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  1. I voted mostly. So until I get my flying cars that were promised to us back in the day, it is hard to be extremely proud. It is one of the few american failings that really bothers me.
  2. Broncos best choice is Devin White next best is Ed Oliver final option is TJ Hockenson Don't want them to take Lock
  3. Keep a close eye on any reaction to antibiotics and or antifungals. My wife had a few minor reactions to some antibiotics and such for a couple of months Then one day my wife had a severe reaction and it started with the burning and swelling of her feet. Hers was called Stevens Johnson syndrome and it escalated to TENS which stands for toxic epidural necrolysis syndrome i believe. But it was a horrible. It is a reaction where the body just goes into hyper drive and trys to kill everything off in an allergic reaction against the antibiotic. She burned off about 80% of her skin and internal membranes. The mortality rate is shockingly high like 70% and for those that survive they suffer things like blindness, loss of limbs or digits. Her heart ran at about 180 beats an hour for a weeks while fighting through all this. She spent a month at a critical burn unit in a induced coma. Then another month getting back on her feet. She is one of the few who have ever came out of this fairly unscathed. You wouldn't know she went through something so challenging if you met her now. But I can see and watch the effects it has had on her in the 15 years since. Just keep a close eye out if you have any repeated allergic episodes. Then mention to the Doctors about possible Stevens Johnson's cause. My wife has to be very careful with any medications now, and absolutely can not take any sulfa based drugs. Not many Doctors are familiar with the Stevens Johnsons and related problems. We were lucky one nurse had seen something similar years before and convinced the Doctors of this. Once the body goes into the hyper drive there is no stopping itself and the only chance is the critical care burn unit. Good luck and keep a close eye for any additional reactions no matter how minor. Also it seems to be an issue that can pass to your children, so keep an eye out for them and let them know to be aware of potential allergic reactions to antibiotics as they get older. I hope you don't have the predisposition to the drug allergy but better to know what it can possibly morph into on the worst side and be prepared to watch for it. Here is a link to the Stevens Johnson website Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis - Genetics ...
  4. I watched plenty of the CSU games the last several years and the Mountain west conference for decades. It is way easier to look good running away from Mountain west and West coast conference cornerbacks than most any other conference backs. You don't find many who will ever be drafted or even invited to a combine. Also in most of the games CSU played they were down by 3 td's plus. Much of the game the other teams were just playing a laid back prevent type zone. Against the few good teams they played you will see CB's in tight coverage on Williams and right there to bring him down if he made the catch. Just saying the film isn't showing all the variables of the competition and defensive calls he faced. But I like the way he fights for the ball and the extra yards after the catch. I think he could be a viable fantasy WR with the right breaks and team. But so could 25 other wr's this draft. Plenty of risks with this one, and there are reasons he wasn't invited to the combine and played for multiple schools. He isn't on my ignore list but top 3 rounds rookie draft might be too rich for my blood. But if he gets an earlier than 6-7th round NFL draft spot then I might be more interested. I like him, but I don't love him. Another 2 cents for the discussion from someone who has seen a lot of CSU games.
  5. He looks way better in games due to the level of competition he faced most games in the Mountain West. Plus that CSU team was always down huge all season long, they had to throw it up regardless. But he looked good fighting for the ball. Can't say I remember any CU or CSU wr's ever amounting to anything even when hyped. Paul Richardson comes to mind right off the bat. Everyone loved him coming out and he still hasn't had any real success. I will watch for his pro day numbers but unless some team grabs him day 2, I won't be bending over to get him till later in the rounds if at all. I will let someone else burn a value 1st through 3rd round pick on him. This draft really has some great choices through 2 or even 3 rounds to be taking too much risk. Just my 2 cents
  6. Just finished a week with the accountants going over everything. In the end we are paying a pretty sizable check in to the IRS. I thought we had calculated our obligations pretty good for the year with our quarterly payments, but somehow I forgot about the 3.8% net investment income tax that Obama added in with the Obamacare fun pack. It's almost like my mind won't accept that tax or something. Anyway in the end though our marginal tax rate was down 1% and our effective tax rate was down about 2%. So it could have been worse. Feels like we are paying more but the marginal and effective rate tells us otherwise. Thanks new tax plan.
