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  1. tripp

    Box Safeties

    Gents, there's some clarity and a point of interest in Seattle now. McDougald played more snaps in the box than deep for the first time this season. Perhaps coaches are trusting Quandre Diggs in that single-high role, enabling them to play the SS forward more often. McDougald has been productive in those circumstances. 9 or 10 tackles in the wild-card-round game against Dallas, last time we saw it. No Marquise Blair at all. 😔 I can't quit him in dynasty tho! 🤩
  2. tripp

    Box Safeties

    I think you nailed it, inyoutees. The Ravens can save all of that $7M by cutting Jefferson. I'd guess they do that and let the cheap guy play. Needless to say he's auditioning for the job and is doing ok so far. For fantasy, I wouldn't pay much for him. It's been a long time since a Ravens safety was more than an S2. I don't have him in any 16-teamers. I wish I had him in my 20-teamer tho. I just lost Morgan Burnett! 😥
  3. tripp

    Box Safeties

    Khari Willis, welcome to the club! With everybody (kinda) healthy, Hooker played almost exclusively deep. Willis lining up all over, lots in the box. Geathers...🚲🌲
  4. Somehow Bosa looked like the least effective starting D-end last night. Chargers OTs helped with that, but still befuddling.
  5. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes, guys! I'll keep popping in.
  6. tripp

    Box Safeties

    Just trying to think thru it, I'd be surprised if Diggs didn't play full-time as free safety. I remember over the offseason, McDougald stated publicly he didn't want to play free. Carroll offered nothing more than backhanded praise for Thompson, saying he didn't F up as much as Hill. (Well, in so many words.) Then Hill got a crack at the job one week. Face plant. Reporters asked Carroll about Blair playing free in August. "Definitely not ready." He could be now, but then why trade? Taylor's playing OK in the slot, Diggs's other fit in the lineup. I would imagine that Blair's played well enough to keep a part-time role. 2/3 of snaps? That should eat into Kendricks's workload, as well as Taylor's. If Diggs proves his worth playing deep, I suppose Seattle could go back to more Cover-1 looks, but given how hard it's been for other players to build that trust with coaches, I wouldn't bet on it. Ultimately, I don't see anything actionable for us here. I'm keeping Blair on my taxi squad. McDougald hasn't been useful this year and only would be if he saw more time playing forward, like last year. But it looks like Blair is better suited for that through a handful of games.
  7. These are all good calls. A couple I'd add are DT Christian Wilkins. He could easily have been dropped in the first half of the season, esp. after he punched a Bill and got himself ejected. Also ILB James Burgess. He has experience with Gregg Williams from their days in Cleveland. Copeland could move back to edge full-time, allowing Burgess and Hewitt to play full-time off the ball. Williams typically keeps two ILBs on the field. It just so happens that I JUST caught on with another website, I mean literally in the past week. I'll be writing the IDP waiver wire column to start. I'll try to give options for leagues of most sizes. (My deepest is 20 teams, 60-man rosters. Prolly not digging quite that deep for the column, but for 14- and 16-teamers? You bet.) I won't post a link to the website here, because I don't think it would be cool to drive traffic out of If you're interested, you can look me up on Twitter @DynastyTripp. You're feedback would be welcome. I respect and appreciate the opinions and perspectives of guys in this forum.
  8. tripp

    Box Safeties

    Yeah, "LAC" means Los Angeles Clippers to me. And current Chargers/Rams feels a lot like 1980s Clippers/Lakers. The Chargers are the stepbrother sleeping on the couch in LA.
  9. tripp

    Box Safeties

    Classic high-low relationship between Weddle and Rapp these past two weeks. Yeah, Rapp is the one to roster here.
  10. tripp

    Box Safeties

    Clark is generally playing closer to the line of scrimmage, similar to what Tony Jefferson had been doing. Onwuasor and Bynes aren't exactly lights out in front of him. Worth noting that Anthony Levine continues as the dime linebacker. So yeah, worth a pick-up, but don't expect Shawn Williams-like numbers. His role is more varied than Williams's.
  11. tripp

    Box Safeties

    Yeah, the coaches lied to us! Said Rapp wouldn't play full time! 😆 Weddle played almost exclusively deep, whereas his and Johnson's roles had been more interchangeable. Makes sense not to trust a rookie with too much deep responsibility. And Marqui Christian? Meh. So, yeah, Weddle's IDP value takes a hit.
  12. Looks like Nate Gerry's the latest flash in the pan, huh? 7 solos, 4 assists. Lots of them well downfield. 😜 Feels like the churn has been fast and furious this year compared to the last couple.
  13. tripp

    2019 3-Down LBs

    Hurts a bit, I think. Keep in mind some of Hewitt's fantasy points came from sacks. But New England has been playing a lot of snaps on offense, so still ok as a LB3 for me if you're thin at the position.
  14. Caught us sleeping on the forum, @Bracie Smathers! I picked him up and started him in a Sleeper league. Turns out there was a player card for Alexander Johnson and AJ Johnson. I had the latter. Sleeper realized it late in the week, pulled the plug on my player card, and renamed it "D. Player (Duplicate Player)." I got Sleeper to fix this after the fact or I'd have lost my matchup. So, lots of folks, including Sleeper, sleeping on AJ/Alexander Johnson!
  15. tripp

    Box Safeties

    They've rolled out mostly nickel and dime since Burfict got suspended. Joyner is mostly a slot defender in Oakland. They didn't get steamrolled in London, as might have been expected, so it remains to be seen if they have a third LB they'd rely on alongside Whitehead and Morrow.