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  1. The Boxer has a very personal and emotional connection for me for reasons not important here so that will always be my number 1. But man. When Bridge Over Troubled Water is they did in Central Park...... that song is more than a song. Its a testament to the beauty we are capable of.
  2. I agree with CM for the most part and would look forward to getting the guys that you are speaking about (pushing back) in a courtroom when this is all over. Especially under New Jersey law.
  3. I either fully support or can easily be convinced to support all of this. I only erased like 3 of your things that I just can't, like ranked voting. I, too, have no party.
  4. I'm in NJ, so it would be a surprise if I didn't know anyone. We've lost one my of closest friends' father in law and about 3 or 4 family members of acquaintances we have. In my direct family, though, no one....yet.
  5. It should be more than criticized. He should be removed from office for it, and so should every Executive Branch officer who supported it.
  6. Some rumors floating around that Disney could find itself in hostel takeover range by Apple. That would suck.
  7. My oldest is starting to get annoyed that he can't go out with his friends, but he has been managing with Xbox and social media. Biggest issue with him is getting his school work done without clean lines of defining time and while I'm trying to stay on top of it, it's not easy in a first world problem sort of way. Youngest is doing her school work in 30-45 minute intervals with a lot of playtime in between so she is being managed well. Overall, my wife and I are really doing the teamwork thing well. We are making it a point to talk about the day and if something could have been handled different or better we are talking it through so we are ready the next time. I am going along with her 10 step quarantine procedure when I have to leave the house. I've had days where I took 5 showers because of having to leave the house multiple times just out of poor planning on my part or something happening with work that changed plans. This really is the time in a marriage where open communication about literally everything is vitally important. When she tells me she needs space or a break or whatever, I drop what I'm doing and make sure she gets it. I have scheduled an hour every day where I sit on my deck with a bottle and a cigar and just relax with music without anyone bothering me and she respects that and makes sure the kids do too. We are alternating who cooks dinner. Breakfast I do more often than not simply because I wake up first. Lunch is a free for all and we have the pantry and supplies set up for that so the kids don't ask for something, they just get it. If it has to be cooked, though, she does it for them. We are also making an effort to spend time together when they go to bed. A few nights ago we watched the Les Miserable 10th anniversary concert on YouTube because it's a shared thing we like and just enjoyed each other's company. And yes the bedroom is extremely important as well. We've certainly both fell victim to assuming something was said or done for a reason that wasn't true. It takes work for sure. But we trust each other, which is also vitally important. All I could offer for advice (as was mentioned above, and if meant seriously) is to really talk about everything. Literally, everything. This is a new dynamic in life and whether any of us admit it or not there is a level of fear, stress and uncertainty that is going to cloud every thought and action. We are meant to be the best of teammates. If you start from that premise it makes everything else easier - not easy, for sure. But easier.
  8. lmao. Not yet. But I have a motion hearing this week that might work out that way. I have a bankruptcy hearing next week where everyone involved including my client will be in separate locations. That should be.....awesome.
  9. Answered mine. No idea if I'm on the right track, but I giggled typing them.
  10. Finished Britania only to find out season 2 is not available. Well phooey. Probably wouldn't have watched it anyway.
  11. Eisenhower was on the dollar coin for a few years in the 70's. And I answered Alexander Hamilton - the guy that created our economy and its money. So, you know, I should get points.
  12. I'm a leader at my church and while I haven't advertised it at all (except a private conversation with @Joe Bryant ) I am part of a senior leadership team building a new church in a low income area. Alot of the business aspects of the new church are on my shoulders. This virus is going to kill our budget and hurt our plans considerably. We have been working for 3 weeks now revising and working though alternate plans. All that to say, any church that meets in person right now is failing the primary responsibility of church leadership, which is protect and serve the people of the church and the community. Church isn't a building and far too many people fail to grasp that.
  13. Caught this last night as well. I was pleasantly surprised by it.