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  1. Also, I haven't seen too much of it here, but the hate for Juju in the media seems way overblown. Juju will be 24 by the end of the season and has already put up some prolific stats, he had a down year hampered by injury, but I still think he's a building block for our team and think it would be a major mistake to let him walk after this season. I get that there's only so much money to go around, but I think it's worth it to keep him.
  2. My initial reaction to the draft was disappointment, but it has grown on me over time. It's basically an all-upside draft, but with a large amount of risk. Our first two selections are a freak athlete WR, and a pass rusher who has huge upside potential. Later we grabbed a RB who, when healthy, has the ability to dominate top competition (see Ohio St game). Then we grabbed the top Run Blocking IOL and the top Run Stopping Safety (according to PFF). Also, we got Carlos Davis, we needed a big guy, and he's a big guy. Like every draft, we won't know how this pans out for 3-5 years, but I'm feeling ok about it. I didn't really love any of the QBs that would have been in our range, and I think that we need to be win-now while Ben is around. Claypool was not in my top 10 WRs, but the Steelers have been great at picking them, so I'll trust the process (until I can say "I told you so!").
  3. Players I'd be happy with at 49 (no particular order, list based off Daniel Jeremiah's best available): D'Andre Swift Jonathan Taylor Ross Blacklock Xavier McKinney AJ Epenesa Tee Higgins Denzel Mims Yetur Gross-Matos Zack Baun Laviska Shenault Grant Delpit Lloyd Cushenberry Trevon Diggs Antoine Winfield Jr Jaylon Johnson One of these guys will be available, and while I definitely like some over others, I think they're all solid and could help the team win this year. Also, I don't think that Edmunds deserves a starting role, that's why there's a handful of safeties on the list...
  4. That and he's still so young. He's the type of guy you build around, even if he is just a very very good #2 instead of #1.
  5. I'm not a big fan of Cam Akers, so I'm pretty sure that's who we'll take. On the flipside, I love Clyde Edwards-Helaire, so I'm pretty sure he's going to the Ravens... It would be amazing if we can come out of this draft with 2 players who can rotate in as potential starters. We only have 6 picks, and most of them are in the area of the draft considered to be a crapshoot. I wouldn't be surprised if we trade out of 49, but I have no clue if we'd be moving up or down. With how strange this offseason has been, it's quite possible that a 1st round talent falls to 49, or close to it, and we could make a move if the FO loves someone. Idc about QB because it feels like our season will be done if Ben gets hurt, no matter who we got at 49 or later. If I had to choose only 6 positions on the Steelers to shore up it would be (in no particular order): OLB - I like Ola and Skipper, but neither are a guarantee and we need depth. ILB - I like Ulysees Gilbert III, but not enough for him to be the only depth OT - Unless the FO thinks Chuks is the answer, Villa on final year of contract IOL - Need depth and heir to Pouncey RB - I like James Conner, but he tends to get hurt with aggressive style. Snell and Kerrith Whyte aren't enough. CB - Haden is getting old and we'll need a replacement soon Unlike most people, I don't think the Steelers are desperate at WR. I believe in Juju, James and Diontae, and I think that Deon Cain can develop into a very solid WR. He had some flash plays joining mid-season with crap QB play. Also, I think injuries were part of the reason for Juju's poor performance, not just terrible QBs. Also, the 2021 class of WRs is incredible, so if we still feel a great need, there will be new rookies who are able to step up. This year's draft is going to be crazy, and the team's not being able to attend pro days and meet in person I think will have a drastic effect on the Group Think within the NFL. Players could fall, or rise, much more than currently projected.
  6. Trade Dupree. It's not going to happen, just what I'd rather have happened. Really hope I'm proven wrong and Dupree has an amazing year, I just think he lucked into sacks due to Watt's presence.
  7. One year? I was hoping they'd give him on a contract between Mariota and Bridgewater, 3 years $34-38 mil. That way, if Ben goes down we have a great 2nd QB, and when Ben leaves in 1-2 years we have a great young QB to start without using 1st round pick flyers. He's only signing to be a backup at this point, and we could make the deal work if we backloaded it. I know he's thrown a crapload of picks, but I really think part of that was his poor eyesight and refusal to wear glasses (ok, so maybe he's an idiot). He got eye surgery to correct his vision, and I think he will end up being a top 10 QB if matched with a solid coaching staff, which we have.
