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  1. These are two different things. The offense doesn't have to be "the same" in order for Rivers to like to throw to a quality tight end. We literally have nine years of Rivers targeting one tight end 90-plus times.
  2. Agree on the secondary and lack of reps. Id love to watch this and again but as far as Trubisky, there were a handful of really nice throws stepping into the pocket in the first half. He didn’t have that same confidence in the second half and scrambled too often. Needs to keep developing rapport with Burton and Anthony Miller. We saw him find Miller on one key third down. I think the talent is there with Trubisky.
  3. If this is "dropping logic," I'll pass. Signing Allen Robinson and Trey Burton and drafting a talented middle linebacker. Anthony Miller has some buzz. Pace has had some big whiffs. This year seems like he executed a halfway decent plan.
  4. I don’t get that take at all. There’s not much money tied up anywhere aside from Mack. It’s exactly what they should do while the offense is stocked for reasonable salaries for the next few years.
  5. So Diggs missed weeks 14, 15 and 16. So Diggs averaged 6.0 targets in a four-game period (8.5 targets through his 14 games with Bradford) and Thielen 7.4 since week 11. The only trend I see is Bradford proving he trusts both guys, which helps them both.
  6. Read thoroughly. I said IF he had them off to a strong start. Either is an upgrade for Hopkins, my only concern.
  7. It's too bad he didn't play at a power 5 conference program. Could have had 200 yards rushing easily and wouldn't have fumbled.
  8. Why is he a health concern? He had 700 some touches at Stanford and missed one career game.
  9. I do think that's a possibility. The Pats change. If you see them as a team that uses a specialty guy in certain weeks, then BB knows that other teams are strategizing for that and Burkhead could help him counter a wide range of defensive gameplans.
  10. You're right but if this was widely known going into training camps or just a couple weeks ago, he could have been drafted a couple rounds later. And in deeper formats (or those with 3 WR starters), he's a starter and Ginn's a possible starter as well.
  11. It is a good breakdown of Edelman's importance, but he didn't even mention Burkhead. He could be - and is based on BB's comments - the most versatile of these running backs with solid power and ability as a receiver.
  12. Why couldn't they just announce this a month ago?! WTF
  13. He's been a top 15 ppr back despite sharing touches the last two years. I'm comfortable calling that a trend and love having him as part of my top 3 RB rotation.
  14. Sure but the difference between the lower end power 5 programs and the upper end MAC/Mountain West/AAC programs is not as enormous as many think it is.