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  1. On a scale of 1-10 how pissed will Soulfly be if they go Darnold/Rosen at 1 and 4? 10 being super-mega-pissed.
  2. The ideal landing spot is Philly. They draft him early, he falls in rookie drafts because of Ajayi, and Ajayi is gone in 2019 or earlier. He'd be paired with a great young QB and a very good Offensive line. I'd also be happy with him going to the Steelers in the 2nd if they think there's a 0% chance they resign Bell.
  3. It might take 2-3 years of development and patience, but Mayfield will be the best QB in this class. He's got a great balance of talent and drive, and a huge chip on his shoulder. He's the first walk-on Heisman winner, and he's never forgotten that he had to walk-on, twice. I think that Hue Jackson is a terrible head coach, but I think that Mayfield would succeed on the Browns with Haley, a decent O-line, and a solid WR Corps. Ideally he would have a new head coach in 2019, but I think that he could turn the Browns into a winning franchise. I doubt they take him first overall though, which makes me happy as a Steelers fan. I'd rather face Josh Allen for the next 3.5 years before he gets sat for good. Right now I'd bet Mayfield goes to the Broncos or Cardinals.
  4. Exactly. The pre-draft process gets a bit ridiculous the closer we get to the draft. Players rising and falling on draft boards because of contradictory analysis. Player x ran poorly at the combine, he ran a 4.5 40. Player y ran well at the combine! He ran a 4.5 40 (Same size player, same position).
  5. Also, Ozzie can't draft a WR to save his life. I'd bet they go O-line or TE if they take someone on offense. Locals would be happier with a stud defender in the 1st. I don't think there's much hope that the Offense will improve.
  6. Sutton reminds me of Dorial Green-Beckham (not off the field). He's tall, good at contested catches, was wide open a lot in college against poor secondaries, and isn't a great route runner. Sutton could definitely develop into a great WR, but he's been able to coast by on athleticism and size up til now. If he can improve his route running, and learn from Hopkins how to pass interfere without getting caught, he could become very good, very fast. He pushes off a lot because he doesn't have much separation at the top of routes. Hopkins does as well, but with subtle moves down near the hips. Hopkins and the CB are usually neck and neck, but right at the point of the catch he's able to shift them slightly and make the grab. Antonio Brown does this quite often as well. If Sutton can learn, he will be a great pick near the 1-2 turn.
  7. His combine was pretty similar to Thomas, except that he was a bit faster, and Thomas was a bit stronger. Also, Thomas has 2" and 10 lbs on him. Still seems like a solid WR with a good chance to become a #2 WR on a team. Not many people projected Thomas to be as good as he was coming out of school, and that's definitely the ceiling for Gallup, with a floor probably being a #3 WR on a team. I definitely see him sticking somewhere and sure hands will help.
  8. Mock Draft I'd be Happiest with right now based on visits and a compilation of rankings: 28 - Leighton Vander Esch, ILB - If he's there, I'm not sure how we pass on him at this point. The dots are being connected by almost everyone in the business. 60 - Christian Kirk, WR - We lost Eli Rogers, and are going to lose Bryant next year. Kirk is a very talented slot WR, a decent upgrade over Rogers, and will make our WR corps excellent for years to come, after Bryant has moved on. Also, a great return man, 6 punt return TDs. 92 - Kyzir White, S - Solid box safety to pair with Davis and Wilcox. 148 - Ian Thomas, TE - A very raw prospect who has the underlying traits to become a great TE. Drafting him to work behind Jesse James and Vance McDonald would allow him to grow into the NFL and take over in a year or two. 165 - Alex Cappa, G - We'll need a replacement for Foster if he leaves in FA after this year. Cappa had a good showing at the senior bowl against top talent. 220 - Shaun Dion Hamilton, ILB - Basically, a crapshoot on a very talented player cut down by injury. If Shazier never plays again, I think we need 2 new ILBs. I don't think that Williams is the long-term answer. A 7th round pick is a gamble anyways, but SDH was going to be the starting LB for Bama this year if he didn't have a random injury. I'd happily take a gamble in the 7th on a potential future starter. 246 - Jordan Mailata, OL - He's a rugby star, but if anyone can turn him into an offensive lineman, it's Munchak. I'd be happiest if he became a reliable guard, because Foster is gone after this year if we don't resign him. It's not perfect, and according to some rankings players are either reaches or expected to be gone, but it's all a guess. Got ILB, WR, S, TE, G, ILB, OL. An assumption I made going in was that the Steelers expect to either resign Leveon, or just roll with Conner and Ridley, and then worry about RB again next year.
  9. The Steelers doctors are usually known for being some of the best in the league. The main issue with Ladarius was that he wasn't honest about his concussions (allegedly). If they reviewed and cleared LVE, then he should be good to go. All these articles stem from a neck injury that occurred prior to the 2017 season. Also, this could help him reach 28. As of right now I'd wager all 4 top ILBs are gone by pick 28.
  10. He was always rough around the edges, I'm not sure I expected him to act any different. He didn't seem like the mentor-type to me, which may be biased, but to me he was more of the guy who does the dirty work. Kind of like a less ***hole-ish Burfict. You love having him on your team, other teams hate him, and he has some plays that are definitely dirty (like pile driving Colt McCoy). I can't picture Burfict as a locker room mentor, even if he becomes one, that's not who I picture him as. Also, the Steelers told him he'd be in a rotation with the Rookie on the left side, but he played like 40 snaps all year. Obviously it made sense for the Steelers to play Watt more because he was playing way better. But he was coming back for probably his final season, and he wanted to play. If they had told him, look, we want to sign you in case of an injury and as added depth, he at least would have known up front and could have chosen to sign elsewhere from the beginning if he wanted to start. Even if it makes obvious sense from a football standpoint, it wasn't what he'd signed up for. And being the crazy dude he's always been, he wanted to do whatever it took to get back on the field, even if it meant pissing the team off so much that they release him. I don't like what he did, at all, but I'm not surprised by it in hindsight, and I won't tarnish his history with the Steelers over it.
  11. LVE apparently might have a neck issue that is scaring teams off.
  12. They're definitely in play for Barkley at #5. But more likely is a 2nd-4th round RB. Someone who can come in and compete and add to the mess of a committee they have going on there.
  13. I'm not going to hold it against him. He helped us win a Super Bowl, he's not going to play against us again, and he helped make our defense fun to watch for many years. The Steelers' Brass mislead him, and he acted like an ### to get somewhere he could play one last time. I was upset when it happened, but he was a great Steeler and I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.
  14. Landry's contract is the 5th highest in the NFL, you don't pay that to a player you think is outside the top 32. He was 13th, 10th, and 17th the last 3 years in yards receiving in the NFL. He may not be a top 10 or even top 15 WR, but there are 32 "#1 WRs" in the NFL. His contract reflects a #1 WR contract. Paul Richardson, Marqise Lee, Michael Crabtree, and Albert Wilson, those are #2 WRs. They all got paid around $8 million per year. McKinnon, Dion Lewis, and Carlos Hyde were the 3 highest paid RBs in this offseason. They're not as good as Bell, obviously, but they made around an average of $6 million per year. If you add that to the money paid to #2 WRs, it comes to $14 million a year, aka our recent offer. An offer that is almost double what the next highest player at his position gets paid is definitely a fair offer. And claiming Landry isn't a #1 WR is ridiculous, it doesn't matter how far the ball travels before it gets to him.