  8. Are there any prospects that you guys have identified that you really would love to see as Steelers? I know we have Conner, but he seems to keep getting injured at key times and I'd love to get another talented RB to add to the mix. My favorite that should be there in round 2 or maybe 3 if we're lucky, is Clyde Edwards-Helaire. It's probably just because I got to see him play so much this year, and the team he was on was stacked, but his quickness, vision, and spin move made me want him to be a Steeler. There's one spin move he did at the goal line that was just incredible and made my jaw drop. People had mentioned Dobbins and Taylor before for the Steelers, but I think that at least Taylor has priced himself out with his combine performance. WR is also a need, but I'm not sure who exactly I'd want us to take in the mid rounds. Jefferson, coincidentally also LSU, was a favorite of mine, but his combine has catapulted him into mid 1st discussions. Haven't really started to delve into Defense much yet.
  9. True, and he definitely had his best season in 2019, and was very solid against the run. I just see him as a middle tier OLB, maybe worth $8 million per year, still a top 10 contract right now, but almost half what he's projected to make. That avg cost for OLBs will rise since there are some FAs this year, but overall, that's what I'd be willing to pay. Especially because we'll probably have to pay TJ Watt $15-18 million per year soon.
  10. Damnit. Steelers to tag Dupree. I hope it's to trade him, but I doubt it. I think we just saw his best season and now we're going to pay $14 mil a year to see the same or worse. He got sacks because QBs ran away from Watt, we could pay someone a lot less to do the same. Hope I'm proved wrong, but we'll see. If we don't trade Dupree, I hope we don't manage to sign him long term and still draft a pass rusher to groom.
  11. Whatevs. In other news, rumors that Big Ben had Tommy Johns surgery, after initial reports that it wasn't. If it was, I think that could be better for his long term outlook, but might mean that he's not ready to go to start the season. Usually pitches who have gotten the surgery come back better than before. The main case in Football was Jake Delhomme, and he came back worse, but he was already on the down side of his career, so who knows.
  12. Also, if we let Hargrave and Dupree walk, along with some of our other UFAs, and don't sign a bunch of people, we have a chance at 2 third round comp picks next year. Combine that with the chance that Big Ben could definitely be done after this season, and having 2 extra thirds would be mighty helpful.
  13. Appearances can be deceiving. I saw the pics on the sideline where he was in a puffy jacket and looked huge. But he was photographed in a polo with some fan and looked like he had lost 30 lbs. So, I won't judge Ben until we see him in training camp. And yeah, I want a QB, but I doubt a QB that would be an upgrade falls to us and I don't really want us to use pick to go get him. My fondest wish right now is that we franchise Dupree and trade him for a pick or to move up. At this point, I don't think the Steelers should resign Dupree ($16 mil per year estimated cost) or Hargrave ($14 mil per year estimated cost). They're both solid, but we have to keep $$ for Watt and Fitzpatrick and other young players that imo are more talented.
  14. Current Available Picks: 49, 114, 125, 179, 210 (Will almost surely also have a 3rd round comp pick, comps will push picks 114 and on further back) - 6 total Offseason priorities IMO: Most important, figure out QB situation. Is Ben going to be healthy in 2020? Should know more after Feb Checkup. Either way, draft a QB If Ben is done, and he retires or is let go, $25 mil cap hit, $8 mil in cap savings this year and off the books next year. Upgrade offensive line Pouncey and Foster sucked this year. Just from watching the games, mishandled snaps and missed blocks. It was rough. They're both getting old too, time to draft/sign replacement for Foster and look into an heir apparent for Pouncey. I'm not a big fan of Big Al, I think he's overrated, but he did grade out pretty well this year. Feiler has been surprisingly solid and is a RFA so we should be able to keep him. And Decastro is doing his best to make up for weakness to his left. Hopefully determine if Chuks can start at LT in 2021 since Big Al is in final year of contract in 2020. Foster could get cut to save $4 million. Figure out D-line Cut McCullers, save $1.1 Mil against the cap Resign Hargrave. Extend Hayward, reduce his cap hit this year. Big Ben will be gone in 1-2 years, then his monster cap hit will be too. I expect lots of money to get displaced into the 2-4 year timeframe this offseason. Linebackers Let Dupree walk. He had good chemistry with Watt, but he wasn't getting way more pressure than the previous 3 seasons, he just got more stats. For his position, I think that Hargrave is more valuable to this team and that a drafted Rusher, or Ola, can step in for 2020. (That said, I think the Steelers do the opposite and pay Dupree a ton and let