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  1. sorry bro - its def going to happen both ways
  2. BTW - Thanks man. I appreciate it. But I would never take a spot at someone's expense. Just wish I would of checked in sooner.
  3. Can someone take Devantae Freeman for me. Will link franchise later. Thanks Thanks
  4. Trying to link my account. Pick in a sec
  5. You could start a thread and give the people a week to respond. The due first come first server after
  6. whateves, coming in 2nd deserves a spot in SSL1. Not when Bass decides to start a thread.
  7. Peace bro
  8. I thought we slotted SSL Leagues by 2017 finishing standings. bummed
  9. huh?
  10. Just spoke with Rudy. He didn't know there was a 4hour clock. He thought it was 8. Either way he is going to make his picks soon.
  11. LOL - top criteria
  12. Rudy and I are IN
  13. I'm sure Rudy would be in as well.
  14. Carr, Derek OAK QB Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB Fine - Maybe Either one can jump to elite. But really, nit need them to be decent. Booker, Devontae DEN RB Henderson, De'Angelo DEN RB Mixon, Joe CIN RB SaQuan Bakrley RB Williams, Joe SFO RB Have some question marks here. Going to need Barkley and Mixon to come through but both have the game to do it. Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WR Marshall, Brandon NYG WR Parker, DeVante MIA WR Robinson, Allen CHI WR Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR White, Kevin CHI WR Upside disappointments ready to come on? Sprinkled in couple few vets for who have done it for a while. Kittle, George SFO TE Dallas Goedert, TE Mark Andrews TE OU Again, relying on some unknowns here. Not ideal. Bryant, Matt ATL PK Dawson, Phil ARI PK shrug Giants, New York NYG Def Titans, Tennessee TEN Def shrug Anything can happen.