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  1. I think whether or not a guy should draft Young in the last first depends on risk tolerance. Last year, Bosa went in the vicinity of AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel, Parris Campbell, and JJ Arcega-Whiteside. WR in the late first is boom/bust. Bosa had a high likelihood of hitting.
  2. Thanks for putting in this work, Tigers. Good board. I'm always happy to glean more takes this time of year. RE Delpit: I see him as deep and slot - not much of an IDP asset. Did you contemplate S Jeremy Chinn of Southern Illinois? 6'-3" 22o lbs. Thanks again!
  3. Fascinating how radically different they are from Norton's. Several players 30 places apart in the two lists.
  4. Roughly even split between right and left. He played strong side so Suggs could play week side. When Suggs was cut, Jones moved weak side, and Reddick platooned with the immortal Cassius Marsh on the strong side. Laughably big hole there, hence Devon kennard.
  5. Casey rolls into an Akiem Hicks role. Could be ok if he gets enough snaps, which i doubt. Yeah, Quinn is 💀 unless you're in a big-play scoring format.
  6. A few thoughts: Rams and Chiefs are definitely drafting ILBs. They can't afford to sign anyone. Ram Micah Kiser is a deep stash. Calais Campbell: I can't remember the last time the Ravens had am IDP-relevant DE. That said, they won't just have him fatten up and two-gap. As a general rule, I don't try to trade anyone 29+ years old at this time of year. Gotta wait 'til late October if you can't use him. De'Vondre Campbell: He slots in next to Hicks. Cards gave up on the ILB Reddick experiment late last year. Reddick will back up Chandler Jones on the weakside edge, where he played at Temple. Kennard strongside. I'm not worried that Campbell will cut into Hicks. I don't think Campbell's very good, which makes me sad. Such a great background story. Crazy idea: What if DC Vance Joseph took a page from Belichick's playbook and used Campbell and Reddick interchangeably on the field? Useless for IDP but fascinating to watch. (If you're sick like me. 😀) I'm not excited about any of the safety landing spots. After Eric Reid got cut, I have a funny feeling (as a Panthers fan) that the pick at 7 is Isaiah Simmons. I think he could get a 'S' tag and rival Jamal Adams as the most valuable DB in fantasy. (It's the sickness.)
  7. Here's what I got thru Tue for #FFIDP. Where am I wrong? Who did I miss? Kyle Van Noy, OLB - NE to MIA 📉 Shaq Lawson, DE - BUF to MIA 📈 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE - KC to MIA 🤔 Byron Jones, CB - DAL to MIA 📈 Mario Addison, DE - CAR to BUF 💀 Quinton Jefferson, DT to DE - SEA to BUF 😐 Vernon Butler, DT - CAR to BUF 😞 Calais Campbell, DE (to IDL in true position leagues) - JAX to BAL 📉 (OK in true position leagues) Michael Brockers, DE (already IDL) - LAR to BAL 😐 DJ Reader, DT - HOU to CIN 📈😃 Trae Waynes, CB - MIN to CIN 😐 Joe Schobert, LB - CLE to JAX 😅 (Holds LB1 value for me.) Darqueze Dennard, CB - CIN to JAX 😐 DeFo Buckner, DT - SF to IND 😐 (I can live with it.) Carl Nassib, DE - TB to LV 😕 (seems bad, but the money! I worry for Ferrell.) Maliek Collins, DT - DAL to LV 🤷‍♂️ (but... Rod Marinelli is taking Collins with him. Can't ignore it. Hurt for Hurst.) Cory Littleton, LB - LAR to LV 😅 (holds value... right?) Nick Kwiatkoski, LB - CHI to LV 📈 (not 🚀, but at least he's a starter) Blake Martinez, LB - GB to NYG 📉 Javon Hargrave, NT - PIT to PHI 📈🚀😍💘 (gimme, gimme, gimme!) Thomas Davis, LB - LAC to WAS 🙄 (Wouldn't be nice if we could get SOMETHING out of Washington at LB?) Jamie Collins, OLB - NE to DET 📉 Christian Kirksey, LB - CLE to GB 💀->📈->🌟 Jordan Phillips, DT - BUF to ARI 😬 (interesting, but 3-4 DE risk) Why? Just why? Eric Murray, S - CLE to HOU; Vic Beasley, DE to OLB - ATL to TEN; James Bradberry, CB - CAR to NYG (Does Gettleman know that Graham wants to run man coverage? smh) u
  8. Kyle Bellefeuil is a newer IDP writer at Here are his DL ranks: I'll have mine up at DFF in a couple days. Enjoy!
  9. I'm working on my ranks now. How crazy would I be to leave Blake Martinez and Joe schobert out of my overall top 50 IDPs for fear they don't land full-time gigs in free agency?
  10. I have a hard time seeing Shaq handle the additional traffic in the middle for run defense. If Phil Snow does get the job, I like Shaq's fit in the other off-ball LB role in Snow's defense. I'd expect him to hold LB2/LB3 value going forward.
  11. As best I can tell, Eric Weddle could be cut because the Rams are in salary-cap purgatory. Rapp's emergence might have made Weddle expendable anyway. He could even retire. Iirc, reports surfaced that he considered retiring after parting ways with the Ravens. Weddle did, however, call defensive plays in some games for the Rams, so he's not without value to the defense. That said, my best guess is that Weddle's gone and that Johnson and Rapp play alternate playing deep. That would limit the fantasy ceiling of both players. It's possible the new DC shows a preference to keep one closer to the LOS than the other, but which? I'd guess Rapp if forced. The scheme still probably makes one irrelevant. I'd want to move off both this off-season if I could. Seem like sell-highs to me. Thoughts?
  12. For rookies? Scouting profiles, really. I like the write-ups Lance Zierlein and company put on Then, at the combine in February, prospects will be grouped by position (in broad groups tho). As long as your rookie draft is after the NFL draft, you can safely wait until May to see their position. Just gotta know the scheme of the team that drafts them. Caveat there is that MFL (Fantasy Sharks) neglected to update a bunch of rookies after the draft. They were left with their combine position designation, I guess. Most of them favorable for fantasy purposes. They stand to be corrected this offseason tho. That'll be an unpleasant surprise for IDP gamers.
  13. Also this RE: 'Skins' D-Line:
  14. I'm digging into this. The SOLB (Sweat) and WOLB (Kerrigan or Young) become SDE and WDE simply enough. Three IDL positions go down to two. 😬
  15. He's given up 16 receptions and 2 TDs on 18 targets in 101 coverage snaps. No passes defensed. That's 14 tackle opportunities right there. He has a PFF grade of 27.9. I write all of this because I haven't watched the Jags since he started playing, so I can't say for myself whether he's any good or not. But it sure doesn't sound like it. Myles Jack will be back next year. Telvin Smith might come back in 2020 now that Tom Coughlin's gone. I'd rather add a DL prospect than hold Payne into the offseason.