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  1. Yeah, I've been watching this one after not buying at $57 a few weeks ago. i.e. kicking myself for not just buying and holding no matter how much the next couple of years are supposed to be.
  2. Wow, so it's WAY over valued at the current rate, as fair value is around $17.73? That's a huge premium.
  3. Yeah, I was considering it too earlier this week, but already have a bit of GDX and IAU. I'm reluctant to get in now as it's went up 6% just this week. Now if I can get back in around $ 18.50-19? Sure.
  4. Looking at getting into a small oil play at these levels. Why is RBS B so much more beaten up in the last year than CVX or XOM? The dividend is 7.28% compared to 4.61 and 5.73. Obviously, they have better fundamentals, but that's a really sizable difference in the dividend.
  5. Me too, and I've been in it about 20 years. I'm looking to transition more into business dev and consulting side. The prospecting aspect gets old real quick.
  6. Good article on dividend stocks and DCA, including a historical look at the market.
  7. Agreed. I'm not sure how many people would continue eating meat if they knew how the farm industry animals were treated through their life, and ultimately, how they were killed.
  8. The main thing it's used for is anxiety relief, although I've never used it for anxiety. It's never put me to sleep, although the one time I got the dosage up to about 1.5g I was MUCH more comfortable horizontal. I was close to rolling at that point. That being said it does mellow you out. You could say It blisses you out. The reason I keep the doses infrequent is everything I've read about possibility for addiction. I've never had an addictive personality, but to those who do, tread carefully.
  9. Yes, I order my Phenibut from them. I've kept to only using it about once a week, but am a big believer in it for a number of reasons. It will keep your focus in the moment, and you'll appreciate things you normally wouldn't.
  10. Well, I did see that, but didn't consider it relevant news. People still pay attention to what bankers are saying? 😂
  11. 🤣The day after I buy PAAS, it's down 4.5% on no news. I truly have the anti-midas touch. Had to vent somewhere.
  12. Thanks for the explanation. I need to get my head wrapped around options. Not sure I want to get involved, but I do like the idea of getting paid to hedge for a stock you want to own at a set price. I know the basics have been explained in this thread a few times.
  13. What's your strategy? I've never bought options, but would love to trail into a larger position of GDX by September.