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  1. Any of you guys deal with nutsedge? Looking for the best way to get rid of it when it shows up this summer. I was pulling it out a little at a time last summer...I read that pulling it out with the root isn't the best thing to do. Any help appreciated.
  2. So I have to ask about this beet juice stuff. I did a little reading on it several months ago. The article I read involved cyclists. A couple of questions for you running guys who are taking it... 1. How much are you taking? 2. How soon before a race (week, days, hours?) 3. Will this stuff help for a 5K? Any personal experience with this stuff would be appreciated.
  3. Any of you guys using any of the sites listed previously? Seems like there a bunch of these secure tab sites that change names. Are any worth using?
  4. I went with a Falcons(8) and Steelers(6) superbowl for a total of 14 players in hopes of maybe winning it if I those 2 teams make it that far and I somehow advance along the way. No Antonio though, so that could hurt me down the road if he puts up a monster game. I have 4 coming from those 2 teams this weekend with Dede, Oshaughnessy, Dion Lewis, and Josh Hill scoring as well. Not sure if it will be enough. I approach this contest the same every year...try to pick two teams who aren't the consensus picks to go to the big game and load up on those teams. I try to sprinkle in some other players who might advance an extra game and take my chances. Definitely need a few breaks along the way. My hope for advancing this week is for the NE/Ten and NO/Minny games not to be shootouts. If those games end up in the 50's for total scoring I will most likely be done.
  5. Thanks Bob for all these great links. Curious if you have any links for Obscured by favorite lesser known album. I am assuming there is no concert footage of any tracks off this album because it was a soundtrack.
  6. If you are drafting today before any news breaks, what round would you take him?
  7. This thread would be a whole lot better if there were some gay footballguys to help us understand why gays want to get married. Tax breaks, validation of being gay, hell i don't know.
  8. I'm against gay marriage as a Catholic, but I am confused why some feel it is a slap in the face to their values. As long as gay marriages do not find their way into Catholic churches, what more harm can it cause. Our society has pretty much gone to crap with abortions, pornagraphy, etc anyway. This is just one more sin that is being exposed to the masses. Homosexuals will eventually have their day of judgement, if you believe in that. If you are a homosexual or a homosexual that is married, you are still sinning. I think the church is concerned that the sacrament of marriage is not being respected, and rightfully so. The best thing Catholics/Christians can do for homosexuals is pray, not throw stones at them because they want to get married. They are going to need all the prayers they can get one day.