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  1. No gimme games in division. The defence started shaky but tightened up. The Jets were gifted a first and goal to get their TD. Moved the ball on offense. Need to cut out the penalties (cost a TD) and the fumble didn’t help either or it might have been a route.
  2. I feel for Hyde. He hit him right about where he caught the ball. Hyde has to make him drop the ball there. Bang bang
  3. I think that ties to the lack of crossing route success also. LBs and Ss are playing those first, thinking of the run a very distant second.
  4. I think where they are feeling the loss of Brown is no deep threat. Don’t think they went deep at all in the first half. When they have that to go to, they crushed teams weeks 1-4 with the underneath crossing routes. Without that threat I think teams are sitting on those routes. They also can’t use the four WR sets where they have a real mismatch against the D with four talented options.
  5. Don’t think I would have had the confidence to let Bass try that kick.
  6. Bills need a healthy John Brown. What a huge difference that makes.