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  1. Shes pretty and whatnot but drives me crazy with her ingredient list in her recpies when on food network...Take a plane to the south of france(ask for francious). He will take you to a hill side he and his family have grown these tomatos for 400 years and will hand pick them for you. Then just a quick jaunt over to Italia for some basil that has only seen southern exposure sun since time began ....Yeah yeah you r'e rich we know.
  2. Old timey Steelers wonder where the game has gone. Me too. At least at the 1 yard line.
  3. Michelle Tafoya wakes up 10 mins ago and forgets to take curlers out of her hair just in time to interview Rodgers.
  4. C'mon down GB. Your the next contestant on the game is yours....All you have to do is take it. That's it. Kick a fg or maybe ffs get a TD or maybe just drive the Bears into thier own endzone and fall on the ball by luck! It's all yours if the play you call is right!
  5. *actual porn not considered for this pole(pun).
  6. IDK...Maybe bring back Megan Trainor with that zipper all the way up? Something? Anything? Jay Z wrapping an NFL team as a present for Bae? Just some action. anything really. Highlights of Mahomes last year? Please?
  7. agree. defense always ahead tho in game 1.
  8. This looks like a paradise by the dashboard lights game. One of these teams will give up home plate in the 4th quarter.