  7. I think he will be drafted between 1-10, but with the potential risks and size issues I believe he should more realistically be drafted in the 33-42 range or later. For my NFL team I wouldn't want anything spent before the 33-42 picks for him. Other NFL teams I want to spend the high picks of 1-10. I have watched too many 1st round qb's crap out due to risk issues and don't want my NFL team to go that route again. Really hurts the team growth to lose 1st round pick value when it craps out. I'm talking to you Mr Elway! Let's wait till next year to find a qb.
  8. We were in Prague last October and it was a beautiful city with so much to see and do. Like you we went with another couple who were long time friends. We stayed in a great hotel called the Aria library collection I believe. Great rooms by Europe standards. Multiple indoor and outdoor bars with great views. Amazing gardens onsite as well. Close to the bridge and well located for all the must see things. I would go back in a heart beat. But I will also add the Asian tourists were at times overwhelming. But it was like a wave and then they were gone off to somewhere else. So more a short term nuisance than real problem. I could have stayed another week easily. We then took the train down to Vienna. Very easy ride. Vienna is a nice town and friendly for the most part. We saw plenty of all the must see sites and a few of the Operas and plays at night. It had some of the best restaurants and food, but it really wasn't a favorite city for me. It wasn't bad but just didn't capture me like some of the others did. Some claim it is the most interesting and beautiful city and the center of all things controlled by the old Royal family. We saw the all the Castles, Museums and such, and of course the Lipizzaner horses, but overall a bit blah. Then off to Bratislava for a couple of days. The drive to Bratislava was a stark reality of what I imagined the Russian empire and behind the iron curtain looked like. Many old square box concrete apartment buildings, one after one in large complexes. Though the actual capital city has some very nice architecture and monuments. The amazing thing was looking at old bombed out buildings that hadn't been rebuilt yet right next to area's that were thriving. It was an interesting dynamic. Food was good, the stories we heard were even better. It was a nice stop along our trip. The country side was quite beautiful. But this area felt like the most authentic eastern bloc/Russian control influence. Very interesting looking at what they are doing to become part of the new world. Finally we ended up in Budapest and spent our last four days there. A great city with so much to see and do. By far the most interesting and beautiful city that I have ever been to. I could have stayed there and explored for weeks. We even went to one of the oldest bath houses and spent half a day. These were built by the Ottoman empire when they had taken over way, way back then. Amazing with indoor and outdoor hot springs and mineral baths. Very interesting, especially when we are some of the very few Americans in there from what I could tell. Plenty of very big and round eastern European guys just like in a bond movie. Food was great and so many different types of restaurants. Beer was good all through the trip, but it seemed the largest varieties was found in Budapest. I also developed a fondness for their aperitifs after dinner. Most were a very strong alchol and a thicker base like a cough syrup, think a jaegermister style. The lights at night were amazing. Overall a great experience and a great trip to take with your wife and friends. Enjoy your trip!
  9. My father passed from the Glia cancer 37 years ago. My sister just passed 4 months ago from the glia cancer. Both were extremely quick deaths, about 3 months from diagnosis. But neither were really in any pain during that time. Both were in their 60's and much to young and vibrant to pass. Cell phones weren't an item for my dad and not a big item for my sister. So who knows what cell phone connections may be. All I know is that they were both mentally present up to the last 2 weeks and had no real pain during the fight. So I guess there are plenty of worse ways to go when it's your time. Though I miss them both and wished I could have had more time with them. Who knows if there is a genetic connection that was passed along between father and daughter or the rest of my family. I would watch for it but there isn't any real good tests to help detect the cancer early.
  10. No shot for anything good but it has been a great contest this year. Last week was my worst week of the season by around 50 points. Dropped from 60th to 161st , totally went the wrong direction. At least the next season package will be paid for. Good luck to those fighting at the top.
  11. My bad, I did the quierer and I did it with the Mahommes, McCaffery, Fournette, Conner, Hill and it came back as only 1 team left. Then I did various groupings with my other players and Fournette and it came back as only 1 team left. I must have assumed it was Fournette who was the unowned player who made the team unique. Or I am totally using the quierer wrong.
