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  1. It's going to take a while for SC to come up with 45 lies.
  2. These are verifiable facts, with source material: 1) States with the most gun laws have the fewest gun deaths. 2) States with stricter gun control laws have fewer deaths from gun-related violence. 3) More than half of mass shooters in the United States used what is conventionally considered an assault weapon and high-capacity magazines. 4) 25 of the 62 mass shootings in the United States since 1983 have happened since the Assault Weapons Ban was overturned in 2006. 5) More than three quarters of the guns used in the above-mentioned shootings were obtained legally. 6) Mass Shootings are becoming more frequent 7) Canada (which has less gun violence and more guns) has tighter gun control laws than The United States 😎 Australia, which also has tighter gun control laws than The Unites States, saw a significant reduction in gun-related killing sprees, homicides, and suicides upon enacting such legislation 9) Israel and Switzerland are NOT gun-toting utopias 10) The United States’ Second Amendment is NOT threatened by the United Nations Arms Treaty 11) Hitler and Stalin did NOT tighten gun control prior to their fascist regimes 12) The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms cannot inspect gun dealers more than once a year, request or require that they submit their inventory, or keep them from destroying records of background checks within 24 hours. Likewise, the ATF has no permanent director. A logical conclusion from this is that the ATF has been rendered incapable of preventing guns from being sold on the Black Market. 13) The National Rifle Association protects wife beaters’ gun rights. 14) The National Rifle Association supported gun control when the Black Panthers wanted to arm themselves. 15) Most people support gun control and oppose absolute banning of gun possession. 16) 90 percent of Americans and 74 percent of NRA members support criminal background checks before all gun buys. 17) Women are much more likely to be murdered if they own a gun, and there’s no clear evidence to suggest that gun ownership reduces a woman’s chances of being killed. 18) Countries that have more guns have more violent deaths; both in terms of homicide and suicide 19) Having less access to guns reduces suicide: 20) Background checks and waiting periods reduce gun suicides in those 55 years of age and older. 21) Gun suicides now outnumber gun homicides, and regulations (which some states already require) reduce gun suicide rates. 22) Having a gun in one’s house is more of a health risk than a health benefit. 23) The National Rifle Association specifically lobbied to curtail research into the health risks of gun possession. 24) America is not getting “more violent” 25) Gun control IS constitutional 26) The Founding Fathers DID support gun control; “infringement” did not mean “unlimited freedom of gun ownership". 27) Criminals WILL NOT easily find another way to get guns if we have gun control. 28) Chicago, despite having strict gun control laws, has a gun violence problem because guns come into the city from surrounding cities and states that have comparatively lax gun laws. 29) Criminals may "find another way" to murder people, but the fact gun murders happen more than five times as often as knife murders suggests that taking guns away from criminals would make murder much more difficult: 30) The majority of people who lie on background check forms are never prosecuted 31) Most of the guns coming across the border from Mexico originate in The United States 32) No armed revolution has ever succeeded without assistance from either their own armed forces or other another country's government. 33) Armed civilians are not necessary for a successful revolution against an authoritarian states, as the Baltic States, Bolivia, Chile, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Egypt, Georgia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Madagascar, The Philippines, Serbia, South Africa, Sudan, The Ukraine, and Tunisia have successfully waged non-violent revolutions. 34) There is sufficient reason to believe that accidental shootings involving children occur roughly twice as often as records indicate. 35) Because of maneuvering in Congress by the gun lobby and its allies, firearms have been exempted from regulation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission since its inception. 36) Fewer than 20 states have enacted laws to hold adults criminally liable if they fail to store guns safely, enabling children to access them. 37) There is insufficient evidence to suggest that mental illness is a nearly as significant a factor in gun violence as the gun lobby would have people believe. 38) The gun industry profits from people's paranoia 39) Otherwise unpremeditated murders, where people kill out of momentary rage, are the single most common type of gun homicide in America. 40) In many of the states that have lax gun laws, gun-related deaths outnumber traffic-related deaths. 41) The NRA deliberately provokes paranoid fear of gun confiscation to oppose universal background checks. 42) Thanks to the NRA's lobbying, it's actually illegal to have any national gun registry (which would help law enforcement trace the flow of illegal guns) 43) In fact, the NRA maintains its own, secretive national gun registry (it refuses to disclose how many names or what information is in it, or what it uses this information for) 44) The NRA has a vested financial interest in telling its members (who donate nearly $30,000,000 a year to it) what they want to hear and believe. 45) Gun Magazines deliberately cater to gun owners' paranoia and gun manufacturers' bottom lines.
  3. there is no value in anything you post. it might as well be fun proving you wrong over and over.
  4. you. you did. repeatedly. you claim that you can tell if someone is mentally ill by looking at them. why do you need to lie about everything? your posts are still there to read.
  5. You should be warned that you may experience some degree of lead poisoning, which may make you dumber and slightly insane.
  6. Go buy 4 or 5. They're cheap and easy to get. Once you buy one, you will not only be safe from crime, but able to tell just by looking at people whether they're mentally ill or dangerous.
  7. more guns make everything safer. they're magic. they can prevent bombs on planes, so who needs TSA?
  8. no merry go round. just clowns. 🤡🤡
  9. Biden, not Bernie. Facts still matter to some people.
  10. I suppose you could just break up your company into a bunch of affiliated corporations, none of which make over $100 million.
  11. half of women killed in gun homicides are killed by their current or former spouse or domestic partner. they're the problem, so we should focus on convicted domestic abusers and stalkers and restrict their access to guns, right? isn't that the focus on criminals that you keep claiming to support?