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  1. Right? 'Cause that would be completely insane and morally bankrupt.
  2. Not really. There hasn't been a new nuclear plant brought online for 20 years, which means the ones that it has, which were built primarily in the 1980s and early 90s, are now aging. The expected useful life of a nuclear power plant is 40 years. France is trying to scale back nuclear due to the environmental concerns. 14 of France's 58 reactors are scheduled to be decommissioned in the next 15 years, and guess what the problem is? They don't know what they're going to do with the waste.
  3. words have meaning. when you misuse them you just make it more difficult to understand what you're saying. I guess you're still referring to your lie about liberals creating the term "assault rifle" even though you've been proven wrong. this just makes you look even worse.
  4. pardon my ignorance, but what's an acceptance weapon?
  5. Bernie has a ton of money (something like $27 million cash on hand) and solid ongoing fundraising. He's not going to drop out even if he's in a distant third. He wants to get his message out.
  6. But with an incomprehensible mashup of lies, misstatements of law and flawed logic. It's kind of like a magic trick how he can do it with anything. SC> next, compare guns to an elephant!
  7. That's a whole different set of lobbyists. This is gun money we're talking about. Evangelical money is down the hall.
  8. This is not a valid argument: If gun manufacturing was not profitable, the manufacturers could not be forced to keep making and selling guns due to the second amendment. The fact that they are liable for illegal activities relating to their product has nothing to do with the right of citizens to bear arms. There is no constitutional decree that guns must be cheap and plentiful. Remington is being sued over illegal marketing practices, not product liability. It's sort of dumb for the NRA's lawyers to flat out lie to the court.
  9. Bloodlust or a real boner for the Code of Hammurabi.
  10. Depends on what state you're in and how you use it. Some states define certain weapons as deadly weapons per se in their respective criminal codes. In one state you may be committing a felony of assault with a deadly weapon. In another you may just be committing simple assault. Your unloaded gun example would be felony brandishing of a firearm in some states.
  11. Aggravated menacing, a felony, and reckless endangering in the first degree in his home state of Delaware.
  12. There aren't many reasons at all. Killing or wounding things, threatening to kill or wound things, and simulating killing and wounding things are just about it. I guess there is collecting, but that probably isn't a protected purpose under the Second Amendment.