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  1. Clancy's best book by far (in my opinion). Loved that story. Really really wanted it to be a movie but there is no chance they ever make it.
  2. Congrats. Many happy years to you and yours. The witness is excused.
  3. We Were Soldiers is in my top 5 Vietnam movies. So is Good Morning Vietnam.
  4. We have close to the same taste in movies. HAving said that...... .....Castaway sucked. Like really sucked.
  5. Yeah. Look we all know that American history/government/politcs - that type of stuff - is my good clean pron. It all insterests me. So this kind of show is right up my ally - and in that I don't really think that anything that has happened is unrealistic save the actual bomb. But I'm accepting the suspension of disbelief on that one. The military attack on the White House in Olympus Has Fallen was more realistic to me that being able to completely destroy the Capital building and everyone in it. But that is a minor quibble really. After that, how everyone is acting, I think, is about as close to kinda real as it would be.
  6. Ep 2 wrap: So they let it slip that he is a Democrat. Ok. Who cares. I enjoyed the Congresswoman and the potential for that with basically the highest ranking leaders of both parties working together but it seems from the final scene that she will be a thorn. When they dealt with the Michigan Governor my wife and I both said that he will be who runs against him for President in the next election, but maybe this Congresswoman does. It seems fairly easy writing for the anarchy general to team up with the Congresswoman so that could be interesting. The first meeting in the Oval Office was perfect in every way I thought. The topics that were being discussed were what I thought they would be and his reaction was, to me, very realistic if not weak. I hadn't thought about the population of Michigan being an issue but that was really good and seemed very realistic. Kal Penn's scene was a bit much but whatever. I still think before getting an actual cabinet he needs a Senate, and fast. I don't see what someone hasn't told him to get all 50 governor's to get their legislatures into special session to appoint 2 Senators. The deputy AG lawyer guys were funny. Still a lot of good here. Really really hoping that they do a little bit more of his kids and then they just fade into the background. The rest of this just massively interesting to me.
  7. Solid follow up. Still in. There are pieces of television brilliance here but also alot of potential pitfalls.
  8. Man I feel sorry for those guys that have Zeke in every league.
  9. Yup. Because I'm guessing a top 5 draft pick wasn't picked to...... score? I don't know.
  10. I'm ok with the General so far. The FBI scene tried to implicate that maybe it was an inside job somehow. Frankly it would be massively tough for a foreign power to hit the Capitol Building like that with such total destruction anyway. The security for the State of the Union is pretty ungodly, not to mention the basic security in the building itself. So the inside job aspect isn't so far fetched to me for a TV drama. But the General is very reason why I don't want the family drama. The interworkings of what happens in the situation room after something like this is drama enough. I'm actually surprised that it was just the General being the gung ho guy. CIA and FBI didn't seem to have a voice at the table, no one from National Security seemed to be there. And the whole point of the drama of the moment is that no one really does know who is in charge in the heat of the moment. But I know I'm the nerd in this potential group that would get a kick out of things like simply the manner in which he rebuilds the government. The Office of the President has the power to run the country for awhile without Congress if necessary. With an attack like that on the homefront, there is no constitutional block to declaring martial law immediately, suspending habeas corpus and putting the country in a state of war by insurrection. In that President 24 can pretty much do whatever he wants. Mobilize the full military on the homefront, federalize the national guard, and use the military to run the country for a time. But from there, what is the next step? I would assume the first thing he has to do is suspend trading the next day. The problem is that the SEC has to do that, and we have to assume that the commissioners were in the Capitol. If a majority of them are still alive, he would need to tell them to do it before the floors open. AT the same time he would need to call the German Chancellor, Prime Minister of Britain, Japan and France and beg them to do the same if they don't do it on their own. If there aren't any commissioners, he could argue it's a war measure and do it himself, and I doubt anyone would fight him too much, but that would have to happen. But where do you go from there. He can't operate in a vacuum indefinately and there needs to be a Congress. I would think that the easiest thing to do is get all 50 governors to immediately appoint 2 temporary Senators and seat a new Senate. That can be done in about a week. Once the Senate is seated, he would need to nominate an entire new Cabinet, especially a Secretary of Treasury and Seretary of Defense. Whoever is the highest ranking officer in the Attorney General's office would take temporary hold of that job. He could let the highest living member of Interior, Commerce and those types of agenies just get bumped up for the time being to focus on the big cabinet posts. From there, every state would have to hold special elections for the House. Which would be a cluster. I doubt he focuses on the Supreme Court at all anytime soon and he shouldn't. The most important government arms after this crisis would be the top 3 cabinet spots and a full Senate. I would think. And all of that is the interesting thing to me. None of it gets to other things that would have to be done like calling on NATO to active all military personnel in the world, requiring the UN to formally vote on measures to ensure as much stability in the world as possible until the US is running smooth again, and things like that. All of that is like 3 seasons worth of drama. I don't need angst teen drug dealer calling his dudes from the east wing looking for a score.
  11. Not terrible. I don't know if I could name 99 movies that I enjoyed more than On the Waterfront. All the King's Men would be much higher on my list. I know I will take flak for this but I never liked Streetcar. It's not bad, but I don't know, just didn't do anything for me. Winter Soldier would be much higher on my list. That movie captured everything that was good anf un about super hero movies and then did it within a pretty damn near perfect drama/action movie that felt realistic within its universe's rules. And Line of Fire was an awesome movie. You're right, Malcovich was awesome. I still laugh hysterically when he is sitting at the table talking about the Japanese looking to the future and Clint leans over the table. The look on Malcovich's face should have solidified an Academy Award is was so perfect.
  12. Which is just lazy writing. So his wife loves her job as an attorney which means she is not going to want to stop - so we will have the First Lady wanting to hold a real job and she will have problems as a result. And probably have a client or make an argument in court that makes her husband look bad. Yawn. The drug dealer teenage angst son. He will continue to try to live the life, probably get arrested or someone will try to blackmail the President or something. Yawn. The little girl who only wants to spend time with her dad. She will start to hate him because he never does anything with her anymore and his family life will all come crashing down around all of this. Yawn. They are already setting this up for the big 2 episode story about him finally choosing to run for re-election on his own and the torment his family will go through with it. Yawn. Just stick to how the government will operate in this mess, the dictatorial power he will have for some time, and the interfighting of the Executive branch and how the politics of the country would change while trying to seat an entire new government. That has enough drama. The family stuff is going to annoy me to no end if I'm even half right about the above. Overall though, I'm good. For now.
  13. Son drug dealer, really? Cmon. The main story is interesting enough. Why do that? I hate writers sometimes.
  14. If the speech scene is cool I predict 348 million Google search hits from people saying that they want him to be president in real life instead of Hillary or Trump.