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  1. Considering that Marvin Lewis wasn't a fan of Ross, I'm hoping that he somehow turns it around.
  2. Im hoping that somehow he's moves up the depth chart.
  3. Anyone notice that the last 3-4 games in this seasons schedule are all division games for some teams (i.e. The Eagles) ? Is this something new or was it done last season? I recall week 17 always being a division game but never weeks 15 and 16. It also seems like the byes are more spread out. Week 12 has teams on byes. Also, how's does this effect the fantasy season? Are we still avoiding week 17 Championship games?
  4. ...I miss Ha Ha and care that the Bears picked him 😡
  6. Aaron Jones? Wait... are you telling me the Packers are a possibility? I would actually like that as a Packers fan
  7. The Foles signing officially brings end to the era of possibly the best garbage time fantasy to ever get drafted... Blake Bortles
  8. Rumor is Bell could also be a RAY-DA!😱
  9. As a Packers fan... the only way I see this happening is if 12 endorses AB. Packers don't have the history of signing the big name WR. Historically that money has always went to the defensive side of the ball.
  10. The League has to do something about the high tackling. I mean... I know its a tough thing to actually fix but most injuries to the lower body come from 250lb players hanging on the backs of 190lb WRs.
  11. I came in 2nd place in my league and should be receiving a payment. So far, I haven't heard anything from them and the final week of the season was week 16.
  12. What happened to the run game for both these teams?
  13. Is Callaway injured or something? Dude has done absolutely nothing!