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  1. I don’t feel like creating a new thread and getting flamed, so I’ll just toss this in here and hope it fizzles out after a page if its received poorly. These playoffs(AFC side) would have been much more entertaining if wildcard teams weren’t decided by tie breakers, instead the teams tied for(and maybe one game out)the wildcard spot are chosen by the nfl to get in. Chargers @ Jaguars and Ravens @ Chiefs would have just been better games. Might have made it much more difficult on the pats as well. I’m just speaking with the perspective of wanting to put on the best possible product in the playoffs. I know it won’t happen in this day and age but this year is a clear example of how it would be an improvement.
  2. That bud light ad has me on the edge of my seat. Thank god nobody greased up my chair.
  3. Calling a timeout to avoid a 5 yard delay of game penalty up by 31 points late in the 4th. Yeah. PLAY UNTIL THE FINAL WHISTLE.
  4. That’s how these threads usually go. Except for the rare occurrences where we get an entertaining nfl game.
  5. Over under on fans reporting tailbone injuries from slipping off light poles?
  6. I personally think Bradford and Teddy are better than Keenum but time will tell.
  7. Passing up 31. Just punt the ball on 3rd down, Jesus.
  8. “Case keenum is a top 10 QB in the NFL” I had this argument with someone this past week. Can’t wait to follow up.
  9. Wonder how this eagles defense is going to be able to handle Corey Dillon in two weeks.
  10. Cheers for how long you spent on that.
  11. Catch me outside of Paddy’s Pub and let’s pop a wheelie.
  12. It was more of a sarcastic over-the-top stat than gloating. But bring it on!
  13. When a couple of Vikings who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood.
  14. The patriots have never lost to a team in a Super Bowl after already beating them in the Super Bowl. Now for teams who they have already lost to is a different story.
  15. So this is the conference championship game that is a blow out... the nfl is so weird