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  1. Finally finished this. I love this show and every part of it. The end of episode 9 should have been a fine ending for me.
  2. Same. Now try being a church leader and dealing with this. I have a heavy bag in my house I punch a lot.
  3. You should. I try to be as consistent as I can be. It's hard. Granted I agree without almost none of the time, but I respect an adherence to an underlying honor code, for lack of a better term.
  4. Not for nothing, but the primary system isn't exactly a constitutional mandate. It's political parties using taxpayer money/time/airwaves etc. to help fund their own decision making process in an effort to make it look like they don't "smoke cigars in the back room and play with people's lives." It's show. It's always been show. Bloomberg is the opposite end of the system that designed Iowa and New Hampshire to be the initial arbiters of who is the front runner to be President of the United States. The whole thing is silly in that way.
  5. I'll give you credit; you are a consistent anarchist.
  6. We, you and I, need to grab a nice aged scotch, good cigar and wax poetic about what we thought we knew. Maybe invite @Henry Ford to see if can drink him under the table just for the fun of it.
  7. You really go out of your way to make definitive statements as if they are writ large. It's interesting. You're only stating your opinion but it comes off probably slightly askew. I do it too, though less lately. Some of the posts in this forum the past few months would make a sober me tell someone to do something anatomically impossible. But then Joe would have to yell at me...... anyway.....
  8. Yeah, but that was because Henry Clay didn't get his ring kissed like he wanted.
  9. Finally getting to sit down and watch..... .....and.....yeah, bourbon.
  10. I lost way too much money on the over. Ugh.
  11. The amount of masks at LAX was significantly higher than earlier in the week. I feel bad for airline employees with this stuff. They are basically fish in a barrel.
  12. Rise of the Resistance is the best theme park ride I've ever been on. Second place isn't close. The total immersion of that ride and the experience it tries to have you enjoy is beyond remarkable. And Disneyland is really cool.
  13. Ok Disneyland... let's see what you got.
  14. Your Senator is a [word that would get me in trouble with @Maurile Tremblay ]