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  1. And those eyes.....Yikes! Outfit doesn't help at all.
  2. Yep but I have actually been there. It's kinda like what you'd see in a video..but it is fast, violent and forever.
  3. Looking for a condo in mid may for 10 days or so in lahania ...anyone have a tip? 2 br 2 ba 1000 sq ft?
  4. Whatever you do do not do it alone. Feral cats can tear your leg, arm, or face up and cause major damage. Never approach without training. EVER. They will remind you what wild looks like and change your outlook on life in about 45 seconds. I have seen it. Please be cautious. No joke. They have everything they've encountered on their claws and will willingly introduce you to them. They have nothing to lose. You do. Call a pro.
  5. The NFL implodes and life as we know it ends. Long live the Bradykins! Long live the Mother!
  6. Player no trade to London clauses are on the horizon. Gotta add 'em if you don't want to go.
  7. This would require Dean growing Man sized balls. Not happening in his lifetime. Those who have met him would know he is no risk taker. I mean look - he is a squatter in another mans billion dollar playground. No risk all reward. They would have to pay him a LOT of money and pay for everything and even then the answer is: "ummmmmmmmm"
  8. Good game but GB rolled over and took it. This game was no harbinger of what's to come . All it showed is that GB took the day off for some reason.
  9. I get your point. I really do. It's not all on phil. It really can't be given his body of work. Sure players get old and start the decline but he has had no chance. none. That o-line is beyond bad and given no time what can you do? He's not mahomes but who is? Given time you will see what is possible with rivers. I get the fact that that ship has sailed tho. Shame really. He does deserve better. Okung may be back from the dead fwiw.
  10. No he's one of nine children and wants a piece of you.