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  1. Fullback Fro

    Forum News - Dark View Now Available

    Can I order crystal meth or Bazookas delivery in this view?
  2. just reported that this is a go
  3. I read on that the next version of the X749F is going to be the sexiest of all time. God, I hope this is true.
  4. Fullback Fro

    Nice Surprises

    I usually get the Steak and Cheese. I changed up my normal sandwich order today from Yellow Sub and went with the Italian combo. It was sparked.
  5. Fullback Fro

    I went to a Phish show with shuke

    ahh Phish. I love them so. Slow llama was sparked.
  6. Fullback Fro

    What is Kevin Bacon's signature role?

    Any Bacon sounds good to me
  7. Fullback Fro

    support shuke snackcrate shtick

    In for a shilling
  8. Fullback Fro

    Move over Honeycrisp, SweeTango is in town

    Been digging the RL39C's these days
  9. Fullback Fro

    You got two choices to base your life on.

    The correct answer is: humans sweat. Its what makes us able to run long distances. And this is science. Science can be proven wrong. Religion cannot. That is why science wins in my life.
  10. Fullback Fro

    Who's in better shape: You or Your Wife?

    I footrace for ca$h
  11. Fullback Fro

    Best Smashing Pumpkins song

    His voice got progressively whinier and whinier. Anything after Siamese Dream has been hard for me to get into. But the Peel Sessions / Lull / Gish / Pisces Iscariot / Siamese Dream run was rad AF~
  12. Fullback Fro

    Hold up a second! There's a Basketball Forum?

    Have a hard time getting along with that guy. He's ubermega annoying.
  13. Fullback Fro

    Worst airport you've ever spent time in

    We should set us up the pole for this.