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  1. There aren’t many color rush uniforms I like but...the Steelers are also not ones I enjoy
  2. The NFC east is going to end in a three way tie at 6-10. Redskins will have the tie breaker.
  3. I spoke before getting a closer look. Everyone ignore me.
  4. Why didn’t Carson dive for that? Didn’t look like it fell very far from him.
  5. Ah I see. Yeah. The whole defense decided to run 80 yards down field to celebrate a turnover.
  6. Well, no. You want to score in your opponents endzone, not your own. In American football, at least. He was touched so it doesn’t matter
  7. Nvm. He was definitely touched. Just ignore me.
  8. He ran out the back of his own endzone to celebrate.
  9. Who’s ready to listen to Chris Collinsworth talk about Tom Brady all night