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  1. bizkliz

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Same boat. Sucks for Eifert. Baring a true miracle, looking like I’m rolling with Rudolph, Clay and the Mike Gieseki for the remainder.
  2. bizkliz

    Week 4 Injury thread

    Eifert. Looked bad. Being carted off.
  3. bizkliz

    J Howard for K Allen

    12 team ppr RB: Gurley, McCoy, Howard, Connor, Ekeler WR: Cole, Crabtree, Edelman, Jordy
  4. It was absolutely sarcasm.
  5. bizkliz

    Return of the Mack...Marlon Mack, RB, Indy

    Here’s my contribution to this thread. Pondering whether to dump Ekeler for Mack?
  6. bizkliz

    Are we trusting Olsen

    Ive convinced myself of the same exact thing. Currently have Olsen slotted in over Doyle. For now. His movement in pregame warm-ups will be a big determining factor in my decision. Silver lining that they’re both 1:00 games.
  7. bizkliz

    Greg Olsen traded to CAR for 3rd RD pick

    Same ppr dilemma. Likely rolling with VD myself. Catch the fever!
  8. bizkliz

    2017 FBG Subscriber Contest is LIVE

    Dwayne Allen getting his name in the boxscore
  9. bizkliz

    2017 FBG Subscriber Contest is LIVE

    Sitting at 137.95 with McCaffrey and Gronk both -4.7 & -3.5 In Goff we trust.
  10. bizkliz

    2017 FBG Subscriber Contest is LIVE

    Goff and Wentz trying to make up for the loss of Watson. Liked my team way more before EOB on Thursday. Good luck to all.
  11. bizkliz

    2017 FBG Subscriber Contest is LIVE

    Swapping in Watson for Savage has easily saved my season. However, the week 9 bye week still looms.
  12. bizkliz

    Phenoms going under

    I know for certain his brother, Dan Zangrilli from 93.7 the Fan, is a local sports media type here in Pittsburgh. Possibly useful if looking for a family-ish pic to confirm his identity.
  13. bizkliz

    2017 FBG Subscriber Contest is LIVE

    Sitting at 150.05 with Wright -8.7 heading into MNF. D.Watson showing up again with 36.15 is carrying my squad.
  14. bizkliz

    Official Christian McCaffrey Thread

    Mccaffrey does still play for the Panthers, correct? Maybe my box score hasn't refreshed yet
  15. Chargers final TE snap count: Hunter Henry 41, Antonio Gates 40, Sean McGrath 3. Routes run: Gates 31, Henry 14, McGrath 3. Out of 73 and 47 Definitely not the Olsen replacement I had in mind.