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  1. 12-team ppr, 20-man rosters 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 2 flex, 1 k, 1 def Team a (8-0) received: Michael Thomas, jax def Team b (rebuild) received: juju, 2018 1st round pick from team a, bills def
  2. Another issue I've seen with PP is tanking through roster construction. For example, a team fills their roster with basically one position (WR) and punts on fielding a competitive roster at every other position. PP is awful
  3. Does this fit what everyone is seeing thus far? QBs: Way down compared to preseason consensus. The "big 3" have been huge disappointments and are being surpassed by Jackson, Mayfield, etc RB: awesome, deep group with a potential 1.01 overall in Barkley WR: lacking high-end elite talent but solid depth TE: Not many 1st or 2nd round talents to speak of
  4. Agholor looks like the Eagles' most dynamic/explosive playmaker. If confidence and mental issues were his problems, this string of solid production will be extremely beneficial for him
  5. Annoying how this guy was the model of consistency in college, yet the day he turns pro has a lingering hamstring problem. #### happens though. Fingers crossed for no setbacks and we can enjoy this guy's talent
  6. Williams is clearly failing as a pass catcher, but excelling as a blocker on the outside. And blocking is what teams really value in their #2 WRs /s Butler not playing more is a failure of the Cowboys' coaching staff
  7. One way for Fuller to increase targets is for Hopkins' impossibly/unsustainable target share to decrease
  8. It's pretty obvious at this point Murray is bad, right? He barely cracked 4 ypc last year with a top 3 offensive line in Oakland. He was/is a touchdown dependent between the tackles grinder. McKinnon doesn't have quite the 3-down skillset that Cook does, but the talent gap between McKinnon and Murray is so large it would be a mistake not to use McKinnon in that role I think.
  9. Keep in mind, McKinnon is the most athletic rb in the league. Last year was completely lost for Minnesota rb's due to an injury-plagued offensive line, so I think it would be a mistake to extrapolate last year's stats to this season. Looking forward, if used in a similar way to Dalvin (which is a bit of a stretch given Murray got the start last night. Murray is awful though and any touch he receives over McKinnon is a missed opportunity), we can expect similar production to what Dalvin gave us through 4 weeks.
  10. Thankfully Treadwell was drafted young, because he seems to be more of a long-term hold. Unfortunate for him, he's behind the best WR duo in the league and neither of them are close to past their primes
  11. Yeah I agree his "value" is a bit higher than what I received. But over the offseason and first 4 weeks I received 0 offers in a league that is fairly active in terms of trades. And it was obvious Gronk didn't fit my window (or lack thereof)
  12. I meant that the 2018 1st round pick is from a very good team (top 4 contender). So it's likely a late 1st
  13. 12-team PPR dynasty: I traded him away for a late 2018 1st round pick, chris godwin, and jonnu Smith My team is terrible and Gronk is by far my best player, so holding this year and next made little to no sense for my squad. I shopped him for ~1 week to every owner where it made sense to and this was the best trade I could swing. Seems like I got ~70% value for him
  14. 12 team PPR, deep rosters Team A (contender) received: Gronk Team B (bad roster, rebuilding) received: Chris Godwin, Jonnu Smith, 2018 1st round pick (from likely top 4 team)