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  1. No Jim Brown or Jerry Rice? Could we clarify if we are referring to greatest of all time or greatest quarterback of all time. I need help here.
  2. Probably a lot happier than the other afc north fan base who’s coach just got signed to come back for a 16th season after not winning a single playoff game in his first 15 seasons. . .
  3. Maybe I’m being the resident devils advocate in this thread, but I’d like to say I like the idea that you have to control the ball, without it touching my the ground, if you are going to the ground as you make the catch.
  4. Do we really trust the chain gang this much though?...
  5. Why stop at players, all wobbly fans to the medical tent as well. But yeah, agreed, it’s made progress but is still a mess.
  6. Jaguars beat the Steelers. Team USA beat the Russians. Rocky beat Ivan Drago. Who knows, it’s the playoffs.
  7. Has it hit anyone else that we were a few plays away from getting Ryan vs Brees and Roethlisberger vs Brady rather than what we have now? Not complaining at all, just crazy how close we were to having a totally different dynamic in the playoffs. Steelers recover onside kick, Matt Ryan hits Julio in the end zone in 1 of 4 downs, Saints...well you know. Networks panicing trying to figure out how to market these games without marquee quarterback/widereceiver matchups.
  8. Book every Super Bowl at FirstEnergy Stadium?
  9. 1. If it’s a 1 or 2 point game, the defense can score on the extra point to tie the game. By this logic, when the offense is in victory formation with the game locked up they shouldn’t even have to do kneel downs or play out the rest of the clock. 2. Just don’t hold? Return man catches ball in end zone, sees flag fly and knows it’s probably holding, “oof, well probably shouldn’t run this one out.” 3. Maybe, if it’s a penalty that could have erased a potential first down then no. Example of what should not be an automatic first down: hands to the face(mask).
  10. I’m not underestimating the Jags. Playing mistake free football is a big key. And being prepared for the Jaguars offense, which the Steelers did not seem to be ready for.
  11. Is diggs really still celebrating.
  12. A punter lining up on defense #forthebrand
  13. Because the defense can score points. Maybe doesn’t matter here but if it were a one point game.