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  1. He's actually available in my league. How much FAAB would you put down on Williams?
  2. Someone is offering me Diggs for Ekler. Is Diggs a buy low candidate?
  3. I can't image anyone taking a chance on him now. Of course... I thought that after he was released by the Raiders so....
  4. I feel like if he did he play dude might have the game of his life. Just to show he's worth all the drama
  5. I was a small Draft (like 5 teams or something) and it was late so perhaps I wasn't paying attention the way I should have. I might give it another try
  6. I just did a $1 draft. Thank God that's all I did. That site SUCK! It literally had me pick Pat Mahomes with the 2nd pick in the draft. I think the site was messed up from the beginning. I was thinking about jump into the 3.5 million Draft but I don't like the dynamics of the site. Have fun everyone.
  7. Allen Robinson. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt since he was coming off an injury
  8. Lamar Jackson is going to give DC's nightmares this season. 18yrd TD... called back on an illegal block
  9. Considering that Marvin Lewis wasn't a fan of Ross, I'm hoping that he somehow turns it around.
  10. Im hoping that somehow he's moves up the depth chart.
  11. Anyone notice that the last 3-4 games in this seasons schedule are all division games for some teams (i.e. The Eagles) ? Is this something new or was it done last season? I recall week 17 always being a division game but never weeks 15 and 16. It also seems like the byes are more spread out. Week 12 has teams on byes. Also, how's does this effect the fantasy season? Are we still avoiding week 17 Championship games?
  12. ...I miss Ha Ha and care that the Bears picked him 😡
  14. Aaron Jones? Wait... are you telling me the Packers are a possibility? I would actually like that as a Packers fan