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  1. Yeah, this is really the only forum I visit. On those rare occasions I've stopped by the Shark Pool, it seems like most of the threads are just people arguing over whether x, y, and z players are good at football or not.
  2. It's not limited to niche websites, either. Here's content from CBS that had no business being published:
  3., which feeds depth charts to Sleeper, has Chase Young at WLB, grouped with SD Hamilton and J Harvey-Clemons. I can't understand why someone that bad at making depth charts would want to be in that business.
  4. My guess is that the starting D Line in base is LEO - Josh Allen, undertackle - Taven Bryan, nose - Al Woods, SDE - Rodney Gunter, SLB - K Chaisson. (Assumption - Ngakoue gets moved.) I think they should try Allen at SLB and play Chaisson at LEO. I think SLB will be largely an edge role this year (think Bruce Irvin in Seattle). Schobert and Jack are all the stacked LBs they'll need. Ronnie Harrison can step forward from time to time. As for ESPN, maybe the RDE tag is due to their adoption of true positions? I'd guess Chaisson remains an 'LB' on MFL this year because lots of rookies carried a tag inconsistent with their scheme last year simply due to inaction by Fantasy Sharks. Then in 2021, who knows? I don't think the current coaching staff has good odds of making it through the 2020 season.
  5. tripp

    Rookie positions?

