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  1. At least he caught the ball really well with his body!
  2. Technically yes, but I'd take Johnson.
  3. I'd take Mariota unless my team had a 2-year window. If I had all older players, I'd probably take Brady and worry about rebuilding later.
  4. Wow, that route. Were they supposed to jog it? I think they'd be better off converting him to an offensive lineman.
  5. I don't know, Jeremy Hill is younger, not coming off major knee surgery, and has performed better the last 3 years, at least with end of the year stats. I don't think they cut or trade Hill with only a rookie and Gio coming off surgery. More likely is they slowly work Mixon in to the rotation. Lewis doesn't typically like to throw rookies into the fire, he usually eases them in.
  6. It's possible that he's at his highest value, but it's also reasonable to believe he can maintain this high value for several more years. He's a bit of a risk for off-field issues, but you'd be hard pressed to get your value back from trading him. Maybe if you could get OBJ or Mike Evans. You don't want to sell for lower value.
  7. My understanding of it is 100% from Stephania Bell, but I thought that a Bone Bruise could take much longer to heal than a clean break.
  8. Non-PPR Team 1 Gives: Andrew Luck Team 2 Gives: Derek Carr, Mike Williams (LAC)
  9. With Stafford, Zeke, Bell, Dez, AJG, Gronk... you should win a championship this year.
  10. Marty McBry was at OTAs. Cleared his conditional reinstatement. Good to see.
  11. Dayum. Reminds me of the Leveon/OBJ trade we had in my league. I guess I go with DJ and Juju, but I'm not that happy about it. Mainly went this way because Julio is getting older with a long injury history and I don't think Gurley is that great.
  12. Tripping over themselves is a bit of a stretch. More like, if he was there late in the 3rd or in the 4th, they were mildly excited. That said, there was a lot less talent in the draft last year. Also, any time a new regime comes in, things change, sometimes drastically. McVay said after drafting Everett that he's the Rams' Jordan Reed. He was also their 1st pick of the draft, and lots of people thought they reached on him, but he's their guy. I'm not sure if he's more talented than Higbee, but I don't think he got accused of Assault, and the new coach (aka the one that matters) loves him. So even if Higbee and Everett are close in talent, Everett is the top guy since he was the one drafted by McVay. That's just how the NFL works...
  13. Non-ppr WR needy team gives: Ajayi and pick 16 RB needy team gives: Moncrief and pick 11
  14. I'd take the picks depending on how big the league is. If pick 2.6 is in the top 20 you probably could have gotten a good RB there.