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  1. Looking for a dynasty 12-16 team ppr or standard league but with an auction draft and more starters than masters standard 1rb/1wr/2flex. Would like something like 2rb,3wr,1flex or a superflex league. Anyone know any? Buy in around $50-100.
  2. 12 Team 3rd year Dynasty PPR, rest standard scoring. Masters format. Start: 1qb, 1rb, 1wr, 2 flex, 1te, K/DST In the middle of a total rebuild, if I compete this year its purely because my disappointments finally lived up to their potential. I give: Donte Moncreif I get: Doctson + 1.11 trade calcs have me losing the trade... but what do you guys think? I could maybe get him to add a 2018 late second. Starting Lineup right now: QB: Winston WR: Keenan Allen RB: CJ Andersen Flex: Carlos Hyde/( one of diggs, garcon or moncreif) TE: Gronk
  3. Haha I like the way you think, thats the exact trade I offered him and he declined. Says he didnt want anything to do with 3rd round picks so I countered with the 3rd rounder.
  4. My TE is gronk and qb is winston/mariota/bridgewater so im set at those 2 positions atleast I ended up accepting his 2018 1st plus a 2018 3rd. He wouldn't budge on giving his second rounder.
  5. 1pt ppr, start 1qb 1rb 1wr 2flex 1te D K Without having to post my entire team I am in a full on rebuild. Year after I won the title my first round pick Calvin Johnson Retired and since then Ive been taking on water. If I get 5 wins this year ill be happy. My question is should I trade down from 1.11 to get multiple 2nd's or 3rds or use the 1? Someone in the draft has rookie picks 15 and 20 and 27 that would probably trade for 11. Or should I do the reverse and try and package my picks for another first rounder, or to move up? I already traded my 1.04 for diggs and a pick. So now I am left with: 1.11 2.04 2.05 3.04 3.09 2018 1st 2nd and 3rd Since I posted I got another trade offer. My 2017 1.11 for his 2018 1st. Hell probably make the playoffs but I dont think hell make the finals so itll be between 7-10. I could probably get him to throw in his 2nd rounder as well possibly?
  6. I traded Jordan Matthews and a 3rd rounder for him, so I think hes more in the range of 1.11 ish than 1.6.
  7. Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy, I offered him that deal without the 2nd rounder and he still insta accepted and we're both better off I think.
  8. Trying to make a trade with a McCoy owner who is in rebuild mode. The other players of note that he has are tyreek hill and Pryor. Don't think I would ever start hill, but pryor might be a bye week flex. I am in win now mode and really think I am a Lesean Mccoy away from making the championship. I have gotten 3rd three years in a row in this league and only the top two pay so I need to get over the hump. My question is how much would you give give up to get Mccoy without completely crippling yourself for the future? If you were myself and the mccoy owner would devante parker + 2018 1st 2nd and 3rd for mccoy be fair. Note that the Mccoy owner has no chance of even making the players for at least 2 years in my opinion so he has no use for mccoy. Should I try and make this trade happen, change it up, or is it not fair? Start 1 qb, 1RB, 1WR, 2 Flex, 1 TE, K, D 1 Pt PPR, no premiums, standard qb scoring. My Roster: QB: A Rodgers, Marriota RB: Howard, Doug Martin, Paul Perkins, 2 trash players I will cut. WR: Aj Green, Deandre Hopkins, Donte Moncreif, Devante Parker, Jordan Matthews, Eric Decker, Lafell TE: Olsen, Ebron, Hooper Picks: 2017 3rd, 2018 1st, 2018 2nd pick is from a horrible team so it will prob be around 2.03) and 2018 3rd.
  9. Don't do it, you aren't 1 tyreek hill away from the playoffs, your draft picks are going to be worth a LOT next year.
  10. I would accept that in a heart beat without thinking twice. You're trading 2 complete unknowns, 1 with absolutely 0 proof hell ever be anything, and 1 mediocre receiver for two proven rb 2's and a future WR1 playing with the best qb in the game.... ALso if you use it has both hyde and adams worth more than mccaffery and CJ only 1 point less. YOu're literally gaining INSANE value.
