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  1. bizkliz

    Elijah McGuire

    Guess it worked?
  2. bizkliz

    Elijah McGuire

    Elijah raising the dead
  3. bizkliz

    Elijah McGuire

    I’m just hoping he is relegated to the bench for the remainder of the game due to the fumble. Cant afford a negative out of my RB2.
  4. bizkliz

    Elijah McGuire

    Solid start
  5. This is pretty incredible to watch and listen to.
  6. bizkliz

    What do you need on MNF?

    Need Diggs to score less than 23.4 PPR, no bonus. Probably 60/40 in my favor right now. I’m going to be a walking panic attack all day.
  7. bizkliz

    I’m starting DJ moore over....

    Courtland Sutton - ppr
  8. bizkliz

    PPR flex - Ekeler, McCoy, Ito - pick 1

    Considered the Ivory angle. Should equate to a few more catches. Thanks for the input
  9. bizkliz

    Flex help.....please pick 1

    I’d avoid Ross under all circumstances until we see how he’s moving. agree with other poster that Kerryon is the best bet. He’s definitely going to tote the rock, whereas New Orleans has so many mouths to feed imo to feel comfy with Smith.
  10. Need a win and need a flex. Ppr scoring, no bonus. Not feeling great about Shady with Barkley at the helm, so likely choosing between my handcuffs. Leaning Ekeler at this point feeling a possible blowout vs Oakland and he gets some late run.
  11. bizkliz

    Crabtree worth a pick up?

    As a season-long Crabtree owner, I can assure you the frustration is there. Id add him just to see if the Ravens get their act together, but if they remove Flacco, all bets are off. Id still say he has better upside than Amendola though (I prefer Kirk of the two)
  12. bizkliz

    Conner/Chubb or Gurley (WHIR)

    It’s Gurley Theres great probability that Gurley alone outscores (or comes close to outscoring) Connor/Chubb during most weeks.
  13. bizkliz

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Going to need a minor miracle. 13.15 below the cutline per calcomatic. S Barkley -5.9 C Ridley -4.4 Ride or die. Best of luck to all.
  14. bizkliz

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Same boat. Sucks for Eifert. Baring a true miracle, looking like I’m rolling with Rudolph, Clay and the Mike Gieseki for the remainder.