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  1. it's the XFL not the KFL ...wrong face for this kind of start up. imho. This is america, apple pie and violence on camera. This is not about causes and blight. Why carry an albatross around an already iffy idea/dream/league? Keap chose who he is. Now he has to do something with that. ON his own. Not on the back of the bloated NFL or the phoenix fire ashes of the XFL.
  2. Also- I forgot to not care either way. lol . LA 's problem now is the battle cry in San Diego especially now with Rivers gone.
  3. Stafford outdoors? Wasn't his stats about 10 percentage points less for completions? 59% ish. Not too crazy about that. But I always thought he was a gamer like Rivers. Just without the better stats and without the tougher luck. IDK...not a first rounder for me but I could be wrong. Stafford could really use a change of scenery, but then why not just keep Rivers?
  4. Don't you mean mobile QB? Look man, whatever. They are LA's problem now.
  5. So all the Tyrod isn't terrible stats- means you know he's not the answer? Didn't pick that up in your post. my mistake.
  6. #2 - Rebuild the line? LoL...we'll see. O line and D line have been rebuilding for what seems like forever. You must realize that a lineman on offense is not a splash play. Right? Need to fill the EMPTY seats at the new digs. That is priority #1. Where is Brian Bosworth when you need him?
  7. If Gordon is willing I'd say yes. lol After all of the hoopla died down he did bring something to the table and will not be that sought after as a FA. Lynn is after all a running back coach from what I understand so ...Yes. Weak market and a desperate Chargers team could equal a signing of Gordon. If he's willing. Let's hope he's not.
  8. This league folded yet?
  9. IF he goes to a new team ...IF....That is my new favorite team. Hate on him all you want but most know. Just like he said.
  10. If it was in our backyard everyday, I would think our outlook would be different. Some in other parts of the world live it everyday and would embrace a game where love is the ultimate goal. Winning then would mean something truly different I'm sure.
  11. It's not that JJ is on the fence so it's gotta be something. Maybe just not firing him and letting the contract expire? That way Clapper will have not be let go, just not re-upped(?). It could be what you think as well.
  12. sorry but loving this! NO dog in it ....FB all in on fun!