  11. 12 Team PPR 4th year dynasty. Start 1qb, 1rb, 1wr, 2flex, 1te, 1k, 1D Rest is standard scoring. Trying to put together a trade for gronk since olsen is at the end of his career and I'm not sure if Ebron will ever pan out. What do you guys think I should offer him? He is a bottom tier team that wont make the playoffs again, so hes probably rebuilding.. I have my 2018 first I can offer him thatll be in the 9-12 range. His players of note are Gronk, Carlos Hyde, CJ ANderson, Keenan Allen, Kelvin Benjamin, WIll Fuller and Demarco Murray. He also has rookie picks 5, 10, 17, 23, and some 3rd rounders. He also has his next year 1st rounder which'll most likely be top 5. I am not opposed to giving up Hopkins if I can get a big return for him since hes unproven, but id most likely want his first rounder this year or next year plus gronk. I was thinking maybe Hopkins + Olsen for his Gronk, 2018 1st, and 2017 2.05, but I may not be getting back enough in return due to gronks injuries. Could also try shooting all my picks + moncreif + parker for gronk. What do you guys think? My Roster: Mariota, Marcus TEN QB 8 287.94 Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB 8 367.82 Farrow, Kenneth LAC RB 9 39.20 Howard, Jordan CHI RB 9 218.60 Martin, Doug TBB RB 11 87.50 Perkins, Paul NYG RB 8 66.60 West, Charcandrick KCC RB 10 65.50 Decker, Eric NYJ WR 11 40.40 Green, A.J. CIN WR 6 186.40 Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR 7 178.10 LaFell, Brandon CIN WR 6 172.30 Matthews, Jordan PHI WR 10 171.40 Moncrief, Donte IND WR 11 102.60 Parker, DeVante MIA WR 11 144.90 Ebron, Eric DET TE 7 132.10 Hooper, Austin ATL TE 5 64.10 Olsen, Greg CAR TE 11 202.10 Tucker, Justin BAL PK 10 171.00 Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def 10 79.00 Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def 9 108.00 Year 2017 Draft Pick 3.05 Year 2017 Draft Pick 3.10 Year 2018 Round 1 Draft Pick from Second Pick Mark Sanchez Year 2018 Round 2 Draft Pick from Furley Year 2018 Round 3 Draft Pick from Second Pick Mark Sanchez
  12. You definitely won the trade, even if you didn't want watkins you can definitely flip him for a ton more than that. In one of my dynasty's Sammy went for pick 1.5 and Alshon. If you use a trade calculator you won the trade and gained 40% more value than you had.
  13. Easy way to determine it: Keenan Allens adp in start up dynasty right now is between 23-38. You are on the clock with Pick 30, 3rd round, you have to choose between Kennan Allen or Corey Davis/fournette, who do you take? Majority of rankings say you take Davis or fournette there. Ask for Allen + his next years first and itll be a lot more even ( depending on if hell suck or not.
  14. Ended up accepting it, but I got him to swap next years 2nd round picks with me (he finished with the worst record this year and I had the 2nd best) New development though is he wants to trade Gronk+hyde for my hopkins+ebron. Might have to make a new question thread for that, its very tempting. Id pretty much how to move greg olson if I did that, maybe try and get a late first round pick?
  15. Start 1qb 1rb 1wr 2flex 1te. 1pt ppr 20 man roster. For the sake of typing on my iPad I'll only list relevevsnt players. got offered Howard for demarco and 1.10. This is his second offer so I could maybe get a bit more. Seems he really likes Murray. qb - rodgers rb - demarco, Doug Martin, Paul Perkins, charcanderick. wr - aj green, deandre Hopkins, donte moncreif, decker, Jordan Matthews, devante Parker. te - Greg Olson. definetly trying to win now, but if anything happens to old man Murray I got no depth. Other players he has I can maybe add one of my WRs to get. Cj Anderson, Hyde, spencer ware, Gronk, Keenan Allen, dion Lewis. What do you guys think?