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  1. Need some help. Trying to get back to back Championships. 1 pt ppr Rivers v tough Balt D Trubisky v SF Thanks for all the help this season.
  2. 1 pt ppr league Rivers or Trubisky-not sure which one yet Kamara, Chubb Hilton--hopefully-if not then Lockett Tyreek the freak Hill Cooks Uzomah Robby Anderson-flex Butker Chicago D
  3. Thinking about Trubisky but I would hate to make a move like that and have Rivers on my bench outscore Trubisky and cost me the Championship. I do however have a good feeling about Trubisky against the SanFran pass D. Anyone on here like Trubisky on Sunday?
  4. Going for back to back Championships in my 1 pt ppr league QB/ Rivers v Balt-tough D or pick up Allen v NE? I think Allen can run and pass on NE. Can Rivers pass against Balt tough D? Possibly no KA this week RB/ Kamara & Chubb-set here WR/ Tyreek/Cooks/Hilton-set here TE/ Uzomah-think I’m gonna stick with him. Cinncy doesn’t have much left to throw to and they might be chasing pts all day. But could pick up Watson v weak against TE pass D Pitt or Thomas/Car or Jarwin Dallas v TB. Not sure what to do about TE Flex/ Robby Anderson/Tyler Lockett/DJ Moore/Justin Jackson/Kenneth Dixon. Not sure who to go with here. Have Anderson in right now. K/ have Butker in right now but Lutz is out there. Do I go get Lutz instead? D/ Been Chicago all season for me but don’t like them this week. Picked up Miami. Hope I’m not getting too cute.
  5. I'm in on Miami as well. Sitting the Bears D down this week. I get pts for pts against, sacks, int's, fumble recoveries, defensive TD's. Miami plays good D at home. Chicago flying out west. Missing Jackson and Callahan. Miami still playing hard to make the playoffs. Jax in collapse mode. Lenny maybe sitting this game out.
  6. My bad. I won't pile on. But it is cringe worthy watching him throw the ball hurt or not.
  7. Peyton has lost his mind with this play calling.