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  1. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Now Mattison has a chance? And now Cook is going through his normal preparation? Ugh. I have to assume that with the lack of clarity on the situation, you would go with Ingram over Cook/Boone (PPR)? Unless we know Boone is the only one active before the Sunday games begin? DST- ATL vs JAX IND vs CAR NYJ vs PIT
  2. PLAYOFFS!?!?!? Best RB playoff bench stash PPR- please rank if you have the time good sir Laird Darwin RFreeman Richard Gio Gus Armstead Ware Boone Best week 15 DST stash- HOU at TEN TB at DET NYG vs MIA CAR vs SEA WAS vs PHI
  3. Happy holidays Bloom! If Ertz is out, start Goedert over MANdrews I assume? And then for flex, who sits between MANdrews, MSanders and Ekeler? Are we dropping Engram? Could pick up Lock or Campbell or stash a defense (Vikings, Packers, Chiefs, Texans available) for the playoffs. Would hate to see Engram blow up against me in those weak playoff matches vs Miami and Washington. TIA and good luck to you!
  4. Thanks again in advance! Still holding Breida in PPR or would you drop him for Mostert? Rivers or Foles as QB2 this week? DST DAL @ DET NYJ @ WAS WAS vs NYJ
  5. Thanks in advance for helping all of us scrubs! 😃 (Not really a week 10 question, hope that’s ok. If there’s a better venue for trade questions, I would be happy to oblige.) Dynasty trade question- 12 tm superflex PPR- Currently in 1st place start 2 RBs RBs are Barkley, Cook, Ingram, Gio, Darrell Williams I’ve been offered Mattison plus a mid round 2020 3rd for my 2020 1st. Having the plug and play handcuff for Cook would obviously be nice. ******HERE’S THE KICKER— we have a rookie flex slot where we MUST start a rookie. Losing my 1st makes it kinda tough to find a solid rookie (although I got pretty lucky by plucking Preston and Slayton off the wire this year.) What say you?
  6. Last night’s show was great! Thanks for doing that! 1. Superflex PPR pick 1 Tannehill Haskins Ingram Marvin 2. PPR - pick 1 TE and 2 flex MAndrews Engram Tate Singletary Mattison TIA!
  7. GOOD LUCK TODAY! 1. PPR Flex (please rank if possible) MVS DJ Moore Breida 2. PPR deep dynasty- Preston or Slayton (Shepard out, Slay out)? TIA
  8. BLOOM! PPR start 3WRs I have Beckham, Godwin and Moore all on byes 😩 Playing the other first place team so I need upside (although he got bupkis from Mahomes) Starting MVS, Tate and Slayton. Ugh. If MVS is out, would you drop him for a startable WR? Best available options are Pettis, Goodwin, Stills, Demaryius, Duke Williams and Kumerow. TIA!!!
  9. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEK! PPR Superflex- Hodges, Keenum (Xavien our) or Lockett (Greedy and Denzel out)? Same SF league- I want to pick up Higgins this morning but would have to drop Keenum or Hodges? Which if either would you drop? Also own Mahomes and Haskins. Your guess on the % chance that Hodges takes over the job from Rudolph? THANK YOU!
  10. BLOOM! Thanks so much for giving us your $.02 PPR - If you own MANdrews and Engram, which one are you trying to sell? PPR DYNASTY- please rank if possible, thank you Gio Mostert Walton Dexter Williams Pettis Auden Tate Kumerow Callaway Higgins TIA and GOOD LUCK THIS WEEK!
  11. SIG!!! Just want to take your temperature on the rookies and handcuffs again. PPR ROS - please rank the following: Breida MalcolmB Darrell Williams Mattison Prosise Pollard Also, PPR DYNASTY, Herndon or Dissly? If you can only keep one (backup to Kelce), which? THANK YOU!!!
  12. Sigaroni! 2QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/2FLEX PPR Roster in question— Lamar, Rivers, Mariota Chubb, Ekeler, Kerryon, Breida, Singletary, Malcolm Brown, Mattison Beckham, Godwin, Moore, MVS, AJGreen, Tate Engram, MANDREWS! Would you sell high on Engram or MAndrews for maybe a WR2 or start them both? Also, ROS, how do you feel about MVS and Moore? Will they maintain solid WR3 status throughout the year? Thinking of putting together a package to upgrade after they have a good game. Also, please rank the following ROS: DarwinT Rex Wilkins Mattison Breida Malcolm Brown Singletary THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR KICKING DOWN SOME KNOWLEDGE AND CONTINUING TO DO THIS
  13. BLOOM! PPR, rank these ROS bench/depth stashes por favor Mattison Hunt Henderson AJBrown Preston Higgins Boykin Tate Also, PPR would you trade Malcolm Brown for Melvin Gordon? Brown is my RB6 behind Chubb, Kerryon, Ekeler, Breida and Singletary. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE AND GOOD LUCK TO YOU THIS WEEK!!!
  14. Sorry, I was third in line but got called away and didn’t finish my post. Here it is again— YOU THE MAN SIG! Good luck with the move! PPR flex- please rank if possible DWilliams Pettis Fitzgerald Breida Corey Davis Kelly if Gurley sits (well now the report is that C.J. will play in front of Kelly) TIA
  15. YOU THE MAN SIG! Good luck with the move! PPR flex- please rank if possible DWilliams Pettis Fitzgerald Breida Corey Davis Kelly if Gurley sits TIA