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  1. So, the polling numbers are wrong because people are worried about a polling company random dialer being used to track people who answer a question in favor of Donald Trump (which i mean, seriously?) , but not so worried that they have signs and flags on their property where land records are public and can be searched online, and everyone on the planet has a phone that can take a picture of them at a rally. That's the sum total of your post? I mean, your conclusion may correct, but still. Seems a weird way to get there. Why are Trump supporters ashamed to say they are supporters you think? I don't see that much. Ashamed that they ate the entire dozen at Dunkin, I see that a lot these days. But I'm not bumping into many people unwilling to share their opinion on, well, anything.
  2. Finally had time to get to season 2. 3 episodes in. The only character I still really just have no interest in is Deep, but other than that, this is a really fun show. Bloody as all get out though. Like they are trying to impress Tarantino or something.
  3. I already did. By mail and everything. Super easy, barely an inconvenience.
  4. I'm not a conspiracy guy at all. I'd like to think that for once (IMHO) they simply made the safe and careful call. No matter anyone's opinion on this President, a sick, harmed, hurt or dying President of the United States is not a good thing. Ever.
  5. Or, in the new vernacular... this is really 2020'd.
  6. No trouble at all, barely an inconvenience.
  7. There is no line. The President has the duty to nominate and the Senate has a duty to hold hearings and advise and consent or reject.
  8. The Judiciary Act of 1869(1870?, something) sets the number of Justices. Another act of Congress can change it.
  9. I am getting really sick and tired of my tribe with all of this. Its maddening.