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  1. Heard we might have Derek Watt back too. Unfortunately, since the Ravens had a bye, they were able to get more healthy too. Andrews and Ingram might have missed the game if we played last week, and they wouldn't have had Ngakue yet. Hopefully we can avoid allowing splash plays to the Ravens. We let up a 75 yard TD to the Eagles and 77 yard TD to the Titans, Lamar is primed to take advantage of a play like that. Also, Ben was a bit off in the 2nd half. On the last pick he had WRs open underneath that could have easily gotten a first down and pretty much wrapped up the game, but he threw into double/triple coverage instead and it got popped up. Also, I get passing to other WRs more, but it seems like Claypool came off the field a lot. Wonder why he wasn't used more as a distraction at least.
  2. As a Steelers fan I love Juju, but I don't see him performing well for fantasy unless there are some inherent changes to the Steelers offense and the opposing defenses. Juju is still the one drawing the main coverage and double coverage on most plays. I'm not sure why that hasn't changes with the Claypool breakout and Diontae getting more targets. Maybe in the coming weeks coverage will shift and Juju will be open again. But Big Ben has 0 incentive to pass to the double covered WR when he has other WRs running free with single coverage. IMO Juju isn't necessarily the star he appeared to be, but I think he's still a top 20 talent. The problem is that he's on a team with 2 other top 20 talents, so Ben has no need to force the ball into tighter windows. If Claypool starts to get double covered and Juju single covered, expect a quick bounce back for Juju.
  3. There's rumors about the Steelers and Davis from Detroit, apparently Tomlin really liked him coming out of school and Detroit isn't really using him "due to Patricia's scheme". Everything I've seen from the Steelers is that they're rolling with Spillane, but we'll see if that changes if the Def has a poor showing this week. I honestly thought Spillane looked good in limited time last week, but I didn't break down the tape play by play. Has anyone seen an in-depth breakdown of how he did?
  4. Some of the random articles on the internet are suggesting Avery Williamson (budget) and Myles Jack (prime). Jack would be awesome, but he costs way more. Imagining Jack and Bush lined up next to each other for the next 3 years is really enticing, but his price would mean that we couldn't resign someone in-house. I'm not sure we go after anyone big, but if the Def falls apart this week against Titans, I would expect us to try and make a move after that.
  5. Still right! Called wins against Giants, Broncos, Texans, Eagles Browns. Titans was delayed but I said we lose to Titans and Ravens. Based on how our team is playing I think we can split that or maybe win both. The Cowboys win seems more likely now that Dak is out, but Dalton does know our team better so who knows. Even though I predicted it, pretty surprised we're 5-0. 13-3 doesn't seem so crazy **knock on wood.
  6. Bush out for season. Should we try and trade for an ILB? Do we hope that Spillane and Ulysses Gilbert can fill the void? At this point it feels like an all-in year, and there are plenty of teams reeling that could be open to a midround pick for an ILB. This doesn't tank our season like an injury to Big Ben did, but our D just got significantly worse, unless Spillane or Gilbert are somehow an unknown gem that the D can rally around/cover for. Love that Minkah finally had a splash play this year, and our Offense looked incredible after Ben finally got going.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if he remained unsigned for several weeks until a contending team is desperate. Who wants a mediocre RB who complains about everything on twitter (although Gase gives tons to complain about and should have been fired last year)? I don't think whoever signs him gets better because of it.
  8. Any chance Julio gets traded as the Falcons seem like they might rebuild? Read a rumor of Julio to GB, but I think it was just a blogger trying to start something.
  9. Maybe the grass isn't always greener? I wonder if any of our current soon to be FA's are looking at their situations. 100% this. In the past the Steelers have showed up in big games, and dropped the "easy wins" to terrible teams. I'm happy we've been able to beat the teams we're "supposed to beat" and hopefully we can show up against the tougher opponents. My biggest worry for this week is our O-line against the Cleveland D-line. We might be missing Decastro and Pouncey this week. I really hope we use more no-huddle, and we utilize the quick passing game. Our running game up the middle is nonexistent, mostly because we're getting 0 push against good defensive lines. If Ben doesn't get the ball out of his hands real quick sunday, he's going to get smashed over, and over, and over.
  10. My dynasty team is a juggernaut (Highest score Weeks 1-4) but lost this week because Dak and Dalvin got hurt mid-game. Now I face off against the new 1st place team (5-0 vs 4-1) and I'll be missing Dak, Dalvin, Josh Jacobs and Kamara (byes). There's a good chance that I'll be in 4th place after this coming week, and be outscoring the rest of the league by over 100 pts.
  11. He seems to be stuck way behind Reynolds. Snap count of 26% vs 72% for Reynolds. I'm still holding on, but the resignings don't have me optimistic for a big breakout anytime soon.
  12. 100% agreed. Minkah hasn't been targeted very much so far this year, only allowing 9 receptions in 4 games where he was in coverage, but the lack of splash plays is disappointing. And the tackle (or lack thereof) this past sunday where he slammed into the WR but didn't wrap at all, and the WR bounced off and ran for more yards, was terrible. I'm hoping that it's a case of other teams avoiding him, but there have been several articles about his play. Some saying that he's doing his job (for the most part) in stopping big splash plays, but that some of the other people in coverage are screwing up which makes him look bad. Like Nelson letting a WR run right by, or Vince Williams trying to cover anyone down field. Overall, very happy with the wins, but we've faced some bad teams and we need to tighten things up before we play contenders. Claypool looks legit and I am really glad I was wrong about him. I didn't like his college tape and thought he was overrated. His play so far in the NFL looks way better than he did in college, but also, he's not being covered by the top CBs, and it's far too early to call him a #1. The eagles kept screwing up in coverage and used a LB to cover him on that last TD. It's reminiscent of Juju when AB was on the field. I am so glad he's playing well, and if Defenses have to take him AND Juju AND Diontae seriously, that leaves room for the running game, James Washington, and our TEs. Feeling good about the Cleveland game this week, but we can't afford to make stupid mistakes with Garrett, Hunt, and Odell on the opposing side.
  13. I think you're probably right. I would much rather they push all the weeks out, and have the makeup week replace like week 15 or 16, that way teams don't get an extra Bye going into the playoffs.
  14. Non-PPR Team A: Julio Jones Team B: David Johnson, Allen Lazard, and 2021 2nd (probably 20-24 range) Team trading away Julio is 1-3 with Aaron Jones on bye and several RBs hurt, team trading for Julio is 4-0 with RB depth and young WRs (Evans, Deebo, Aiyuk, Tee Higgins, Diggs, AJ Brown).
  15. Make a week 18 with just the Titans and Bills? I think they should have made a 2nd bye week ~week 15. Just push the week 15-17 games 1 week out and get rid of week off between Championship games and Super Bowl. It sounds like the Titans players broke protocol and practiced on their own when things were shut down. There seems to be evidence. This would support a Bills forfeit and not a Steelers one, no matter how much that sucks.