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  1. Comments about specific game tape: Miss St 2015 - Usually had extra defenders in the box and the O-line got 0 push against a stout D-line. Fournette still broke some good runs through tight holes and had good awareness. On one TD he was able to keep his knees off the ground and extend for the TD before going down. Has the speed to break it outside if the OLB/DE over-commits. Has a very quick and compact spin move. He spins on a dime, some players spin wide and get blasted in their back, but his tight spin makes it hard to grab hold if you don't have a good angle. Near the end of the game they regularly had 9 in the box and just focused on the run, and he still got decent yardage, pretty impressive. Bama 2015 - Almost every single play the entire offensive line gets pushed back 3-5 yards right as the play starts, kind of hard to run in those situations. Also, there are usually 8 or 9 players in the box because the threat of pass is minimal. With 1:30 left in the first Fournette ran a great route that could have been a huge pickup, but the QB threw it 2 yards in front of him so he barely got a fingertip on it, could have been a TD. This game tape makes me feel bad for Fournette. When he rushes there's usually 8-9 in the box, and when he goes out for screens he's usually wide open, but the QB throws bombs downfield or just misses him by 3-4 ft, which anyone would have issues with. Ole Miss 2016 - He's got good game speed and runs well with pads on. In his first TD he outruns some players in the secondary who should have caught 4.5 speed... while nursing leg injuries. Caught a screen pass out of the backfield with his hands away from his body, good form, then quickly turns up field. Has great ability to hit holes that have been opened quickly, has issues waiting for blocks to develop. Has ok use of a stiff arm, causes defenders to reach out and leads to some face masks, which may or may not be called. Bama 2016 - The Bama D just overpowered the LSU line on many plays. There were a couple plays where Bama stacked the box and Fournette still was able to find space to gain 7-8 yards against 9 defenders. Not bad. Any time they only used 7 or less up front he was able to get good chunks of yardage. Overall Fournette Comments based on Game Tape: Shows good burst but needs a couple yards to get going, similar to Demarco Murray. Doesn't seem to show ability to shoot off instantly and therefore has issues if defenders quickly penetrate into the backfield. Needs to improve his vision. Too many times he'll approach the line and put his head down and barrel forward. Getting small when hitting a gap is good, but he needs to do better at maintaining awareness. Usually he does this when his O-line is completely overrun, but in the pros they could still be setting up blocks and he needs to be able to see holes that open up. Wasn't used as a pass catcher often, but was capable when they went to him, if the throw was in the area. Not a great pass blocker, but he can get the QB an extra couple seconds when needed. Definitely needs to work on his blocking form. He needs to do better about getting his feet up. Sometimes he sweeps his feet just above the grass, which can be good for speed, but allows him to get tripped up by defenders reaching out, when higher stepping could avoid some of these tackles. Yes, this is nit picking. Overall player comparisons to Trent Richardson are ludicrous. He has the ability to locate and hit holes created by the O-line, rare as they may be. I have yet to see a play with a wide open hole that he fails to run through. T Rich would often just bash into the line, while avoiding the lane. That isn't happening with Fournette. If he's bottled up, it's almost always because there is no lane to run in. Biggest takeaway, teams specifically game planned for him. Average NCAA RB - 7 Defender or less in box = 75% of snaps Dalvin Cook - 7 Defenders or less = 58% of snaps Fournette - 7 Defenders or less = 33% of snaps Fournette had 9 defenders in the box on almost 1 out of every 4 snaps (22%). That's insane! That usually only happens on goal line stands, and it happened almost 25% of the time to him. A lot of people say he had a bad 2016 (or at least worse than 2015), but if you actually watch the game tape he got many more yards than most any other RB would have facing the same odds while dealing with injuries. People that say he's not very impressive aren't taking into account opposing defenses.
  2. Non-PPR, Non-Kick return points Team A: Pick 2 Team B: Tyreek Hill, Pick 7, Pick 12, Pick 16
  3. Dam*, Shaheen is catching fire. There's pretty much a 0% chance he falls to us in the 3rd. "Sources" are saying he can possibly go early in the 2nd round or higher! Craziness, but some people think he's the next Gronk.
  4. Agreed. And many not top-10 QBs have gone top 10 come April. I'd be surprised if 0 QBs go in the top 10 this year.
  5. The #1 spot is probably going to go to some surprising team with an injury, like if Rivers or Brees goes down early in the year. The Browns could be surprisingly good this year if their QB can play ok. Bottom 5 Prediction! San Fran, Redskins, Jacksonville, Saints, Arizona.
  6. Wouldn't be shocked if the Steelers take Shaquill Griffin. Fast, tall CB who is a team leader and seems like he has good character. They're reportedly meeting with him. He's a mid-round player (4-6) who seems to be rising after putting up great measurables/ a fast 40 time.
  7. The amount of commercial time will stay the same, just the number will increase. Sounds good to me. I'd rather have longer, less frequent commercial breaks. Gives me time to get food ready, pour a new drink, walk the dog, do some laundry, wash my car, etc. before the game returns. What they should do is do it like Soccer. Have little popups in the corner during the game and long commercial breaks during halftime. That would suck for players though, that rely on the breaks caused by TV Timeouts.
  8. McCaffrey ran the 2nd fastest 3-cone drill for an RB since 2003... just sayin. We'll have to wait until April 5 to see Fournettes. Dalvin Cook was 10% slower than McCaffrey...
  9. Does anyone have any good compilation videos of his runs? Trying to get a compilation of runs, not just a highlight reel. Gotta see him at his worst as well. (Same with other top backs if there's a resource for that)
  10. I got Hoffman'd last season and was offered Deangelo Williams for OBJ when Leveon was suspended (I own Leveon).
  11. Wonder if superior coaching can help him improve over what he could do in Jacksonville.
  12. I wouldn't have posted it, but I also don't get offended if people discuss my offer or post my offer. In the past I've had people discuss my offer. I found out about it because Player 3 entered the match and stole the trade away from Player 2. I ended up with a higher draft pick because someone wanted advice. I can also see the side that doesn't want their offers public because then other teams might try and target the players they want, but that's all part of fantasy. I've gotten many #### offers in the past, but I've also made some #### offers - and some were accepted. So I'll keep sending #### offers with no remorse or shame. That said, idk if I've ever sent an offer this bad. Lol, jk, I traded Denard Robinson for pick 2.01 a couple years ago and Ronnie Hillman for Eddie Lacy last year. You never know what will stick, just own your sh** trades and don't bi*ch about it.
  13. For the same reason they moved on from Timmons, they're trying to get a better value. They will probably draft someone to compete for the #2 spot. Also, they might know more about D-Will's injury situation than we do. He missed almost half of last season and is fairly old for a RB.
  14. One unsung aspect of the running game is having a QB that can read defenses well. A prime example of this was the Broncos when they sat Brock and put Peyton back in. He was throwing terribly, but he could read the defenses and the RBs were getting holes much easier. The QB rearranged the blocking scheme at the line to make sure that the RB has somewhere to go, and a bad QB can't account for this on a regular basis. I honestly don't know how good Bortles is at reading defenses pre-snap, but it appears that he's not very good at it. That has a chance to limit a RBs effectiveness in that offense. The Jags are working to upgrade their offensive line, which is good, but it's still not an ideal spot for a RB to land. That said, if it was an ideal spot they usually wouldn't be drafting top 10. I'd rather have him go to the Jags than Carolina, but that's mainly because I don't think Cam will ever stop goal line rushing. He likes to be the hero and this is 1 place he usually dominates. I could see a RB having limited touches in the red zone compared to other teams.