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  1. Yeah, I was receiving Golliday. I know i overpaid for him, but limited roster space, and have many first and second round picks next year, looking to consolidate. It sucks to lose them both when they're just coming into their own, but I do like Godwin quite a bit more than either individually.
  2. 10 Team Dynasty, PPR Team A receives K Golliday, C Sutton Team B receives C Godwin, M Mariota
  3. Iams and Blue Buffalo are both better than typical grocery bought pet food, but far worse than anything you'd find in most pet stores.
  4. Any situation would be better than the Browns, but I'm skeptical OBJ lands with the Pats. It would be too good to be true, at least from a fantasy perspective.
  5. Any favorites of yours that aren't proprietary to any institutions?
  6. I saw the venerable Mr Cave last night for his Q&A tour. Just him, a piano, and a whole lot of engagement with the audience. Pure awesomeness. I'm going up to Seattle on Friday to see another round. It'll be interesting to see the difference in questions, and vibe. Oh, and he closed it out with Stagger Lee.❀️
  7. Good reminder. Also need to research what happens to RE in a recessionary environment (looking 6-12 months out).
  8. This looks really interesting, although it looks like I'd be buying it a 5 year high.
  9. Agreed. Careful though about those spoilers! πŸ˜‚
  10. Ahh, I'm screwed then. Somehow I'm not surprised that law would be setup that would protect creditors over employees. Thanks for your input.