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  1. No,just this season. Dropped HBO right before the season started this year.
  2. Great season from start to finish. Thank God Dany is going west. It's about time.
  3. Ian MacShane and The Hound? So in. Episode 7 is already awesome and the credits aren't done yet.
  4. True. Actually, I would support the endeavor if he forced every person who ever "starred" in a reality TV show to be the work crew and they filmed it.
  5. Up to episode 5 at the moment. The ring was in the center of a large circle of horse pressed grass that was obvious to the site. The bigger problem there, if you want to have one, is why wouldn't the great hunter tracker Dothraki see it, but it's a minor quibble. The jump off the wall was obviously successful because once a girl is raped in this world and a guy is castrated, they have special powers to survive such jumps. I would offer more proof, but this was the first rape/catrated joint jump I've seen in the show. Didn't get the battle of the basterds yet. Each episode is better than the last. I liked that learning Varys' little birds were children. That was cool. FrankenMountain is awesome. Dany killing the Dothraki leadership was a little lame but if it moves her story the way it should be moving I'm ok with it. The Iron Islands are just depressing. Reminds me of the Godzilla movie with Ferris Buehler. Enough rain and storms and all that stuff, thank you. Sansa is good, Littlefinger is awesome and lucky to be alive, Robyn Arryn needs to die soon, the Tower of Joy scenes were pretty good and I liked how history conitnues to be not quite what everyone thinks. And they had to put Sam and Gilly back in the story? We couldn't just let them go until the final battle in the final episode where he comes into the room all jedi mind trick like? That would have been better.
  6. My apologies. Because foreign governments always pay exactly what we tell them to or what they agree to. Just look at NATO.
  7. I'm all for a carve for the hot female ones. But the offdee scale would need some recalibration before I sign on fully.
  8. Well, tim disagrees but you are right. Yeah I took a shot at you tim. It's been awhile.
  9. We aren't building a wall along the Mexican border and if we tried the $25 billion is laughable. Try something closer to $250 billion just to creat the thing. It's amazing how people think that only the cost of the materials needs to be addressed. And that's even if the materials are actually at that cost. None of that takes into account the professional services that would be required to construct something that massive. A wall that size that has build once - in China. With slaves. Over several decades. Beyond that, the amount of concrete necessary would be about 4 times the amount needed for the Hoover Dam. In today's numbers the Hoover Dam cost about $1 billion to build. Of course, that is early 20th century numbers for things like food, materials, labor, union issues, security, and you know, it was built in one place, not along an entire international border. Or how about housing for the workers to build this wall? The influx of people into the areas where the wall is going to be built and the drain on the resources there. Or how about the private property it would have to go through? Eminent Domain? Of that much property? Or maybe just condemn it, or even better, declare a national state of emergency and consume the property without just compensation to the property owners. The lawsuits should be good. The delays for those lawsuits will be better. Even if he managed to start construction it isn't getting done during the first term. This also doesn't take into account maintenance and upkeep. The Hoover Dam, if it didn't make money itself by it's existence would cost millions of dollars to maintain - and you don't need armed guards and security centers on it unless you think that Section 7 really is there housing Megatron (which would be cool by the way). I haven't seen anything on the environmental front for the wall. Runoff, endangered species, light pollution and so on. Small things for most people but I've had client's construction jobs double in price because of such environmental issues. I could go on. It's not impossible to do, but let's knock off the charade that it would cost $25 billion and just..... work from there with no issues. Heck, the governmental pretzle twisting over what federal agency controls the thing would be long winded and expensive. Is it an Interior division? Homeland Security? Defense? Commerce? This stuff matters. We're gonna a build a wall might just be the dumbest thing an American citizen that is going to vote can actually say, think or type. And none of that gets into the actual political science of doing it. I'm all for a tighter border. I've oscillated back and forth between putting the Army on the border or something similar. I think tim and his immigration stance is nuts. But this isn't the answer. This is a pipe dream, wrapped in the cloth of stupidity and sold with the language of fraud. It makes him and his supporters look like political children unable to grasp basic concepts and unworthy of the title of American citizen. And it directs what could be real effort by the GOP and this candidate to actually work on real immigration policy that isn't some fabrication of red herring inspired nuttery that makes us look like fools as a collective political society. Christ this cycle is maddening. If he was saying to militarize the border I could maybe get behind that. If he was saying that he would increase border patrol 50 fold and enforce every immigration law written, I could maybe get behind that. If he was saying anything actually based in some sort of reality it would be nice. $25 billion. Unreal. Like the federal government, no matter who is the President, would ever come in under budget on anything this massive.
  10. I could probably think of a few things.
  11. And this is just one of those times where I just don't care about the people.
  12. Never understood the tax return thing. I wouldn't release mine to the public under any circumstances. We really focus on dumb stuff sometimes.