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  1. I got him at pick 33 in my league, but everyone is basically avoiding the Rams at all costs. Josh Reynolds went above him at 27.
  2. So if we franchise tag him this year and next it will cost $26 million, $4 million less than his contract would have paid him. Also, there's no incentive now not to give him 30+ touches per game. He might wear down faster, but he's not locked in long term so there's little team risk. It's pretty callous, but if $12+ million per year for 5 years isn't enough, I'm ok with the team riding him to a championship and then letting him go. Especially if Big Ben could retire any season. Whenever Ben leaves we'll be in full rebuild mode and while Le'veon would help the team win, I don't think he's enough to get the Steelers to the SB without a good QB. Longer term I think the investments in defense (Shazier, Tuitt, etc.) will pay off more than investing in an extremely talented RB who gets hurt every year.
  3. 2 years ago I traded Odell Beckham for Le'veon Bell and a top 12 pick. Ended up drafting David Johnson, so it worked out pretty well.
  4. Plus, if we were going to pay him $30 mil over the next 2 years and with the tag we only have to pay $26 mil, why not see if he can actually last 2 years? He still hasn't played a full season. I really like Le'veon, but I don't think it's worth overspending like crazy ($60 mil for 5 years is already overspending in my book).
  5. TIL that Carlos Hyde is only 2 years older than Joe Williams.
  6. I'd probably take Julio, and that 2nd trade is gross unless the owner is terrified that Zeke will get into serious trouble and get the JG treatment.
  7. Not that big a deal, it's ok that he's playing on a 1-year deal. I don't think he'll have any more off the field issues, but the injuries are a concern for me. If he tears another ligament, or has another season ending injury, we can either sign him cheaper, or let him walk and we're not tied in to a multi-year deal. I'd be surprised if we can't resign him next offseason (if that's what the team wants to do). Hopefully the team can focus on resigning Tuitt and Shazier now.
  8. Rivera doesn't seem to be the most imaginative of coaches. I'd be surprised if McCaffrey has a breakout unless Stewart gets injured. Rivera is old school, and seems stuck viewing CMC as just a scat back.
  9. Just take whatever player falls to you at 5, don't reach for Williams and don't try and trade up. You might get a RB, but they produce sooner anyways so if you really want a WR you can trade the RB for a vet WR later. It might be a good idea to go RB in the 2nd as well. If you're sitting there and someone like Hunt or Perine or Kamara (PPR?) fell to you, they're going to be earlier contributors than most of the WRs from this class and can be moved for Veteran assets. Also, if Howard, Njoku, or Engram somehow falls to you in the 2nd, I'd take them over the WRs in that range.
  10. We usually hold ours in a mediocre sports bar, like the Green Turtle or Glory Days Grill. They have free wifi, cheap drinks, sports on every TV, and tables that fit 10. The only issue is usually trying to eat with laptops all over the table. Our ideal would be just to host at someone's house, but everyone lives far from each other, so it's easier to meet up somewhere in the middle. We're planning on doing it on a boat next year since one of our league mates just got one.
  11. My only hangup with Cook is Zimmer. He's so stubborn when it comes to using rookies that I could easily see Cook getting less than 100 touches this year. I don't think Zimmer is a good offensive coach (from the Rex Ryan mold), and I worry that even if Cook is the much more talented RB, they'll still use Murray and Mckinnon if they're healthy.
  12. Or Kenny Golladay... I'm an Ebron fan, and fantasy owner, but his breakout has been prophesied for the last 3 years, I'll believe it when I see it. If he can stay healthy, and work on his rapport with Stafford, he has a lot of upside this year.
  13. No, it doesn't. Also, people are acting like the 4th round is the 1st or 2nd round. Joe Williams could end up being good, that is a possibility. But it's just as likely that he'll flop or not pass Hyde, who has proven that he can perform on the NFL level. All this "news" before camp starts is really just reporters' opinions because they have to print something and all they have is that Hyde is learning a new system, and that Shanahan wanted a 4th round RB. Wait until training camp, that's when the real news will come out because teams will actually be doing things.
  14. I think it's pretty safe to say that in actuality he'll end up somewhere from RB 2 to RB 49.
  15. Martavis for me, but I think he's a ridiculous talent, and that he might stay clean.