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  1. Any one giving any consideration to Jon Hilliman RB or the NY Giants, he's been promoted from the practice squad after Sheppard was put on IR.
  2. 12 Team Snake draft standard scoring 3 keeper league - I draft from the 1.02 spot but I had traded away my 1st and 3rd and received an extra 4th and 7th. QB - Mahomes (Keeper) RB - N. Chubb (Keeper) RB - Duke Johnson WR- K. Allen WR- D. Westbrook TE - H. Henry (Keeper) Flex - E. Sanders K - W. Lutz DST - Cleveland
  3. 8-2 in my home league. Just made 2 trades in a 12 team standard 3 keeper league, the pleyers I moved Bell(Keeper Value), P. Barber, S Watkins, A Peterson, 1st rnd pick, 3 rnd pick and got back Julio Jones, Marc Ingram, Jordan Howard, Phillip Lindsay and a 4th and 7th. My team now looks mathcup proof and has a good playoff schudule QB - Mahomes, Rivers, Jackson RB - Hunt, Chubb, Ingram, Howard, Lindsay WR - Jones, Allen, Cooks, Sutton TE - Gronk, Howard
  4. I'm the same as 2484 drafted Mahomes and Rivers, Rivers week 1 then rolled Mahomes the rest but this week Ill be going back to Rivers for this week. The delemma is do I keep Rivers on the roster after this week in a 12 team leage.
  5. Morning Sigs, looking to get an expert opinion on my semi match. In standard scoring pick 1 RB2 and 1 Flex. A Collins @ Cle J Williams @ Car S Perine vs Ari Ertz @ NYG My Rb1 is L Bell and my TE is Gronk, currently I'm leaning toward Collins as my Rb2 and Williams in my flex, would you agree?
  6. Inman should have a good volume of targets going forward.
  7. Keep Kamara/Hill in either redraft or dynasty
  8. Good evening Sig, looking for some of our wisdom in a must win week. Currently I'm down 11 as he had Fitzgerald go and I need to start 1 wr and 1 flex out of the following K. Benjamin, Allen, Bryant, Doctson and R. Kelley. Also am I crazy for rolling with Goff vs Houston instead of Brady vs Denver, or I could also play Tyrod vs NO. Cheers
  9. Your new teams looks good especially at RB, however you really brought your WR's down to the bare bones with no frills. The way I see it you no longer have a WR1 instead a few WR2, however WR should be the easiest postion to remedy. I do like you future prospects in Trubisky, Engram, Breida and Doctson.
  10. I'm leaning to benching Allen, in favour of either Benjamin or Bryant. Reports are that Bryant will get the snaps and with Adam Jones out, Byrant has the chance to have a day.
  11. Hey Sig, Std Scoring Assuming Murray plays pick 1 RB - D Murray (Q) or R Kelley Need 2 WR - A Theilen, K Allen (Q), Pryor, Benjamin, Bryant Much appreciated, Cheers!
  12. Rickyg, that's kind of what I'm I own pyror in my keeper league and he's been extremely disappointing. I was considering adding Doctson as one of them should pan out.