning streak, have a strong run-defense, and a strong running game. We have the talent to win, but we need to execute better than we have been. If Big Ben has a get right game, we could win by 3 scores. If not, it's going to be a close one.
  15. I hate when talking heads (specifically in fantasy) say things like, a Tyreek Hill type. Or a Calvin Johnson type. Players that are almost one of a kind. What are the odds that an unproven rookie will emulate them. That said, Saquon looks legit, even with his recent spell of mediocrity.