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  1. To be fair the chiefs have ignored what has transpired to date. They want to keep him and that is obvious. Just ask RB Hunt. Also out of all I said this is your take? What about the rest of my post?
  2. I know some want him to play this year and possibly lead their teams to victory. Alas, I am honestly ashamed for us, the NFL, and society to have to decide weather or not this "man" should be on my fake FB team. For the record: I'm gonna pass. I hope it doesn't kill my prospects for wins but in the end it's worth it. Too much smoke and fire to ignore. Can't do it. Chiefs should be ashamed of the stance they've taken. Facts are some team would pick him up though and that is where modern football is now. It's hard to be a fan now. Teams will move to another city and/or allow their employees to abuse drugs women and kids as well as charge outrageous prices for tickets and concessions all the while. It's a Billionaires world and we just live in it.
  3. Still went to WR Siberia though... So....Kinda out of the league. yes I know there's a new QB in town. That is not a new coach.
  4. He is a soon to be Alum of the All DUI team. His DUI was as head scratching as it was awesomely embarrassing. Hard to pass that up for the Ravens who lack this kind of attention these days.
  5. For any of the ladies out there who have children. If none, ummm, how about that new grill that cooks meat? me likey. 😐
  6. Long ago and a time far far away many in this industry would shun a suggestion to use this advertisement strategy with many broken ashtrays and empty bourbon bottles broken over that idiot. I miss those days. I do not like this at all. How about the like meal? Based on how many likes you have a discount will be applied? Now that makes sense!
  7. @Stompin'TomConners Who do you think is the leader in the AFC West? Focusing on the D. Who do you fear the most in a one one one battle with the Raiders?
  8. They both are unworthy of such a wonderful gift of a child. That much is true.
  9. I get that not everybody is like the Rivers family, but why can't they at least hire help so that they are not so overwhelmed and act like the Manson Family? It is not excusable. Not at all.
  10. Just a question. Curious really. Are we all as shocked/outraged as before? Time has passed and this could be viewed as old news. Any still care as much? 🤔
  11. Mission Beach in the early 90's . Bum went crazy when approached by a passerby and stabbed him in the leg. I had lived in Mission for 22 years at that point and seen many homeless lose it on people.
  12. Revvvvv your engines gents. The offers are coming for July. They look pretty good.
  13. This is over the top imho. No need for this. Some of us want the best outcome for humanity and would love for it to be at a cost we can embrace. That said be cautious and forewarned that not everyone who approaches you will have the best intentions.