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  1. In. Does their NASCAR game not work in their app? I live in that app for other leagues but I'm not seeing nascar in it just the big 4.
  2. How sad is it that that isn't really that much of a far fetched joke? It's hyperbole and romance and lacking of any great depth of meaning, but for the first time in my life that I can truly remember, I am not very proud to be an American. I would be embarrassed to be in another country right now. No matter how much I disagreed with prior Presidents and elected representatives, I never felt that.
  3. Don't need too much dusting. One of them I think is still law. At least it was about 10 years ago.
  4. Whose idea was it to let this guy to talk Congress on Tuesday? Because whoever had that idea should be either promoted to Vice Chancellor of Uncomfortable Comedy over all the uncomfortable comedy in this country, or fired because it's such a stupid ****ing idea. Eh who knows, maybe he gives a really really good speech and sets a course of determined leadership that is the hallmark of the office that he holds. It's certainly possible. I mean, people liked Andrew Johnson once..... once.
  5. Do the Boathouse. I think you would love it. Pro tip. Boathouse for dinner. Jellyrolls for some nightlife. Perfect married date night.
  6. Yes, and Cinderella and Step mother. The stepmother will try to marry off the stepsister to the guys in the room, young ones too. Hidden secret. If you have a daughter get there early before it opens. Have her dress up as Cinderella. The cast members choose one girl to open the place by saying bippity boppity boo by the door. And when she says it the door flies open and Cinderella is there to escorts her helper to their royal table. If you have a young son have him bring a ring pop and propose to one of the sisters with it. It's hysterical.
  7. Is this the origin of the blue dot? In terms of marketing that is.
  8. I realized in FO3 that once I start a game a certain way I usually mentally trap myself in that plan. With the different possible endings I'm ok starting a new one every so often to experience the world in a new way.
  9. I think the universe is out to kill me. Another health issue combined with a draconian trial schedule has obliterated my best laid plans. And while I am strong enough to overcome these issues, the wife has a health issue that is making this all impossible. Good news is we should both come out fine. Bad news is I have no chance of coming close to be in the running for this, if I ever was.
  10. 1900 Olivia's Liberty Tree Askurshus
  11. Which ones?
  12. Yes, this is not a game that someone with ADD can play. So many things pop up while you are going from A to B that you will never make it to B if you allow yourself down the wrong road. I was trying to do something last night.... Abernathy raider thing I think, and I ended up getting hooked into at least 5 more quest options as a result. My possible quest options is huge. Best part of that though was in the process of going to one of the settlements I walked into yet another place I had never been before - Super Mutant infested Junk yard. 5 greenskins, one legendary, most with big guns, heck of a fight. No idea why I never saw this place before because I could see the glowing light of the settlement that I had been too hundreds of times before in the distance. So I clear them all out and head to my destination - new settlement that I hadn't gotten to in this game yet. Guy tells me that they have a super mutant problem and asks me to help. So what pops up on my options to say, "Oh those guys, yeah I killed them already." Nice. Completed a mission without even knowing it. I'm thinking at some point I'm going to just have to break down and use Google to open up this map because it's clear I haven't experienced this game at all yet - and I haven't even given thought to the DLC's yet.
  13. That's my wife. Wake her up before her 8 hours and she will kill you with anything sharp in her presence, except when she has to be awake at 3:30 am to start the dining reservations.
  14. Yeah, I already need to go back. All the dining option talk is making me think..... what would be my top 10 places. 10. Garden Grill - usually not a favorite of many, but it's one of our staples. Mainly because of the location and the setting with the slow moving floor. Characters are usually our main characters to visit with. Nothing outwardly special about the place food wise but it's just solid. If we have been to Disney 50 times we've eaten there 40ish. 9. The Boathouse in Disney Springs. Another one moving up our list. Awesome menu. Great setup. 8. Olivia's - the main restaurant in Old Key West. We love that place. Love. Go there even when we don't stay in our home resort. The pot roast is perfect. 7. ** the old Liberty Tree Tavern. Loved that place for simple solid American food and characters. Characters are gone so we haven't made it a priority to go back there. But we (I) would abuse that menu. 6. Askurhus - or however they spell it. For breakfast. That potato cheese thing they serve you with unlimited sausage and bacon will make any gastroenterologist scream. 5. Whispering Canyon. Another solid family style eat everything you can and then more type of place. Love asking for Ketchup. And straws. And napkins. 4. Hoop Dee Do Review - listen, if you get solid food, unlimited in amount, that consists of beer, fried chicken, ribs and all the fixins'.... well, that's just America right there. Haven't been in a few trips because of scheduling and it's been closed for updates. Hopefully the menu hasn't changed. It will be on the list in our fall trip. 3. 1900 Park Fair. This is gaining on our family list of places but it won't ever pass the two below. The food is always very very good and the Strawberry soup is amazingly good. Could put it on a shoe and be satisfied. The entertainment is solid as well. 2. Le'Cellier. Our favorite steakhouse on the east coast - being in Disney helps. Funny thing is that for all the dozens of times I've been there, I've only ever gotten the filet, so for all I know the rest of the menu sucks. But I doubt it. Whiskey flight, warm bread basket, filet, two Molson's with dinner, and whiskey shot coffee with the maple syrup creme' brulee' for dessert. It's almost the perfect meal. 1. O'hana. Yes I understand the idea of a Brazilian type steakhouse is overrated in some respects. But this place is just perfect. The finger foods before the skewers are better than the main dishes, and the dessert is top notch. This list might change on a minute by minute basis. And I am thinking that I might need to do some more field research.
  15. Neither first nor second. I never really went to the southeast part of the map and explored. I wrongly assumed that it was fairly empty like the nuclear crater on the west side. Like I said, learning something new almost every playthrough. So far the new stuff to me has been getting the signed baseball stuff for the baseball guy in the market - awesome history of baseball from that guy - the entire Quincy area (correct, never went there before) and now the Atom Cats. Not to mention a few other places that are near settlements that I have no explanation why I never went there, just a chosen route to walk thing.