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  1. I agree with you about the talent but the system is what worries me. I guess it depends on how cheap you can get him because this guy could easily be unplayable in 12 team flex leagues depending on how the Bills structure their offense. I don't think anyone knows what they are going to do with all new skill position players in Taylor, McCoy and Harvin. Watkins is the only holdover and it's for a historically conservative coach in Ryan. I'd feel better about it if I knew there would be some screens etc that he would run but both McCoy and Harvin are great fits for those plays too Basically I have no idea what to expect. As a bench guy I'm absolutely in based on talent alone, but as a WR2 or flex that I need to count on....
  2. I would likely do the same but this is close I like him better than both those guys also. I love Cooper this year. He's one of the more polished WRs to come out of recent drafts so he should be able to handle the transition, plus solid preseason showing. Oakland will probably be a bit improved but still not great so they will be throwing it a good amount, but not against dimes every time. If healthy I'd guess Cooper will finish a top 20 WR, maybe in the 10-15 range. Carr will look at him first almost every pass play, as he should.
  3. Living in Raiders country I think Carr is solid and could be a relevant fantasy starting QB someday. However, unless you play in leagues that start multiple QB's he's someone you can ignore this year. He's going to be inconsistent and not reliable for matchup play. I would stay away.
  4. People see him as poor man's Welker, no huge upside. As good as he will ever be, it's not a top 5 WR. Not enough big plays or TDs. I think most people who won fantasy championships with Welker did it when he was coming off injury and happened to have a career year, not paying full price.
  5. What %FAAB would you bid on Bell if he were on waivers? On one hand the Steelers offense stinks. On the other hand some of that stink may be attributable to the terrible backs they've trotted out there so far.