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  1. The rookies haven't been updated on the rosters yet in MFL from the fill in players.
  2. sorry bro - its def going to happen both ways
  3. BTW - Thanks man. I appreciate it. But I would never take a spot at someone's expense. Just wish I would of checked in sooner.
  4. Can someone take Devantae Freeman for me. Will link franchise later. Thanks Thanks
  5. Trying to link my account. Pick in a sec
  6. You could start a thread and give the people a week to respond. The due first come first server after
  7. whateves, coming in 2nd deserves a spot in SSL1. Not when Bass decides to start a thread.
  8. Peace bro
  9. I thought we slotted SSL Leagues by 2017 finishing standings. bummed
  10. huh?
  11. Just spoke with Rudy. He didn't know there was a 4hour clock. He thought it was 8. Either way he is going to make his picks soon.
  12. LOL - top criteria
  13. Rudy and I are IN
  14. I'm sure Rudy would be in as well.