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  1. What are you talking about?
  2. Haven’t seen dr chao been incorrect before...just saying
  3. Well I was wrong. The snow is coming down hard here all morning.
  4. I would expect the snow to play a minor role. I have seen a little bit of the reports but for perspective, I live 10 mins away from arrowhead and it is 50 degrees right now. Snow most likely won't stick and I am guessing they will have it tarped up before game time
  5. Is McCoy even worth playing? Now Darwin Thompson is getting more run than McCoy....
  6. Phenomal. Been waiting for this to happen with ESPN.
  7. The NFL does not care about your fantasy team or what the spread of the football game is. And they should not.
  8. Not benching him. At the same time, I’m sure there are lots of teams with Lamar that are already in the playoffs and week 13 won’t matter for them. You got a top 3 qb for a steal.
  9. Schedule really doesn’t matter with this guy. It really doesn’t man. On top of that, the best WR got 15 targets yesterday.
  10. This guy is just amazing.... He is not bad as a passer as the numbers suggest either....after the patriots schedule....I can see him doing even better with Hollywood Brown coming back in the picture.