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  1. I can't believe people are giving up a 1st for Sammy freakin Watkins
  2. I inherited a dumpster fire team last year and went 1-12. Need some dart hits.
  3. Big Deal here, lots of darts coming up.... Cleveland Browns gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 5.04; Year 2019 Draft Pick 5.11; Year 2019 Draft Pick 6.04; Year 2019 Draft Pick 6.11; Year 2020 Round 4 Draft Pick from Miami Dolphins Houston Oilers gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.16
  4. Didn't he switch to WR because he didn't want the abuse that RBs take?
  5. 16 team IDP. Some interesting stuff going down.... 1.01 Jacobs, Josh 2.01 Brown, Marquise 1.02 Harry, N'Keal 2.02 Samuel, Deebo 1.03 Campbell, Parris 2.03 Isabella, Andy 1.04 Sanders, Miles 2.04 Harris, Damien 1.05 Hockenson, T.J. 2.05 Henderson, Darrell 1.06 Montgomery, David 2.06 Singletary, Devin 1.07 Metcalf, DK 2.07 Butler, Hakeem 1.08 Fant, Noah 2.08 Hill, Justice BAL 1.09 Haskins, Dwayne 2.09 Arcega-Whiteside, JJ 1.10 Murray, Kyler 2.10 Abram, Johnathan 1.11 Bosa, Nick 2.11 Mattison, Alexander 1.12 Hardman, Mecole 2.12 Thompson, Darwin 1.13 Brown, A.J. 2.13 Love, Bryce 1.14 White, Devin 2.14 Oliver, Ed 1.15 Bush, Devin 2.15 Smith Jr., Irv 1.16 Ferrell, Clelin 2.16 Sternberger, Jace
  6. Looks like Acuna is going to sign an extension That's a steal after seeing what Harper and Machado just got.
  7. swabs

    1.01 Trade

    16 team, ppr, idp.
  8. It's pretty impressive they've only lost 3 times with how bad they've shot. Iggy and Poole need to find their touch before tournament time. Beilein always seems to find a way to have his teams playing better at the end of the year. These last four games could give them some good momentum.
  9. I want to play him, but my RBs have too good of matchups not to flex 1.
  10. Can they please just get rid of Nevin Lawson? I'm sick of watching him have so close to good coverage, but still give up catch after catch. Pretty sure he hasn't touched a football in 3 years.
  11. I'm hoping the freshmen get some time soon, they need to deepen the bench.