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  1. Good write up on how the Bills landed their amazing safety duo.
  2. 24 pts. That is how many pts the D has allowed all year that aren’t off a turnover. Three games out of 5 the D gave up 0 pts unless it was off turnover.
  3. I am surprised more players don’t move from CFL to NFL. There are many players who just don’t have it at age 22, but let them play a few years and develop and they can make an impact on an NFL roster. It can basically be a development league.
  4. Bills finally went back to running outside. Weak call on the Allen but about the same as the call on Milano. The defender just fell over Allen and couldn’t stop, but when he slide you can’t touch him.
  5. No chance that was a hold on Milano
  6. I can understand missed calls. There is a lot going on. I hate the phantom calls. No excuse.
  7. Up against a top 3 defense in the league. Maybe #1
  8. If I had a son I would be pushing him this way. Hell, I might try to convince my daughters
  9. Any chance the Bills try for points here?