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  1. They all knew it gave them an edge or they wouldn’t have done it. “Hey guys, let’s do these illegal actions that gain us no benefit, and if uncovered will cause huge penalties to our team and manager, and soil all of our accomplishments. I know it doesn’t help us win, but imagine the lulz” Seems plausible...
  2. It is the worst when you reach the point that you don’t even get a buzz when you drink. I lived like that for years, drinking 4-5 times a week, 3-5 drinks each night (20 oz each so maybe this qualifies as more) After dropping 20 lbs and being more careful what I eat, I have enjoyed drinking a lot more. Often I will fast or eat very lightly on days I am drinking. After three drinks I have a better buzz than I used to get from three times that amount, and don’t feel the need to keep consuming.
  3. I need KC to beat Hou because if the Texans handle them I will be left contemplating how close the Bills could have been to hosting the AFC Championship.
  4. I am sure this ain’t happening, but if Houston handles KC I will be left thinking that Buffalo could have hosted the AFC championship game.
  5. The league will adapt and he will regress. See Mahomes. Doesn’t mean he won’t still be great and the Ravens will keep contending. But there are a few great young QBs in the AFC with similar potential. The Ravens wasted this opportunity.
  6. Another way to explain it. You are down three TDS and will need a 2 pointer on one of them. You don’t know if you will make it or not. Which TD do you want to try it on. The only correct answer is the first, because if you miss you still have a shot. If you wait for TD two or three and miss you are toast.
  7. The Bills put themselves in a situation where bad officiating could send them home, and it did. No shortage of blame, but I don’t blame Allen. Really wanted to see what they could do against the elite in AFC, but if they played like today it would just be a bad loss. Hoping Gore retires as it seems the coaches are too dumb not to use him.
  8. Bills deserve to lose. Maybe McDermott will figure out offense over the off season.
  9. If the Bills knew coming into the game 20 would win it they should have taken it. Now can they get there.