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  2. It's pretty impressive they've only lost 3 times with how bad they've shot. Iggy and Poole need to find their touch before tournament time. Beilein always seems to find a way to have his teams playing better at the end of the year. These last four games could give them some good momentum.
  3. I want to play him, but my RBs have too good of matchups not to flex 1.
  4. Can they please just get rid of Nevin Lawson? I'm sick of watching him have so close to good coverage, but still give up catch after catch. Pretty sure he hasn't touched a football in 3 years.
  5. I'm hoping the freshmen get some time soon, they need to deepen the bench.
  6. TMQB: CAR, NE RB: Fournette (JAX), Barkley (NYG), Gurley (LAR), Freeman (ATL) WR: Brown (PIT), Thomas (NO), Adams (GB), Hopkins (HOU), Jones (ATL) TE: Gronk (NE), Olsen (CAR) FLEX: Beckham (NYG) DST: LAR, MIN PK: Prater (DET), Gostkowskit (NE)
  7. They were a couple plays away from winning that game somehow. Just an awful performance. Botched hold on FG, taking a sack to get out of FG range, stupid penalties, that horrific QB draw on 3rd and 17. It can only get better right???........
  8. Vea or Landry, then OG if they're gone. Then get a DT and RB in the next 2 rounds.
  9. I'm really hoping Landry or Davenport are still available at their pick. Some really good DT and RB will be available in Rounds 2-3.
  10. I don't understand all the hate for looking at these older RBs. It's not like they're going to pick up a workhorse 3 down back. All they really need is a back who can pick up the tough yards and provide a different look than AA and Riddick. Then draft someone on Day 2 who can contribute as the season goes, like what Philly did with Clement. It would be nice to see a bigger OL/DL signing though with the Ebron cap space, or even Honey Badger.