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  1. I dropped the Saints for the Rams. Was holding the Jets but when they shat the bed vs Miami I dumped them. Might pick them back up after this week for the stretch run. But I can live with the Rams this weekend against the Bears who actually don’t turn the ball over much but can’t score.
  2. Dede Westbrook if he can stay healthy. I like him more than Chark and Conley going forward with Foles.
  3. Should have picked up Slayton instead. Two targets today. Not watching. Pitt D that tough?
  4. The thought the Saints were a good pickup for the rest of the season but they didn't show anything today.
  5. Is the Jets o line just pure garbage? He's got nothing on the ground.
  6. Not involved as much as he used to. Looking more for old man Renfrow now.
  7. Should have sold high. He's just another average TE now with little upside.
  8. Not setting up to be a Waller night so far. Oakland will want to run run and run some more now.
  9. Hey Cobb got his number called again too bad it's been for all the wrong reasons tonight. I can't believe GB ever got rid of this guy.
  10. What exactly does Cob bring to the Cowboys?
  11. I hate that every damn player begs and pleads for a flag after every play too.
  12. Refs continue to ruin the game week in and week out. Sad.
  13. They won't be able to get it in the end zone though