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  1. It would be 1000s but for packing heat in bear country. /John Lott
  2. Vancouver BC's Stanley Park is famous for its black squirrels and black rabbits.
  3. Learned today that the federal excise tax on guns is lower than the federal excise tax on tobacco, gas, cigarettes or airplane tickets. Seems like this should at least be brought into line, which would help close the gap to actually fund the background check laws we have in place.
  4. I was listening to a radio show on how some finnish people were having to take classes on small talk in order to do international business. apparently small talk just doesn't normally exist in their culture. I'd like that.
  5. More children were killed in mass shootings last year than deployed members of the US military. Agree that cops should be re-trained and re-equipped so that they are primarily relying on non-lethal methods.
  6. If I remember right, Trump didn't campaign in Washington and spent essentially no money here in 2016. Not really surprising that he has more donors at this stage than at the same point in the 2016 election. He has no hope of winning here, but certainly an incumbent president should be able to get some donors from just about anywhere. Looking at the list of donors in the article, it looks like about half are retired. I enjoyed this, which is no surprise from Seattle:
  7. SC> Would you agree that this guy should have his weapons confiscated and permanently lose his right to possess a firearm?
  8. Huh. I had no idea eight other states including California were still doing this.
  9. I'd go with "none of the above" and hope that they were looking for someone that understood how logic, language and analogies actually work.
  10. we did...until most people realized how wrong it was in the 30's.
  11. Eastbound and Down was pretty great. Vice Principals not so much.
  12. Seems like a good place to start.