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  1. .5 ppr pick 2: McCaffrey, c. Coleman, Sanu, Dez
  2. In the spirit of another great thread. No politics please, just alternative facts. Donald J Trump has the hands of a lumberjack.
  3. No penny stocks. but everyone picking a biotech. Not so different of a dice roll. PFE. Big player that could benefit from multiple tax scenarios.
  4. I'll take "things that are not bourbon for 200 Alex!" Tasty though.
  5. I'll throw my hat in for the weller. Maybe we can set up a chain where recipient resends to someone in the thread with something available locally but not widely distributed? Got access to ER here in VA so good on that front
  6. Parents voted for trump. Justification as follows: Mom: Hillary is a deviant lesbian. Dad: I don't like that we keep giving money to North Korea. Can you dig some policy out of that?
  7. 2 weeks no prob. Third week look at it sideways but still consume. If longer than 3 weeks you should have frozen anyway, so that's on you.
  8. Any good source out there for what dealerships pay for a vehicle (invoice? )?