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  1. I'd be willing to bet that if Cook or McCaffrey or Mixon was at LSU they'd have a similar number of catches to Fournette. The QB play was terrible and there were hardly any plays called for him to run routes. When he was asked to run routes or catch down field, he did well. It's not like he has bricks for hands like some RBs. He catches with his hands away from his body.
  2. To me this draft seems way off the mark for the Steelers: Reuter: 1 Josh Jones S, 2 Carl Lawson, 3 Tanoh Kpassagnon, 3 Josh Reynolds, 4 Rasul Douglas, 5 Ejuan Price, 6 Chris Carson RB, 7 Anthony Walker ILB I like the 2nd and 4th picks, Lawson and Reynolds, but not a fan of the others. Better based on his draft: 1 Jabrill Peppers S/CB, 2 Adam Shaheen TE, 3 Derek Rivers OLB (assume he falls 1 more spot), 3 Desmond King CB/S, 4 Brad Kaaya QB, 5 Jamaal Williams RB, 6 Joe Mathis OLB, 7 Amba Etta-Tawo. 1, a jack of all trades, a weapon in the secondary who can funnel plays back into the middle of the line as an in the box defender. 2, very solid TE prospect, raw. 3a, talented pass rusher who falls due to small school stigma. 3b, another piece in the secondary to shore things up, great value. 4, needed QB depth, once thought of as a possible 1st overall pick. 5, very solid RB, "could be this year's jordan howard" (a BS phrase said multiple times by analysts, he's a solid RB backup). 6, an excellent pass rusher with issues staying healthy. 7, a solid WR who struggled in MD, but as a MD fan I know their QB play has been crap, he played well with Syracuse and is just getting better.
  3. Hue Jackson should just walk into Haslam's office, drop Johnny Manziel's contract on his desk, give him the finger, then walk out.
  4. You forgot the tinge of racism. Why does his skin color matter? His measurables are just as good as other prospects and he has proven production in an NFL style system. He did have a very good offensive line, and he is a little under the ideal weight, those are real worries, not perceived BS.
  5. Well, at least 1 team needs to do more research. He doesn't smoke or drink, so he doesn't really have an excuse, other than his allegations of repeated racism. It sounds like Scouts love him and Execs are afraid of the backlash. I bet he goes to the Bengals.
  6. Are you talking purely PPR leagues? Because then McCaffrey and Mixon would rate out higher. They could see 100 catches per year eventually, whereas Fournette would probably max out around 40-50 catches like AP (just giving an example of a run-first guy, not saying Fournette is the next AP). The comparisons from the NFL's combine profiles: Derrick Henry - Brandon Jacobs Leonard Fournette - Bo Jackson I'm not saying those will be right or wrong, but that's the league each is in. The draft process is too long, when it gets this far into it analysts will nitpick over things that don't really matter. I heard 4 different analysts bash Fournette in different ways, then say he should go top 4 and that he would change the face of whatever franchise takes him. Every player has flaws or worries, but if you look at his game tape he's an elite prospect. Everyone thought Zeke was the best of his class last year, but a lot of people back then thought Cook and Fournette and possibly Chubb would be better. Zeke landed in the best possible place for a RB and put up crazy numbers. He could and probably will be better this year too, but if that line starts to fall apart due to contracts or injuries, he might fall back to earth. Also, Cook, Mixon, and Zeke have had off the field issues, Fournette hasn't had any up to this point.
  7. Well, they have a recent track record of boring games in prime time. I'd bet that next year they get 3+ because they have the talent to be an exciting team, Bradley just never brought it all together.
  8. Called it! Pretty happy with the Steelers Schedule. Sucks for the Raiders that their "home game" against the Pats is in Mexico City.
  9. Hoping the Steelers get him in the 3rd. He's a solid back who does everything pretty well, but not necessarily anything great.
  10. I'd be surprised, but he has been gaining a lot of steam.
  11. That is a really tough schedule. This could be a 5-11 team.
  12. It's a playoff tryout.
  13. Based on talent and opponents we probably should be 14-2 if everyone stays healthy. Based on recent years I think we'll go 11-5 or 10-6. We'll beat some of the tough teams/situations like the Titans, Green Bay, or Chiefs, but lose to someone surprising like the Jags or Texans (great D but no QB). The NE game is the most important to me. If we can get a win there that would make all the difference. And I like that it's 1 week after the Ravens. Hopefully we beat the Ravens, and after that there's worry of coming off a high and underplaying the next game, but there's 0 chance they'd overlook the Pats. I like that the Bye is dead in the middle, and that we play the Ravens right after they get back from London without a Bye. I think we hit 6-2 by the bye but it might be the surprising teams that take us down, maybe not the Ravens and Chiefs, maybe Lions or Jags depending on how their drafts work out.
  14. Could this cause him to fall to 30?! Asking for a friend.
  15. Maybe counter with 1.07 for Allen Robinson? I think there's a dropoff after 1.06 and maintaining your picks there will be important. I have picks 1, 4, 5, 6, 9 and it's tough, but I see Fournette as the #1, then Cook, Mixon, McCaffrey, Davis and Williams as the next 5. After that I see a dropoff unless you're in a TE weighted league. Some of the later running backs could be top 5 in ppr and .5 ppr leagues, like Hunt or Kamara, but I don't like them at the top of the 1st.