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  1. Not benching him. At the same time, I’m sure there are lots of teams with Lamar that are already in the playoffs and week 13 won’t matter for them. You got a top 3 qb for a steal.
  2. Schedule really doesn’t matter with this guy. It really doesn’t man. On top of that, the best WR got 15 targets yesterday.
  3. I love this guy but I’m looking at other options against New England
  4. This guy is just amazing.... He is not bad as a passer as the numbers suggest either....after the patriots schedule....I can see him doing even better with Hollywood Brown coming back in the picture.
  5. So is no one is going to talk about this guy? Gurley might not play this Sunday and Brown might be the guy to get all the carries....
  6. How major are the injuries? Tough to find this type of stuff on the net
  7. Set it and forget it besides when they play the chiefs. They have shown they are for real until they prove otherwise.
  8. Sounds like he might miss this Sunday at the most.
  9. I think the cowboys offense is severely missing this guy and the new OC (Moore) just isn't going to make the offense all about Zeke. If the preseason hype is real, this guy should do pretty good against against weaker corners.