Hargrave walk, a mistake in my opinion.) Cut Barron. Saves $5 million in cap space and Bush should be better next year and line up next to Vince. Extend Watt this offseason. Don't do the 5th year deal, and get him locked up. He's vying for DPOY this year and is still improving. The only risk is injury, and I think it's worth it to give him the big $$ right now for a 5 year extension. Lock him up long term, put most of the cap hit starting in 2021 or 2022 (still guaranteed). Secondary Don't resign/extend anyone except Mike Hilton, who is restricted. (looking at you Joe) Haden is starting to slow down, and while he had a good 2019, I don't think we need to extend him past this year. PLEASE get someone to fight Edmunds for starting time. Almost 80% of the time that there's a big play against us, it's because Edmunds was out of position, late to the receiver, or whiffed on a tackle. I am not a fan, haven't been from day 1, and hope we can replace him with someone to pair with Minkah for the long term. RBs/WRs We need an influx of talent. Our corps is thin and one or two injuries and it's depleted of talent. I would love for the Steelers to get Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the 4th, but after his championship run I bet he starts to move up draft boards. Our WR corps has athleticism, but it doesn't always come together. Hoping that they can get Cain more involved next year because he's was great in limited work. I think we should try and resign Juju this offseason. I don't think that his 2019 campaign was indicative of what he has to offer, and this could be a buy low opportunity. It is risky though, and I'm not sure he'd even go for it. He'll probably gamble on himself being much better next year. I like Diontae and James Washington, but we need another strong WR. I'd like one in our top 4 picks because this class has some real WR talent. Overall, the team still has a lot of talent and if Big Ben comes back next year 95% healthy, we have a shot at being great. But, that's very short term. We now know that Mason and Duck are not the answer. We have 6 picks to work with, and I think that should go towards QB, RB, WR, O-line, Pass Rusher, D-line, in no particular order.
  15. When I saw the headline I was just glad it wasn't Omar Khan. When they said Cap Guru, that was typically his nickname. I think he's still the anticipated heir to Colbert.
  16. Saw that Tuzar Skipper was resigned for 2020 by the Steelers.
  17. Oh **itburgers. The Steelers are eligible for Hard Knocks. It would be bad for the team and be a distraction during the offseason, but I can't lie and say I wouldn't be excited to watch. It's the first time they've ever been eligible, but the Steelers don't have a 1st round pick and that's usually a focal point of the show. When do they pick the Hard Knocks team? If the Steelers pick a QB in the 2nd or 3rd I could see us being chosen.
  18. Well, damn. The team wouldn't have had a shot against any contenders with our offense, but it still would have been nice to have made it to the big dance. On to next year. I really hope they fire Randy Fichtner, but I doubt they will. "He had to work with backup QBs" will be the excuse, but the play calling still sucked. We rank near last in almost every single offensive category, and other teams had to play backups and did better.
  19. DING DONG the Witch is dead. Finally. Bruce Allen, GTFO of Washington.
  20. I only want 2 things from this off-season, to get a new OC and to resign Javon Hargrave. Unfortunately, I doubt either happens. I think we hold on to Randy even though our Offense is the worst in the league in so many metrics. Yes, we've had injuries, but that doesn't mean the play calling hasn't been horrendous. And I'm not sure we have enough money to resign Hargrave.
  21. It seems like almost every big play we give up, it's because Edmunds is late to the party. For the Robby TD he appeared to be responsible for anything over the top, and he was just several steps late diagnosing it. We have a lot of holes to fill next year, but I hope we take a stab at safety because I don't think he's the answer. This team seemed like they were actually going to do it, even with a terrible offense, but without defensive scores the offense is too bad to actually beat other teams. Is there any chance the Steelers actually move on from Randy? He is so freaking awful, but I just don't think we move on because there are enough excuses he can make about the backup QBs and their rotating in and out.
  22. Kam Kelly arrested for "Terroristic threats" and apparently was repeatedly punched in the face by a cop. Not a great look. He was a contributor, especially on special teams, but I don't think he will be too hard to replace.
  23. Juju and Vance were full participants in practice. This is great news for our passing game. Hopefully now that Washington and Diontae are doing something, and with Juju back, maybe defenses stack the box a tiny bit less. Or they leave Juju 1 on 1 and allow him to take advantage. We should be able to beat the Jets, but we obviously can't take any games for granted.