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  1. It is the whole one-hour-and-the-draft-starts thing that is the problem.
  2. My league was $50 to join. Due to the lack of enough managers, I had to postpone the draft to 9/4. Funds automatically went back. The $50 entry fee may have been too steep. If I make it $20, I will post here or email you.
  3. Awful? I don't know. He did not get much of a chance. He did make some nice catches. He is good on special teams. Cannon and Josh Bellamy should make some nice plays in kick coverage this year.
  4. If any interest, join and check out the settings. If not pleased, then please remove yourself. In past years we would fill up the league in one day.
  5. I have a 2-QB league with a $50 entry fee drafting Tuesday night if anyone is interested.
  6. I think that makes the most sense too, but until Arians signs elsewhere or the Jets hire someone else, I'll still hold out some hope.
  7. The new head coach will spend extensive time in the film room figuring out what the deal is with Williams. There could have been something scheme-wise that was not conducive to Williams making more splash plays. I don't know what to think of him. I was critical of Wilkerson even when he was at his best in 2013. To me, it was noticeable that Wilkerson would take plays off. He did not have the same drive and determination on every play. On a Jets-centric message board, I got ripped for those comments in 2013. I told people watch what happens if/when Wilkerson gets a huge contract. I don't see Williams as a loafer. It might be circumstantial as to why there are not more big plays. It'll be up to the new head coach, staff, and maybe two cents from Maccagnan as to what happens with Williams this offseason. I think I already deleted the game from my DVR and I do not subscribe to the NFL's Game Pass thing or whatever it is called so I can't look at it again but there was a play late in the season (I'm thinking the Houston game; if not, then the Green Bay game) where Adams ended up being the closest defender on a touchdown pass play. Adams was upset with Trumaine Johnson. It looked to me like blown coverage by the cornerback. I wouldn't be surprised if many fans blamed Adams for the play. I think this sort of thing has happened with Adams here and there. I am not saying Adams is perfect and incapable of mistakes (I thought he did make a lot as a rookie), but I do think that he is all over the place and is allowed to freelance and this sometimes can lead to him looking bad. Troy Polamalu played in a similar way and he sometimes could wind up looking bad. The problem with watching games as fans, especially with defense, is we don't know the coverages and, therefore, who were the players who actually messed up the play. I would not worry about the Kentucky thing with Josh Allen although I get the bad memories idea. The Jets certainly won't consider it. If the Jets looked at such stuff, Darnold would have been off their draft board due to playing at the same school and same position as Mark Sanchez.
  8. Yeah, I understand at some point some head coach will probably win a Super Bowl with two different teams. It does seem though that head coaches lose some of their drive and fire with a second team after they won somewhere else. It is impossible to measure that. Other than a guy admitting it in a biography years later, we can never be sure of it. At least we can look at results and see that many had worse W-L-T records later. The media thing can matter in New York because it starts the head coach off on a bad path and then the mob gets formed and then ownership reacts. I don't know of any Jets fans who liked Idzik but he was not given time to finish his plan. His firing seemed to be based as much on a putrid draft as it was on fan reaction. Gase was really bad in Miami with the media and some of his players did not like him. McCarthy got testy at times in 2018. He seemed a little more rough than in earlier years. Maybe he was in the same place for too long. Bruce Arians is the only head coach candidate who I would initially be excited about if hired by the Jets. The other ones, even the ones I kind of like such as Kris Richard and Matt Ruhle, might need a good introductory press conference for me to be really happy. I'd be okay with McCarthy. He is a solid head coach but I don't think he is great. I am not sure what to make of the Arians situation. Many people think he would not go to the Jets because he is a friend of Bowles. The idea is that if Arians were to succeed with the Jets it would make Bowles look even worse and cause him to never get a head coaching job again. To that I say, Bowles performance with the Jets alone regardless of what the Jets do in 2019 should finish Bowles as a head coach. Mike Francesa, on the other hand, thinks there is no issue.
  9. The vast majority of Jets fans want the team to hire a head coach with an offensive background and preferably one with NFL head coaching experience. There simply aren't that many good candidates with those qualifications. The guy who might be hard to let leave the interview room is Kris Richard. If the Jets want a guy who will talk confidently to the media (which means also in the locker room), then Richard is the best candidate. Instilling discipline and commanding a room probably won't be a problem with this guy. The question would be how long would the discipline last? Putting together a staff? Game management? I don't know. Nobody knows. Till a guy becomes a head coach, nobody can know that stuff. Before Bill Walsh or Joe Gibbs or Bill Belichick did it, nobody could have said they could manage a game as a head coach. They were not making time out decisions and 4th down decisions and other clock decisions (with a lead of x-amount of points at such a stage in a game, when should we be snapping the ball) as a coordinator. Nope. That stuff only happens after you become a head coach. So nobody really knows a ton about the would-be rookie head coaches. We know stuff about Mike McCarthy, Jim Caldwell, and Adam Gase, though. McCarthy and Gase can be real prickly with the media. Gase scares the heck out of me. I could see Gase being a total disaster as a Jets head coach. Caldwell would be very vanilla. He would be the ultra-safe choice. McCarthy would be seen as a no-brainer choice by many Jets fans. It concerns me that no head coach has ever won a Super Bowl with a second team after having won one elsewhere. Can I see McCarthy coaching the Jets, having an up-and-down first year and getting testy with the media? Yes. Then I can see a second year that is better and then something going haywire in 2021 and he ends up fired. I can see burnout being an issue. McCarthy for his own sake might be better off sitting out 2019 and taking some other job in 2020. I am not on board with the "hire an offensive coach for the sake of hiring an offensive coach" idea. "That team did it and so did that team. We must do the same thing." The teams who copy just to copy? Those teams tend to not have success. I totally understand the idea here with the rules and the young quarterback but the play caller does not have to be the head coach. The Jets need to find the next Bill Walsh or Bill Parcells or Mike Tomlin or Joe Gibbs or John Harbaugh. They don't need an offensive guy or a defensive guy or a special teams guy. What they need is a guy who is going to be a head coach. The guy is going to have to be dynamic to make it in the NY/NJ market and overcome the poor ownership. I don't think McCarthy is the answer and I think Gase would be an utter disaster.
  10. Adams is more than just a nice player. He will get votes for the various all-pro teams. He might be named to the 1st team of the Associated Press one. That is the one that the yokels think is the one and only official all-pro team. If the Jets keep the 3rd pick, there is an excellent chance they are taking a defensive player. Josh Allen might be the best player in the draft.
  11. 10-team league with all sorts of flex slots and no defense QB- Patrick Mahomes WR- Calvin Ridley WR- Corey Davis RB- Todd Gurley TE- Christopher Herndon WR/TE- Juju Smith-Schuster WR/RB/TE- Derrick Henry QB/WR/RB/TE- Mitchell Trubisky bench- Eli McGuire, John Kelly, Robby Anderson, Jamaal Williams I have two empty spots as well. I might add Mike Williams and Chris Hogan. I used both Davis and Henry last week in the semi-finals. Before the Titans-Giants, I posted on the league board that me likely using Davis AND Henry was risky because I didn't expect the Titans to score more than 20 points. Cam Newton started for me in 12 of the 13 regular season weeks but I benched him last week for Trubisky. This not being a keeper league, Newton has since been cut.
  12. I don't even know what this is about. I stopped logging in months ago due to some corny thread titles here.