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  1. Good lord this season is going to be awesome. I hope. They've only been teasing us with this war for what now, 6 years?
  2. This is for another thread and not here...... but your important statement here is, "those suspected of crimes." I'd be willing to engage in a thread no one else will enjoy very much over whether or not the actions of terrorists should be considered crimes, or acts of war. Because in the acts of war sphere, the 5th Amendment doesn't necessarily become the bedrock principal.
  3. Jfc.
  4. Trollop is a word that seriously should be used a lot more.
  5. Did Snowball blow up the windmill yet?
  6. @Henry Ford Would you agree with me that since roughly 1998 you can make a pretty compelling argument that the American political system is going through its steroid era like baseball did from 1991 through 2010? Of course the performance enhancers I refer to are social media and 24 cable news and their talking head panels.
  7. Hmmm. I'm going to think this through. You might not like me by the end though...
  8. We're supposed to jump up and down? Otis already has me going to the gym and looking at potatoes like they are god's gift to me in another thread. I'm kinda all physical exercised out at the moment.
  9. What's in the box!?!?!