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  1. The first 4 games are going to be rough. I expect another loss similar to Chicago last year and we almost lost to the Browns early. That rust could really cost us.
  2. It's official, I'm sick of Leveon not being signed and we haven't even hit training camp yet. I've been worn down in this war of attrition and I just want them to sign him long term and get it over with. The main argument being that if Ben does retire in the next 2-3 years then we're going to have to blow up the roster somewhat anyways (my opinion) so we might as well go balls to the wall to try and win now.
  3. Interesting and unexpected. Not sure why I thought there was more young people here.
  4. Saw news that Marcus Allen, Juju, and Heyward are hurt. Sounds like minor stuff that they could play through, but aren't being asked to practice through this early in the offseason. Hope it clears up soon and we avoid other major injuries for a while.
  5. Got him off waivers, plan to hold through preseason but might drop for a developmental rookie. He might not be done, but if he's splitting time with Buck and Collins it might not be a worth while hold.
  6. This whole topic is annoying, and it feels like it will never go away.
  7. I agree that I wish they didn't do this during the anthem, or during the game at all. That said, kneeling before something isn't disrespecting it, that's just how 1 person decided to frame it so less people would pay attention to his issues. And you say that everybody has heard them, but nothing decisive is being done about the issue, so why should they stop bringing it to light? There are many social justice issues that people take very seriously, for a short amount of time. They they slowly care less and less as the intensity that they started with fades. An example of that is gun control after mass shootings, there's lots of talk for a couple weeks, then it all fades away (regardless of where you stand on the issue, it's apparent to everyone that the anti-gun furor fades pretty quick). They continue to protest, I assume, because minorities are still being killed by police at higher rates than non-minorities and there doesn't seem to be anything being done to stop it. I must reiterate, I don't think they should protest this during the anthem or during the game, but I do think they should have that right, especially when there's tons of people that disrespect the anthem by ignoring it completely. Every game I see plenty of people that don't stand up because they're busy eating, drinking, or on their phone. People just got into a hubbub about it because 1 guy likes to stir up trouble that takes pressure off himself.
  8. What if the NFL bans the O from Ravens games during the anthem?
  9. And sadly, after week 3 it will be: Watt - Heyward - Tuitt - Dupree Matakevich/Bostic - V Williams Edmunds Burns - Davis - Burnett - Sutton I just don't think Haden can stay healthy. Also, I could see Hargrave and Alualu spelling Heyward and Tuitt a lot to try and keep them healthier and fresher as the season goes on. Any chance Keion moves to ILB? Could be more athletic than some of our current options.
  10. Yes. It's idiotic how this whole thing got twisted and morphed into something it's not. They players weren't and aren't protesting against the anthem, or saying they hate America. All they were doing is saying, "Hey, it sucks that so many black people are killed by cops. We think more people should care about this." Trump came out and said that anyone kneeling hates the flag, hates the anthem, hates America. That's just not true, and it sucks that people can't see past that. I don't like people protesting during football, because all I want to hear about is football. I come to the game I love to forget about life for a while. That said, protesting against things is pretty much the most American thing ever. That's how this country got started for ****s sake. A bunch of people got annoyed that the price of tea was going up, so they protested. The idea that kneeling before the flag is un-American is also just surprising. I don't know about you, but at church it's MORE reverential to kneel than to stand. How is this any different? Colin K was told by a vet that it wasn't great to sit during the anthem. He agreed to stop and they came up with the idea that kneeling was ok because it paid respect but also could draw attention to the cause. It's hypocritical (no surprise) of the league to allow concessions to continue and bathrooms to remain open during the anthem. If it's disrespectful to kneel, what is it to crap during it. Also, if there are any people in the owner's box not standing with their hand on their heart for the anthem, they should be fined $1 million per person. If you're going to fine the players, it's only fair that you hold yourselves to the same standard.
  11. I like Matakevich too, a lot. I think he's got high character and fights as hard as anybody, but his athleticism limits him. He just can't cover well enough and is a liability on passing downs. They might think we're set with a lot of ILBs and lots of safeties, but Kendricks would definitely be an upgrade, just one we might not be able to afford.
  12. I think the only way they can sign him is if we restructure someone, or sign Leveon long term because then we can lessen his cap hit this year. Also, read that Dupree and Watt will be switching sides. This could be interesting. I wonder what they saw that made them think this is a good idea. Maybe the right side drops into coverage more, and Watt was much better at that than Dupree.
  13. Has the love for Cook gone too far? I own him in my leagues and I'm happy about that, but I'm seeing rankings that have him as a top 5 dynasty RB, especially in PPR leagues. What is his dynasty value and is now possibly a time to sell? He's only played a handful of games, so it's possible he still improves and becomes a juggernaut, but it's also possible that he doesn't fully recover and is just ok.
  14. I mean, he has to beat out Burkhead. Half kidding, half not, the Pats are the one team I could see playing their first round RB behind a guy who was thought of as only special teams help. Also, just recently no one wanted to touch the NE RBs because you could never predict week to week who would get touches. Why is that different now? It could be/probably will be Michel, Burkhead, White, and one of Gillislee/Hill all sharing the load. I'd be shocked if any RB has more than 175 touches.