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  1. Seems like he has. And I'm referring the fantasy points.
  2. agame2323

    Cleveland @ Tampa

    What happened to the run game for both these teams?
  3. agame2323

    Browns @ Raiders

    Is Callaway injured or something? Dude has done absolutely nothing!
  4. Nice win! I agree... his projections are on point
  5. agame2323

    College Football DFS is Back

    To my understanding, I live in PA and therefore can not take part in the fun, correct?
  6. Yup. I didn't think the 2019 1st was all that great. I think I'll continue to hold
  7. someone offered me 2019 1st round pick for him
  8. I have him and I've been turning down offers for the last 2 weeks. My team is in a rebuild and I'm wondering if I should move him. Thoughts?
  9. agame2323

    Titans Texans game thread

    How does your league score the fake punt play?
  10. agame2323

    MFL down for you

    ...happens every season during week one
  11. Did something happen to Reek?
  12. Suddenly my 2018 home page appears different. Like something happened with the font. Everything is bigger and out of order. Anyone else going though this?
  13. agame2323

    Do we have a Senior Bowl thread?

    I love Allen's movement in the pocket. But yes... he does hold onto the ball too long
  14. Be nice to see some comments in feedback from the game.
  15. Burkhead to score a TD. Stills go for 100yds or a TD. The Pats DST to pitch a shut out or get 2 -3 sacks and an INT.