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  1. Beautiful way to put it, I completely agree, though I had no bets in play. It was one team dominating for one quarter and the other dominating for the other three quarters.
  2. Had it’s moments but felt very lopsided most of the game. Hou/Buf was fun but maybe the sloppiest 4th quarter of playoff football I’ve ever watched.
  3. This game has been bad but let’s be honest, these playoffs have been terrible. Was Ten/NE the most compelling game?
  4. Just tuned in. Any updates on which of these 6’5” 260LB tight ends have previously played basketball?
  5. Throwing a 50 yard pass into double coverage to a full back. We’ve seen it all.
  6. If I see JJ Watt, while the Texans are on offense, one more time I’m going to lose my mind.
  7. We complain about announcers a lot but this team really puts things in perspective. I’d love to hear Collinsworth babble about some guy right now.
  8. Really sad this is the last time we will get to hear Booger speak until next season