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  1. So if the tests are being used for severe cases only, the mortality rate should be lower than what is being reported. Assuming the severe cases are what eventually leads to death. Is this simple reasoning flawed? I don't know what to believe anymore.
  2. Haven't been following the entire list so the song may have already been mentioned...hearing the English Beat which would branch off to General Public...Tenderness. That song just has that new wave feel to me. Curious if it made the list.
  3. If going to MK, take an Uber to Contemporary resort. Get out and take the short walk to MK. No need to get dropped off to the ticket and transportation center. Waste of time. An extra step that is not necessary.
  4. Going in to the Superbowl with Mahomes, Hill, Watkins, Kelce and Jimmy G, Sanders, Samuel, Kittle. I know I have no shot of winning, but might have an outside chance to get $30. I am not going to go through all the entries and see how mine stack up. I would need KC to have a similar outcome with Hill/Watkins blowing up like they did this week to finish in the money. I have been doing this contest for years and this is the first year I was able to predict the Superbowl teams. A unique year with low entries and with teams absolutely loaded for the big game, but not worth getting upset about. The prizes are nice, but nothing to get worked up over. I have been enjoying the contributions of this thread the past 3 weeks.
  5. Not much of a runner, but pop into this thread every once in a while. My daughters are runners with a focus on oldest is a freshman who runs xc and outdoor. Her longest race is a 5k, so she isn't training for a 10k/half. Was curious what kind of advice you would give a young female distance runner. I have done a bit of reading and provide some guidance during the offseason. My oldest runs about 30-35 mpw and mixes in an occasional long run and some controlled repeats at tempo pace. Hill sprints and some short track sprints just to keep a little sharpness before her competitive seasons. Curious about training with heart rate...I know its been mentioned in this thread. Any thoughts, advice, etc would be appreciated.
  6. After scrolling through calcomatic for about 15 minutes i realized I have no shot at the big prize (assuming my 2 teams win this weekend). My 8 SF/KC isn't going to cut it. I contemplated squeezing in another player or 2 for my superbowl matchup, but ultimately decided to roster Deandre Hopkins instead to secure more points. Unfortunately there are a few teams who wouldn't have made it under a normal 1st round cut, but are locked and loaded. I kind of figured that would happen when news broke that there were only 3k entries. For me to finish anywhere near the top 10, I would need E.Sanders and Tyreke to each have 25+ in the superbowl. At first glance, at least one of those 2 seem to be missing from some the KC/SF heavy teams.
  7. I have 4 SF guys (jimmy, deebo, sanders, and kittle) and 4 KC guys (Mahomes, Hill, Watkins and Kelce) to go along with G.Joseph and Scantling this weekend. Hopefully those six scores will advance me. Not sure if 8 total KC/SF players will be enough to win it if they advance to the Superbowl.
  8. Does anyone have a link to the query for this contest (if there is one)?
  9. I get 2 chiefs and 2 49ers this week with Hopkins, Valdes-Scantling and Tennessee Kicker. I need Hopkins to have a big game. If he can grab me 20+ I feel pretty good about advancing. Tough to know what the cut will look like with the NO players not counting.
  10. I do remember the conversation in the playoff contest thread going back a few years (5+) was whether or not to punt the first week when entries barely cleared 4000. Looking at the trends though, that risk was not worth taking. Talk all about daily email reminders, new years day, low traffic in the daily forum...I don't think anyone would have predicted 3k entries. It does stink for those of us who spent some time strategizing, but in reality the contest is free and the prizes are not life changing. I scored 67 points this week so I probably would have been bounced in a "normal" year.
  11. Sometimes we can caught up in the number of players to roster for the superbowl. I struggle with how many I should have....8,9,10? I currently have 8 for my SB matchup. Sometimes the bigger the number is not always better. You could roster several lower priced KC guys (Watkins/Hardman/etc) or spend that amount on Kelce.
  12. Both of my superbowl teams are on bye this week...10 total players. I went with 4 players this weekend. A qb/te combo and a qb/wr combo. I am hoping for around 80 points. If both of those wildcard teams get beat this weekend, I have no chance with only 4 counting next week. If one team advances, I have a chance if my superbowl teams put up big points next week. If all 4 of my players advance this week, I feel confident to make the cut the following week with 8 players counting. Probably not the best strategy, but that is what I am going with. I could spread out the players over more than 2 teams this weekend, but will leave me exposed the following week. Avoiding all Saints players and hoping they only score around 24-27 this weekend. If they drop 45 I imagine the cutline will probably be above what I am predicting.
  13. Any of you guys deal with nutsedge? Looking for the best way to get rid of it when it shows up this summer. I was pulling it out a little at a time last summer...I read that pulling it out with the root isn't the best thing to do. Any help appreciated.
  14. So I have to ask about this beet juice stuff. I did a little reading on it several months ago. The article I read involved cyclists. A couple of questions for you running guys who are taking it... 1. How much are you taking? 2. How soon before a race (week, days, hours?) 3. Will this stuff help for a 5K? Any personal experience with this stuff would be appreciated.
  15. Any of you guys using any of the sites listed previously? Seems like there a bunch of these secure tab sites that change names. Are any worth using?