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  1. Re: fees below is a chart of average historic Bitcoin fees. Currently sits ~$15-20, definitely way higher than most people would like but far from the $50-100 Ver was suggesting. Could there be some fees $50+ probably? But for him to suggest that it's $50-100 regularly is a joke. Also I agree Bitcoin cash is a version of Bitcoin but it's still not Bitcoin. Why try to purposely confuse people about this? Ver is CEO of, they have a wallet where Bitcoin cash is listed first then "Bitcoin core" (screenshot below). Why call it "Bitcoin core"? To dilute the Bitcoin brand. It also gives you options to buy Bitcoin. If a new user is unfamiliar with how things work they can easily get screwed. When you go to buy Bitcoin on the wallet it asks you to put in a Bitcoin address. From Exodus support site: "However, it is imperative to understand that Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now two entirely separate currencies. Mistakenly sending BTC to a BCH address, or vice-versa, will frequently result in the loss of those funds. Bitcoin is as different from Bitcoin Cash as Litecoin is from Dogecoin." So if a new user accidentally buys BTC and sends to a BCH address they likely will lose their funds. This is the kind of thing that seems disingenuous to me. When Bitcoin Cash forked why didn't they change their wallet address format so things like this wouldn't happen? Why push BCH on a wallet? Lots of folks are going to have to learn the hard way if they started at to learn. It's a shame. If Bitcoin Cash ends up being the superior protocol with faster payments and lower fees then that's great. Users have more choices. But what Ver is doing is not just promoting his project but rather spreading misinformation and causing confusion about Bitcoin.
  2. I follow Parabolic Trav on twitter and he had an interesting take on game theory behind the futures market and what it meant for Bitcoin. Basically he anticipates that futures market will allow companies like Square and Cash App to be able to hedge Bitcoin price risk so they can take expand their offerings. They're not exchanges, rather these companies would need to purchase Bitcoin so users can purchase directly from them rather than an exchange. Shorting allows them to hedge their risk of holding Bitcoin. Wall Street would want to go long on BTC and bid it up and leverage their futures to cash in. I'm very curious how it's all going to play out. (~10min video)
  3. When you get your wallet (either cold storage, hot wallet or paper) you will have an address to the wallet (similiar to an email address) where you would send coins from your Coinbase account to your wallet address. As others have said safest way is a cold storage wallet (I have Trezor, i've heard good things about Nano). Paper wallets are super simple to use but it's like cash, if you lose the paper wallet or someone steals it then they basically have control of your coins. Good article on the differences between wallets.
  4. Just curious what is it that you do not trust about the security?
  5. If you do not control your private keys then you don't control your coins. If you leave coins on Coinbase then they control your coins.
  6. I'm not a fan of Ver at all. He has an agenda he's pushing. He wants people to believe Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin and purposely tries to confuse people on this. He gets offended anytime someone refers to Bitcoin Cash as Bcash. No sane person would take such offense to this (see 1 minute video below) but it's basically because he wants to co-opt the Bitcoin brand. He also goes out of his way to call it "Bitcoin Core" when in reality it's just Bitcoin. If he wants to fork Bitcoin and try to make a better coin more power to him, but he's pushing his agenda and trying to confuse people instead. Also there were great exaggerations or outright lies in his CNBC interview. It was basically a commercial for Bitcoin Cash. BTC transactions do not take days or weeks BTC transactions do not cost $50-100 regularly (especially if SegWit is used, C'MON Coinbase get Segwit implemented!) He said Core openly says they want bitcoin to have a bad user experience which is an outright lie. Why would any devs openly say this? Bitcoin Core Developers are working on off chain scaling solutions like Lightning Network. 1 minute video of Ver flipping out because of the name Bcash. Full Intervew here
  7. A bit late to this thread not sure if anyone else has mentioned it but if anyone is looking to educate themselves on what Bitcoin is and how transformational it is for money and the banking system I highly recommend Andreas Antonopoulos. He's got a ton of very good videos on youtube and he does a great job of explaining the technology and impact so the average person can understand. I suggest starting with this "Intro to Bitcoin" video. I also have a number of folks I follow on Twitter that give out very good info as well if anyone's interested. There's a lot of shilling and misinformation out there so it was hard initially to figure out who the shills were vs the legit voices in crypto.
  8. FYI Curry taking a discount won't help the Warriors retain anyone, it will only save the owners luxury tax payments. Warriors are already over the cap once Curry extends. Warriors don't have bird rights on KD yet, that's why KD taking a discount helps re-sign Iggy.
  9. Ok, fair enough. I misread your point, I guess we're saying the same thing in different ways. I guess George knows his actions will piss off the Indy fans but he felt it was still worth it.
  10. No, I still thinks he gives his max effort on court. I don't think his on court effort has anything to do with what he wants to do after the season.
  11. Who said George is doing any of this for the fans? He owes the organization to be giving his max effort while under contract. If the fans appreciate that and want to cheer him great, if not that's ok too. I'm sure he understands if the Indy fans boo him but that doesn't seem to be his main concern.
  12. Would it be better or worse for the franchise if PG never said anything but left as a free agent next year? ETA Sammy beat me to it.
  13. What if that was his intention? To tank his trade value so he can either go to a good situation for 1 year and or the Lakers can trade for him without giving up a ransom?
  14. Fun offseason so far, #1 pick already traded, PG openly available, Boston with tons of assets. Price for PG rental is going to tank his value. I wonder if Boston goes for the P rental and tries to sign Hayward or Griffin, how would they match up vs Cleveland? Dubs should offer Iggy(sign & trade) + McCaw for PG. The hate would be next level!