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  1. No, just get to talk more smack to cos when he gets back from vacation. Astros suck.
  2. I had a fairly large mediation today. There was a million dollar swing in my favor, which translates to about $100k in my pocket. I’m happier about the Dodgers sweeping those cheating ##s
  3. Will someone please let cos in so I can gloat about the Dodgers sweeping his cheating trash team?
  4. Dodgers up 4-2 in the 13th. Because of the runner on second rule they pitched around the first batter and walked him. Should have just buried one in his rib cage.
  5. I’d also have someone warming up in the first just to freak them out.
  6. Exactly. Dodgers have some dude in A ball that throws 100. Have him plunk Correa, Springer or Bergman and get sent back down to serve out his suspension. He may never make the majors but he’ll be a Dodgers legend.
  7. Yeah Kelly was on the Red Sox in 2017. I don’t think he was throwing at anyone. He lost all control after the 2018 season. The pitch that almost hit Correa was an 80 mile an hour curve.
  8. I hope to see some high inside fastballs out of the Dodgers pitchers tonight.
  9. They have plexiglass dividers between tables. They’re about 5 feet high. No clue what they’re supposed to be accomplishing. Like I said, this place is a mess. But they have the best burgers around. we have a table in the corner that’s away from the main room. The main part is full.
  10. I’m in a bar in Tacoma (it’s actually a tavern) right now. They say they are going to go by the rules for restaurants, even though the order specifically shuts down taverns. They are enforcing masks, but operating at full capacity. It’s a mess.
  11. Smacks of effort. As a practical matter, it’s shutting down restaurants. That can’t afford to stay open under those conditions. The restaurants here that don’t have patio dining are already announcing they’re closing to everything but take-our.
  12. Washington’s order makes no sense. If you’re a restaurant that serves alcohol, you can have indoor dining for members of the same household. If you’re a bar that serves food you can’t have any indoor dining at all. What’s the difference?
  13. Yep. Order came out today, he called the department of health because it was confusing. They told him he is shut down.