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  1. Already got burned by this turd a few months ago. I'm not going back in.
  2. Yeah, those paying $$ for Freeman or Lewis are going to be disappointed. Behind that line? Good luck getting anything more than RB3, and that's if they don't split time equally.
  3. Yeah, and put funds in HGEN. That was a GREAT move.🤣
  4. This reversal in metals is getting painful. Unfortunate to see gains over the last few months evaporate. Still holding for long term though.
  5. Barkley, Bosa, Sutton, and Jimmy G in one league. Oof.
  6. I shouldnt complain considering how putrid most bands are that end up on Monday night football, but jeez...The Killers are definition of one hit wonder band.
  7. Team A gets Dobbins Team B gets 2021 1st, 2022 1st, Herndon. PPR
  8. This one is pretty damn good, much tamer than there last few more experimental albums. That being said, Embryonic and The Terror do pair rather nicely with Ketamine.
  9. Dynasty. Thompson was actually a starter for me, but I couldn't pass up on Chaisson after he finally switched designations to DE. Looks like I'll replace Thompson with Whitehead.
  10. 10 Team regular scoring (not big play bonus) Team A gave K'Lavon Chaisson DE Team B gave up Shaq Thompson LB
  11. Oh, I know I've learned that multiple times too. But, clearly losing the $ just makes me want to do it all over again. At this point it's a matter of figuring out if I want to eat the $ now, and cut loose from said turds.