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  1. There are a handful of guys available in FA for ILB this year, I doubt we pony up the money, but there are a few pretty good options. It would be smart to try and get a guy on a 2-3 year deal and resign Shazier for 3 years (if allowed) to spread out his hit. Also, saw a mock where we got Rudolph in the 2nd (OK St. QB), I'd be A-ok with that.
  2. Rumors that they'll move Allen or Sutton to Safety, but no official moves that I've seen.
  3. If the Browns could somehow trap Cousins, that would help them a ridiculous amount. Not only could they draft some of the best players (non-QB) but it would also give them a lot more chance to bring in Free Agents. If they draft a QB, some FAs are going to be afraid of a complete rebuild.
  4. First, Juju is amazing. Second, a guess at roster moves: Cuts Mike Mitchel JJ Wilcox Ramon Foster (this would be a surprise, but if they go Guard early in draft, or resign Hubbard) William Gay Coty Sensabaugh Darius Hey-Bey-Bey (A bit surprising, but he's old and we could save $1 million by using a rookie special teamer) Resign Leveon Bell Big Ben (resign and spread out cap hit, maybe extend 2 years to 2021) Shazier (Not sure if this is allowed. Basically sign him to a 3 year deal that pays him more up front than his current deal, but spread the cap out over 3 years. Also would allow him to try and recover for 3 years on the team but gives the team the ability to spread out his huge cap hit. Idk if you can resign a player that can't pass a physical.) Restructure Antonio Brown (push that hit down the road and restructure him again to reduce his cap hit this year) These moves would free up enough to sign Leveon, potentially sign a few cheap FAs (maybe ILB?), and sign our rookies. We'd still be strapped, and hope that we can recover from kicking the can down the road.
  5. Demarco or Latavius? Just kidding, doesn't matter, gross.
  6. Ronald Jones for me if we don't know landing spot. I see Sony as more of a Kamara-type, in so far as he needs a good landing spot. But I think Jones is much more versatile. Also, the fumble difference.
  7. If we can't sign Bell long term before the tag period, they're going to tag him. 99% that's what happens. So this isn't even an issue really. But, if they did let him walk, I'd want them to sign Hyde instead of drafting a guy. We need D so badly, and Hyde is very underrated in my eyes. He's always performed very well in a bad offense with a poor line. I think he could put up top 8 RB stats easily with our offense.
  8. Disagree. It could definitely have happened in a pool of sharks.
  9. Hope so. Mocks keep coming out with us taking Ronald Jones, I just don't see it. Even if Bell isn't resigned (which I think he will be), I can't see us taking a RB in the 1st with how much help our D could use. If Bell is signed or tagged, I doubt we take an RB before the 4th unless a 1st round talent falls to the 2nd/3rd. Bigger needs even if Bell leaves: S, ILB, OLB, ILB, G, OT, CB, QB We have Williams and Matakevich, I like both, but both spots could be upgraded.
  10. Or the picks will help him improve and he won't be a top 3 pick anymore? Each of the last 3 years we've had a player go from bottom 2 to top 4.
  11. If you want to trade FOR Gronk, just make the trade conditional. If he retires before the 2018 season, the trade is reversed, or something like that.
  12. What makes you think this? I haven't seen any news of him being a bad teammate or bad to fans. He was late to walkthroughs before the Playoff game, but it was a personal matter that he said the Steelers Staff knew about. He was also caught smoking weed, but a large percentage of the NFL does that. Seems like a good guy who works really hard and made 1 mistake.
  13. #offseasonfootball
  14. Indy has a lot of money to work with, and Hyde is an upgrade over Gore and Mack. If Luck comes back healthy and they actually draft some O-linemen, he could do well there.
  15. Renamed the old thread. Hope that stops the confusion. Also, good to see Shazier on his feet! Glad we resigned Berry. It would be nice if we could come out of this draft with a starting Safety, a starting ILB, an OLB who could start next year, and a Guard who could start next year.