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  1. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    Good god, someone get Rosen some stickum.
  2. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    I’m upset at how terrible this game is. Coming just a day after Goodell discussed his pleasure for how the quality of the games has increased ratings.
  3. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    Let’s discuss that broncos fan taking the ball that Fitz tossed to the lady in the front row wearing a crucial catch shirt.
  4. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    I just spiked my Natty light with a shot of Canadian whisky. I blame you, Rosen.
  5. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    How do I make it stop
  6. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    I picked the Broncos in my confidence league because when Von says “we will kick their ###” about a 1-5 team I don’t think twice.
  7. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    Not a good throw either way
  8. SengerCJ

    Game thread - Den/Ari

    and just like that we have a good ol fashion Thursday night football game.
  9. Did not anticipate this game to be one worth watching. What a little Monday treat.
  10. Sometimes players commit really stupid penalties.
  11. 3 time outs. 2 minutes. If Brady could do it last night, why not Beathard tonight.
  12. This post gave me anxiety. I’m glad I don’t play fantasy anymore.
  13. I said this not expecting their defense to actually come out and make a quick stop. I still stand by it though.
  14. I believe it’s best to take the points there
  15. I can’t understand NFL 2018. Confidence pool has been impossible this year.