  12. I believe this is my fourth time in the finals. Though I have never done all that great overall. Seems I always end up with another years subscription. But I have been good enough to generally make it to the 10th week or so in my bad seasons. Here's my team My team started off very common at the start of the year but now it is pretty unique at the finals. The great has been Mahommes, McCaffery, Conner, Hill. The additional players that have had impact include Rivers, Fournette, A Jones, C Davis and Godwin. Plus my Kickers and defs have been really solid all year. The bad for my team has been Flacco, Gronkowski and the TE's, Goodwin, Cole, Brown all seem to have been fairly wasted money. Hopefully a few of them can kick it up a couple of notches and help my team have a more reasonable finish this time. My team is the only one who still has Fournette left. With Conner down I hope that Fournette and A Jones can help keep me upright. Need a couple of my Wr's to get some big points and of course it would be nice if Gronk actually earned some of his money for the year. I not a big poster but I have been around about 10 or so years. This is one of my favorite things about the site. Good luck to all the teams
  13. It doesn't sound like a big dollar item or major additional cost the way you are talking about it. You might want to consider taking this contractor to small claims court over the unauthorized additional costs. Small claim court Judges generally don't look kindly upon this type of contractor shenanigans and you could balance the costs back to even for you. The costs to go to small claims are very small and you don't need a lawyer. Most parties just represent themselves and the Judge really just looks at what seems fair or right. Should be an easy thing for you to do. In our state of Colorado the small claims is up to $7,000 now days, but it used to be more around $3,500 twenty years ago. So outside of a major contract issue it is your best and cost effective resource. Plus the Judges usually side for the little guy in an action. Also if the Judge declares the contract price the right dollar amount and what final payment should be, then the contractor would be in a liable position with a lein placed with a different amount listed. Win/win Also a contractor Lein has to be perfected and acted upon in certain time frames to have any impact to you and the property. If they don't take you to court to perfect it will just fall away and be of no consequence in about 1 year. Most leins like this are used as a scare tactic since the contractor doesn't want to spend the money to perfect, nor do they usually have proper proof and position to perfect the lein in front of the court. Anyone can easily file a lein, but perfecting it takes time and money since it is so serious an action. Also they would only really consider perfecting the lein if you had good equity on the property. Otherwise they need to be able to take out the first lein position "your mortgage company" and any other entities in a lein or secondary positions to be able to collect the claim. I know certain property owners who have their own entities put a second mortgage or lein on their own property just to make them look lein proof and avoid the unscrupulous type contractors who would act like this guy. You can also do a "bond around a lein. Which is essentially putting up the money through an insurance company bond until the court settles the lein case. If the contractor doesn't perfect his lein within the year then the bond is dropped and everything is done. The cost of a bond is around 2-5% of the amount of the lein, plus your pledge to pay the full amount if need be. Sort of like a bail bond I guess. I am not an attorney, but I had been a contractor for years and know the lein and small claims sides well. Small claims was our best method of collecting from bad customers who refused to pay the final costs on a contract. While I'm not a contractor anymore I do own multiple large industrial properties and I have had to deal with stupid and the unscrupulous type contractors from time to time. I have bonded around leins and called contractors bluffs about unwarranted charges. None have ever tried to perfect a lein against us since they were all bogus charges to begin with. Good Luck, but it really isn't hard to do small claims or wait out a lein.
  14. My draft was last night I took Bell 4th and picked up Conner in the 14th round. I can live with either one starting for the steelers. Of course I prefer Bell to be that player. Or who knows maybe they end up with a bell trade during the season and I have two starters. All I knew I wasn't letting the teams on the back side of the first round pick up the high end risk/reward that is Bell and also have a better high quality 2nd round pick. I feel I have more than enough quality to survive until this all shakes out. A 1st round and a 14th round pick is cheap to lock up the high scoring steeler backfeild. Just my 2 cents worth
  15. 60 refresh rate is bad for sports. You want 240 or at the very least 120 rate.