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  1. Please tell me this letter Jake Tapper put on twitter is a joke.
  2. I think you are confusing me with someone who thinks your "everything we've ever done is a war crime" position merits significant conversation. It doesn't to me. You don't see behind any curtain. I hate to break it to you. Yes war sucks. Innocent people die. And geopolitics is ugly. It would be great if we lived in a world where none of that stuff happened. None of that means that a constitutional system put in place by the framers is somehow a coup. Saying that or quoting it is infantile. Saying or quoting anyone that says this is the attempt to overturn an election has a political voice unworthy of being shared with the general polity.
  3. I'd bet a decent amount of money that exact conversation has happened in the Oval Office in the past 5 days.
  4. This is perfect classic FFA right here. I've giggled way too much at this. Way too much.
  5. I don't know. All of the subpoenas I've ever been served with all were formatted on the left margin.
  6. I've been reminded a lot lately about the truly remarkable foresight that James Madison and Alexander Hamilton had in the Federalist Papers, and George Washington had in his Farewell Address. Granted, they had their failures and faults, and left a pretty big problem in the Constitution that took a war to fix. But..... I just don't know what to say anymore. I really don't.
  7. Eh, I guess. Ignoring the subpoenas is a cause for impeachment itself given why they are being issued. I wouldn't even play the court game with the White House at this point.