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  1. I probably didnt need a graphic to know that the Ravens have hit Roethlisberger more throughout his career than the bengals or browns.
  2. Kind of wish Goodell cared as much about the competitive integrity of this game currently as he did when investigating New England about air pressure in footballs. As a football fan this sucks
  3. Hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving! 🙂
  4. Are they celebrating in the endzone because they realize he should have stayed in the endzone?
  5. These Steelers unis should count as an automatic L
  6. Box score doesn’t do justice to how ugly this game was
  7. You have to either convert that 4th & 4 or convert a 2 PT conversion later on only for a tie. I’m fine with the decision. Terrible execution.
  8. First half passing yards: Wentz- 30 Hurts- 6 6 yards ain’t gonna get it done, gotta go with the hot hand. Wentz time
  9. I agree but even from the live shot I didn’t look like much. Who knows
  10. I never really saw anything on Slays end that deserved a flag, at least from the replay they gave us