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  1. First half was almost unwatchable for both sides. With livers it's a completely different team. I haven't watched a lot of recent games, but man Teske looks real bad compared to last year.
  2. Until Ohio state is in the west, making the championship game is meh. Lots of mediocre teams have made it from that division recently.
  3. I was impressed with what I saw of him this year. Made a bunch of nice plays and tough contested catches against Michigan.
  4. I've really got no other option unless J. Jacobs somehow is out. Hoping that I can get Boone as insurance but am out of BB money so hopefully people have checked out.....I'd have to play Royce Freeman 😝 or the combo of Sanders and Howard (if he plays). Not looking good for my championship dreams.
  5. Only down 10 after shooting 20% and making only 1 3-pointer. Second half can only get better, right?
  6. Nunez was starting prior to Wagner taking over in the Bahamas. He now plays a very limited role. DeJulius is their 6th man and they pretty much play 6 guys extended minutes with a few other filling in for a few minutes.
  7. So Brady would have called a timeout and told them to put other players in? I don't remember if they even had a TO. This is silly trying to blame Stafford for the coaches terrible play call.
  8. Michigan decided to let this game get way too close.....still terrible at FTs it seems.
  9. Unless Adams plays this week, unicorn is finally getting a start. He got replaced by Tyreek last second when he came back the last time I was going to play him. Fitz has turned to trash after the first few weeks so I have no other choice really. Feel his ceiling is higher than Sanu which is my other option.
  10. Flexing him this week w/ Adams questionable on Monday Night. Not putting MVS in again....
  11. Hoping somebody picks him up, been stashing and need some help desperately.
  12. I must have been watching a different game. They only got pressure when Wentz held the ball forever because nobody was open. Jarrad Davis still has no clue in coverage.
  13. 3 more SB and Acuna gets to 40/40 Doesn't seem to be chasing it, but that just could be he has a terrible OBP this month...
  14. Kelce 96% QBChiefs 88% Hopkins 85% Barkley 77% Kamara 77% McCaffrey 73% T Hill 73%