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  1. Nah, if more of us (and I was for a very long time) willing to write/post/argue like my good ifriend @rockaction we'd probably have better arguments. At least, more entertaining arguments. The need the throw a grenade and duck and laugh is funny once. After a few years of the same, my ears hurt.
  2. Guilty is an overused word. We are all culpable. But we aren't all criminals or catholic.
  3. So, I'm drinking tonight. Because it's Monday. And that's all I have to say 'bout that.
  4. You are literally preaching to the choir. I wrote a 40,000 word essay on the presidents here a few years ago. Frankly, the art of communication and the lyrical usage of language is lost these days. Words mean things, arguments are healthy, disagreements are necessary and being an adult throughout it all and being ale to decipher stupidity from righteous disagreement is a talent lost, hopefully not for history, in this time.
  5. You do use a crap ton of big words you know.
  6. A Quiet Place was really good. Mad at myself for not seeing it in theater. Mortal Engines was awful. In just about every way.
  7. My family was there. I had to fly back for work.
  8. If I took the day off and wanted to reminisce my childhood I could recreate the Soprano's opening credits.
  9. Rock's good people. Some of you need to lighten up a little. Unless he said something that I missed that I would find offensive in which case I reserve the right to use really big words and long run on sentences, like this one, to castigate him and extend and revise my remarks above, herein. I don't find much offensive though. Barbara Streisand, Red Sox fans, scooters at Disney, Ketchup on steak, this idiot we have in the same office as Abraham Lincoln. Oh, and people with no sense of humor.
  10. Watching Geostorm again. Nothing on really. 4 vodkas in. Dont at me. This should have been a good movie. All the cast is perfect for a solid but forgettable action movie. The secret service chick is ........ awesome feels not enough. Love her. Domino from Deadpool 2 was fun as hell here. It lined up for a good 2 hours of popcorn and things blowing up. But they literally screwed up almost everything.
  11. I didn't hate H8 when I saw it I just didn't like it and felt it was a long form masturbation writ large for QT. It is getting to be painful to watch it again. Like, I can't do it for more than a few minutes because I know where everything is going and the "great dialogue" just isn't to me. I could watch M7 over and over still to this day. It's just a great picture into the movie industry of the time, what made leading men in the time.... and it's fun. I think that is the problem with H8; it's not fun. Kill Bill was fun in many parts. Pulp and RD were non stop awesome for me. Most of his movies are fun or at least just great interactions with the characters that I just don't feel here, and I know on some level that isn't fair because this was a really good cast. There is just too much QT and not enough movie if that makes sense. I don't know. If I have to watch this movie until the end I'm going to end up hating it almost as much as Castaway.