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  1. This is a truism, for sure. But you know what? #### 'em. I've just come to accept, it is what it is. My girlfriend is from the bay area, and reminds me she misses it on a regular basis (friends, family, metropolitan culture, etc). I've let her know there's no way I'm ever moving down there.
  2. I had a friend travelling up to Vancouver, BC, and asked him to keep his eyes open up there for Blanton's. He found a bottle...$100. 😅 Thank you, but no thank you. For someone who likes the flavor profile, and the caramel undertones, what would you recommend as a decent substitute that you can actually find?
  3. How are the roads? Are drivers as crazy as in Thailand or Vietnam?
  4. We're planning to be in Bali for seven days in December, and I'm attempting to finalize the itinerary. Any recommendations? I'm thinking 3 days in Ubud, and the rest elsewhere. Maybe Lombok? Anyone been there with recommendations? For anyone who's stayed in Ubud, would you recommend staying in the city center, or just outside? We're looking to explore on foot quite a bit over the time period, although want it to be relaxing as well. We will not be participating in the party scene. Way over that.
  5. Hopefully they'll kick out the 'proud boys' as well. Portland would be better off without either group in our city.
  6. Hmm, I wonder why that was? Good for her speaking out, and acting accordingly.
  7. Agreed. I think he'll be WR3 most weeks, probably posting 3/45 on average, and 6-8 TD's on the year.
  8. Yeah, the players are listed under teams, but not on the keepers list, even after syncing. Thanks for your reply, I submitted a ticket, but hadn't heard back yet.
  9. All team information shows up under 'your leagues', 'details;', ;rosters and teams', but does not show up on the main screen. I've tried syncing multiple times, closing, reopening app, etc. I'm using Chrome on a Macbook. Also, the rookie draft was a snake draft, now we're moving to an auction draft. Does this have something to do with the issues? The auction has not started yet. Please let me know what other information you need, and thanks for your help!
  10. The last couple of years for him are not an abnormality, it's who he's been since being in the league.
  11. Radiohead is to Def Leppard as The French Laundry is to McDonalds.