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  1. Peterson can you please line up on Lockett the 2nd half so Dk can catch some passes. TIA.
  2. Anybody gonna roll the dice and start him in a flex spot today? I have to with Crowder now out. Wonder how many touches can we realistically expect for him to get today.
  3. Would have been nice if they would have let that fumble stand for fantasy purposes.
  4. Eagles can't even get off the field against the lowly Giants.
  5. I think It's gonna be a long night for all who went with the Giants D. Bradberry giving DJax about 10 yds.
  6. Don't you think Washington will wreck havoc on that decimated Dallas O line and pressure Dalton to no end?
  7. I hope you're right. That's where I've got him as well. Starting the Giants D because that's all that's out there in my league but not expecting much from them. I think Philly rolls tonight.
  8. Just dropped TY Hilton for him. Never played Hilton anyway so worth a shot. Wondering if I should try to trade Metcalf now while I can get top dollar for him. If AB does get signed then you have to figure that would lower Metcalf's trade value.
  9. Dalton. Lol! How much is this guy stealing from Jerry.
  10. Pollard is incredible in pass protection but McCarthy knows what he’s doing by having him in there over Zeke. He might not be much of a better coach than Gase.
  11. Ok. Tackle him very hard while knocking the ball out of his hand.
  12. Are we sure Dalton is the best backup in the league. Drink and dunk. Overthrowing receivers.