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  1. It would have to be 3 tacos to make any sense at all.🌮🌮🌮
  2. I was thinking a Dark Horse comes up in the race for DAK : The Falcons? But they are embroiled in cap hell. Maybe they blow it all up but I would think not. I know they are thinking Matty Ice is melting and time is running out. I guess they are right up against the cap right now.
  3. Bears D has been a complete letdown as far as FF points. TB calls Giselle at halftime and asks for kids to be put to bed early. Then calls his fave NE and KC restaurants to ship him 4.5 lb lobster tails and 1lb Kobe steaks (respectively) pronto !! As in helicopter service. Then takes the bedroom by storm ...Sleeps the sleep of angels and wakes up to a new america!
  4. Make sure anyone filling in for you has a idea of how to navigate your hosting site. I'm sure you would know that but sometimes it's overlooked.
  5. Thank you for not monetizing this and other info. Classy move.
  6. I heard that Milkman and Deamon are really going at it. My source says it's getting a little old. Source: LOL
  7. All this may be true and most likely is. Still with so many rookies having good to great showings Miami may not want to hold off. I love Fitz. Even with all the shortcomings he has. I just see a time for Miami to push for an awakening... some kind of hope for something other than "we'll get 'em next year". If they are smart it will be what you think. On that there is no argument.
  8. Fitz being Fitz. Just good enough to start and just not so bad enough to bench...I feel a disturbance in the turnover force though. Fitzmagic seems to crest and fall. Winter is coming, then Tua.
  10. Hunt was in there when the game was close though...I can take a smidge of comfort in that.
  11. Very happy with this outcome. I was pretty worried for about a quarter and a 1/2!
  12. Ok I pulled him for Hunt. No, yes I pulled him for Hunt. 😟