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  1. Roll w/ KC defense, replace GZ with a healthy K and Higbee with Mclaurin.
  2. I think you have to defer to the vote. i would vote to allow waivers to continue as long as there is humiliation or money on the line. Keeping people engaged late in the season is always a problem for me, so i'd rather have them TOO invested in games that don't matter than NOT invested in games that do.
  3. Roll with Brees
  4. Kelce, no doubt about it
  5. Fitz is sexier, but i like wentz with philly's season on the line
  6. perriman and mclaurin, but i like aj brown's ceiling
  7. Boyd by a decent margin
  8. Perriman over Edelman
  9. Andrews, slight edge over Mack
  10. tough to bench OBJ for any of them, but i like ward
  11. Bell payback!
  12. eborsh44

    Pick a TE

    I like Howard's targets
  13. Flex is tough, i'd lean boone if it looks like he's going to start, but otherwise i'd play mack
  14. Don't do it!!! Your logic is sound, but Mitch is reeeeeeally bad and KC's pass defense is on point. I play Wentz with his season on the line.
  15. I've got a similar situation where i don't know whether or not to stack Ravens against my opponent. woof. I think the difference it probably close to negligible, but with Hollister being banged up and cold of late, I would lean Hooper, despite the matchup.