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  1. I was offered Le’veon Bell for David Johnson. I also have James Conner so I’m really thinking about taking it, as I’d have either Le’veon Or James Conner as my 1 at all times. My league is full ppr, and my other backs are Alex Collins, Rex Burkhead, Sony Michel and Cory Clement.
  2. The evidence is strong, the money was exchanged for sure. Team A had pick 3 originally, and Team B had the first pick. They basically traded draft spots so Team A picked at draft spot 1 every round essentially. It was a snake draft, so second round he picked at the back of the first, etc. They originally just said that Team B wanted Zeke so he was fine taking a later draft position. You aren’t allowed to pay to switch draft spots, but draft pick trading is allowed.
  3. My league is over and evidence of collusion was sent in. Basically a member of the league paid another member of the league $80 to switch all of their draft spots. The person that paid the $80 to switch draft spots won the league. My suggestion was putting all of the money towards next year, though the people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place understandably want their money. Any ideas on how to handle this?
  4. .5 PPR, 5 point bonus for 100+ yard games. I trade Kamara and Aaron Jones for Fournette. My team at RB: Bell, Kamara, Jones, Kelley, and David Johnson. Id be low on depth but Fournette seems very safe. I could also pick up Collins, Darkwa and some others off of waivers.