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  1. I have been stuck at home with my wife for four weeks 🤷‍♂️
  2. I am most worried about kids. Not only their mindset as they get exposed to all the news about this, but divorce, depression, financial stress and even suicide of their parents. If it was only comparing the effects of a shattered economy to the lives of 70+ year olds that would make for tough decisions. But we can’t let our health care system collapse and that will happen if we don’t stretch this virus out over several more months.
  3. We had two big things against us as far as reacting properly. 1. Most in North America don’t know much about how bad SARS was because it didn’t impact us here much. The Asian countries had a trial run and were willing and able to react more quickly. 2. Most didn’t know about flattening the curve back in Jan. Amazingly some still don’t.
  4. If you take out NY I don’t know if Canada is faring any better than the US considering population difference. Shocked Toronto has not been more hard hit yet.
  5. Trudeau’s wife got Covid two weeks ago. That kinda forced him to take this seriously and shut things down. Canada was doing nothing but went into high gear when that happened. To the benefit of all Canada.
  6. Never took the Xmas lights down, thinking of switching them back on. I need some positivity, we all do. Noticed on a walk today some driveways are filled with kids positive messages in chalk. That is a start, trying to think of what more I can do to help others while still sticking to home quarantine due to travel. Tried talking to some buddies, man, guys just do not know how to talk about emotions! Might be time to read something good or explore positivity online. Much better than reading more about covid.
  7. It is worse since I read the article. 712 cases. 10 dead. 105 still sick with 15 listed as serious. 1.4% with a chance of rising
  8. I read an article that the cruise ship was a decent sample to use for estimating death rate, since we knew the exact number who had it, everyone. You could factor down because more seniors were onboard, but factor up because everyone on-board was at least healthy enough to travel. I think it was around 1%. Very small sample size, but all the data is imperfect at this point.
  9. Genius doctor near Ottawa turns one respirator into nine.
  10. So how much food do people have stored up? I am at about 6 days “regular” groceries that I could stretch with things in my freezer if needed, family of four. Wife and I are on day 10 of self quarantine travelling from Maui, which had one confirmed case at their airport around the time I travelled. No symptoms. Friends have done small grocery runs for us, really wondering if I should wait until Sat to do a big shop, ask a friend to do it (they don’t want to be out either) or break quarantine and go straight there and straight back. edit: delivery slots for the local stores are booking out several weeks
  11. My two week booze supply had already had to be topped up twice and it isn’t looking good to last another 6 days.
  12. I am lucky my kids are older, 12 and 14. They are content to interact via technology with their friends. I would not feel comfortable sending my kid out to play with others.
  13. Day 8 of self quarantine following travel. It feels like 6 days from now when I can venture out, I am not going to want to. Even for groceries.
  14. XYL is a good pick for those looking for relative safety (in these crazy days) with upside. The world is going to need more water and wastewater infrastructure, they are well positioned to deliver on this need.