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  1. Yeah, a great steak obliterates pizza 8 days a week.
  2. 4 is the clear winner here
  3. Bite me. Still, next year should be (I hope) entertaining as hell with all the new "kids."
  4. Yeah, being self employed is a kick in the groin at the moment with these costs, but that is the cost of doing business. I guess. But still.... ouch.
  5. Fell asleep in the 8th, but great baseball game. These teams are fun to watch. I remember when my team was fun to watch........
  6. It makes no sense for him to basically threaten her if she is, unless he can't control all of them. My shot in the dark is that the maze isn't really a maze but the final part of his partners pyramid. He didn't die, he convinced Hopkins that they could make humanity better by making them all bots and the guests are slowly being replaced by more advanced bots by the partner somewhere in the park and MIB is going to stumble on to that.
  7. If anything, I'm leaning towards everyone is a bot except the guests, Hopkins and the chick that reports to the board.