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  1. Yes Derrick Henry. That’s what I was thinking too. Just seems like Wilson does well second half of the season but is up and down.
  2. Got offered Wilson and decker for Mariota and Henry. A little hesitant to give up Henry but I’m scared to rely on Mariota on a weekly basis my team ppr qb Mariota rb freeman rb martin wr hill wr hopkins te kelce flex tevin coleman bench hundley Henry Dion Lewis Martavis Bryant Corey Davis Should I go for it? Or stay pat
  3. Ppr league. Bennett vs Rams with gronk gone or Rudolph vs Dallas tonight? I also have Ladarius green if anyone thinks I should start him thanks whir
  4. Ppr league. My wr are Antonio brown, odb, woods. I use woods as my flex sometimes but have ware Freeman doug Martin gio Bernard tevin Coleman so I also use one of them as flex. So this is more of a stash. I picked up alshon as someone dropped him. Should I pick up Michael Floyd or royal over alshon or gio Bernard? thanks whir
  5. I'd drop shepherd
  6. Can't believe I'm asking this but cutler at Tampa bay or Brees vs Denver this week?
  7. Yea I originally offered with jordy in instead of kelvin and he countered that. Would that be worth doing?
  8. My roster qb luck rb booker rb forte wr odb wr tyrell Williams wr ty montgomery te kelce wr/te britt wr/rb/te riddick bench Hightower bibbs jj Nelson Perkins
  9. Do it. Don't need two stud qbs
  10. .5 pt ppr which side is better gurley kelvin benjamin lance Kendricks or forte tyrell williams kelce thanks whir
  11. the ware side by a lot
  12. not a bad problem to have. I'd go forte just because Cleveland
  13. Which side do you like more PPR league. WHIR
  14. It's close but you're selling Robinson at his lowest possible value. Tough call tho
  15. He also added McKinnon if that changes anything. I'd have to drop Ladarius green.