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  1. There are many leagues however my league (#8) has a single open team left (at the time of this ad)
  2. a free Sharks league at MFL (supported by
  3. Commish - Interested in Michigan Panthers ... Pls send invite to
  4. how many spots left ? what is the style of draft ?
  5. Are you re-starting this league (i.e redrafting all players) ?
  6. Where is the league hosted ... What are the rules ?.. Is this a new startup ? ... League rules ... ?
  7. Trade OBJ for Diggs/Howard and 2 future first round picks ? dynasty league. thx in advance. I heard 2019 rookie class is bad, so I am looking for 2020 and 2021 #1 draft picks.
  8. It's which is a full simulation from draft down to games where you can manage contracts of coaches & players, design the playbook and watch the game in 2D From pre-season games and all the way to Superbowl. Our league is looking for owners.. . note :Free game for one league.