    Sounds like Tick had it right from the jump: Queen at MLB, Harrison at WILB. Harbaugh does suggest they'd be somewhat interchangeable tho. I can't help but think back to Peanut Onwuasor last year. He moved from WILB to MLB and wilted. Ravens signed Josh Bynes to play MLB. My sense was that Bynes held up better at the point of attack with a guard climbing for him while Peanut needed to play behind the 3T. So I'm a bit surprised the Ravens don't start with Harrison at MLB in base. I'd expect him to come off the field quite a bit since the Ravens have relied so much on Dime the last two years, but I've also read that Harrison "will play a lot." What do y'all think? Have you read anything more in depth on Ravens LBs? Will they show far fewer Dime looks in 2020? Are you completely comfortable with Queen in the middle?
  6. As of 2019, MFL's position designations are no longer firmly routed in whether a team plays 3-4 or 4-3 base. Prior to 2019, Rotoworld depth charts fed MFL position designations. That's how they did it. Starting in 2019, Fantasy Sharks took over from Rotoworld. Fantasy Sharks claim they won't necessarily allow base sets to define position designations and would look at players in subpackages as well. (Keep in mind there are well over 1,000 defenders on NFL rosters in August.) The result has been numerous players across multiple teams who play pretty much the same role with different position designations on MFL. Most of these were due to inaction - Day 3 rookies, lower level vets who changed teams, but especially scheme changes. They've all but admitted they're befuddled by hybrids. They seem snowed by misinformation from NFL teams. This post is getting long now, so I'll stop. Philly, I'd tell you to keep up with depth charts at At least you'll be aware of position designation changes a few days before they arrive on MFL.
  7. This is precisely why it's important to go to true positions. No one's sure enough to list them definitively. But I'll try: 3-4: AZ, TB, CHI, BAL, PIT, GB Hybrid leaning 3-4: LAR (? New DC with no experience coordinating an NFL D), DET, NYG, NE, MIA, TEN, DEN Hybrid leaning 4-3: CAR (New DC with no experience coordinating an NFL D), NO, DAL, NYJ, JAX, HOU, CIN, CLE (? new DC) 4-3: SEA, SF, ATL, MIN (altho Zimmer has hired Tom Capers for some reason...), PHI, WAS, BUF, IND, KC, LAC, LVR Wide open to revisions from the group...
  8. I ran across this bit earlier this morning about the Steelers' ILB situation. Worth a read (unlike a lot of junk that comes out this time of year):
  9. I read something quoting Tomlin that they didn't want to put to much on Bush's plate. I agree with your take, MAC, that Barron is gone and hasn't been replaced. Next man up behind Bush is Ulysees Gilbert III, their 6th round pick last year. Vince Williams played 404 snaps last season across 14 games. He's the one coming off in dime. It's hard to envision a scenario in which Bush doesn't play 90+% of snaps this year.
  10. Like on Bramel's big board, I have Logan Wilson ahead of Gay. You should be able to get him in the latter half of the 3rd. Or look for Jordyn Brooks in the 4th. Despite his Rd1 draft position, folks are sleeping on him. All the bad info out there is a double-edged sword in IDP. Take advantage here. I see some IDP writers stating they think Brooks will take over for Mychal Kendricks at SLB. Word out of Seattle is that Brooks will succeed KJ Wright at WLB. They're saying KJW will move over to SLB. I'd be surprised if they don't cut KJW and start Cody Barton at SLB. The only hesitation I have is how nickel snaps will be distributed between Brooks and Barton. Brooks is worth a shot in the 4th tho. Another guy with mixed reactions is Malik Harrison. The Ravens could deploy two FT LBs. They haven't in years tho. For that reason, I'm inclined to agree with Bramel's take that Harrison is a late-round dart throw. But if that's wrong, Harrison could be very productive next to Queen. I reckon that's why MAC has him in the 3rd. I'd start looking for Harrison in the late 4th if I wanted an LB there. After that, you're looking at JAGs in good spots, developmental types, or position-flexible players: Phillips, Davis-Gaither, Taylor, Walker, Baun, Uche, Muse
  11. Depends on starting line-up requirements for me, RockAction. If I have to start 3 LBs but only 1 RB, then I like Murray there (in part because I remain high on Aaron Jones and low on Dillon), but if you gotta start 2 RBs, then you need to consider RB there to insulate yourself at the scarcer position. In a vacuum, 25 feels about right to me for Murray.
  12. Thanks for sharing, Mac. Good board. There's just too much offensive talent to justify taking IDPs where we'd usually expect based on historical draft patterns. The only 2 rookie safeties I'd reasonably expect to land in any draft are Chinn and Dugger. As for the rest of them, well, I'm in a start-up right now with 70 teams (14-team format with 5 copies of each player) and 80 offseason roster spots. Malcolm Jenkins is virtually free. Perennial top-15 IDP safety. The odds that a safety in this class is as good are slim. I'd rather invest the picks elsewhere.
  13. Goodell announced Chaisson as a linebacker on draft night, so that might explain's take. Who do y'all think will play the strong-side edge outside the big end (Gunter?) between Chaisson , Allen, and Ngakoue? Jacksonville showed some 3-4 looks last year to get Ngakoue, Allen, and Campbell on the field together. Among players they've added this offseason are Rodney Gunter and Cassius Marsh from Arizona's 3-4. They still have Lerentee McCray, who played for Rex Ryan in Buffalo. And just today, they've signed OLB Aaron Lynch formerly of the Bears. So yeah, this is what the speculation looks like. 🤪 Beat writers are consistently beating this down. I can't help myself but to watch closely, tho, after what happened in Atlanta and Charlotte last year. At any rate, I'd expect few base sets with 3 stacked LBs. Todd Wash had to install those to get Jack, Poz, and Telvin on the field together years ago. He'll adjust now to get Ngakoue, Allen, and Chaisson on the field together as much as possible. That doesn't mean it's a 3-4, but it seems to me one of these three has to play outside on the strong side in the 4-3 under, perhaps in rotation with incumbent Leon Jacobs. Does that mean one should carry an LB tag for FFB purposes? Just one more argument for true positions in FFB imo. I'm wide open to your thoughts and rebuttals. Where have I gone astray?
  14. A few interesting points. Rookie EDG Greenard was changed to reflect 3-4 but rookie IDL Blacklock was not. A long time to go tho. Both candidates to open 2020 as Jacksonville's starting nose tackle are changed to DE. They both started at NT last season, one in Seattle. Makes no sense to me at all. Neither are fantasy-relevant tho. Fantasy Sharks seems to believe that a primary slot defender is a CORNERback by definition. That should mean that CJ Gardner-Johnson will be changed to CB. Nice little cheat code for CB-required leagues. Goodell announced Jabari Zuniga as a DE. The Jets play multiple fronts. (I was so surprised by this change that I rewatched the Jets' last game. It was vs. the Bills in the rain. Lots of base D. More 3-4 sets than I expected, but still plenty of 4-3. If Fantasy Sharks believe that a DE who stands up is by definition an OLB, then the majority of their sets were 3-4. Fantasy Sharks' interpretation of the Jets D as 3-4 triggers the change to Quinnen Williams, of course. Outstanding question then: What about all the deep-league options? Are rosters going to be left hacked up like last year? (E.g., Kyle Phillips currently DE. Foley Fatukasi currently DT.) Ryan Anderson remains at LB for now. Makes sense. Could get a look at SLB. Thoughts?
  15. tripp

    Rookie positions?

    I'm expecting that as well. It's still questionable. Clowney was switche d to DE last year because the Texans are primarily a 4-3 team. But Jake Martin, playing clowney's role (albeit in fewer snaps), has already been switched to LB on MFL. It'd be wonderful if Fantasy Sharks would take a comprehensive approach rather than cherry-pick a few like Clowney and Donald.