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  1. McDermott will be switching the Bills to a 4-3. This is great news for Shaq Lawson and J. Hughes. All of these guys could potentially be available due to their LB classification. I'm going for the upside of Lawson. He reminds me of Everson Griffin, and with the favorable stat crew in BUF he could be a sneaky pick up.
  2. Horton (3-4) out Gregg Williams (4-3) in E. Ogbah becomes much more interesting now.
  3. Because CLE has been so bad on defense. They are winless and somebody has to take the fall.
  4. Brandon Graham made the switch last off season. I'm going by ESPNs positions and looking to find the next guy that could get a huge boost in value. If anyone has other LB that could get switched to DE feel free to throw them into this thread. Targeting potential defensive coordinator/scheme changes. J. Hughes BUF S. Lawson BUF E. Ogbah CLE
  5. The deadline for ESPN stat corrections is Saturday. I lost an IDP match up because of a Saturday change earlier this season. With playoff match ups already in progress things could get interesting in some leagues.
  6. Is he going back to his full time role this week? I can't find any practice report updates on twitter.
  7. Thanks for your input, the upside is tantalizing. I'm off the ledge.
  8. So he is trusted to catch kick offs but not passes at this point. Hmmm. This seems to be very similar to the Jeff Janis situation at this point. Is there any reason to hold onto him in dynasty leagues?
  9. R. Wilson, B. Marshall, T. Rawls for T. Taylor, D. Bryant, C. Meredith
  10. The Bills are a nice landing spot for Hunter. Tyrod will run around a chuck it deep and allow his guys to make a play. This is the one thing Hunter is good at. Anybody else adding him in deep leagues?
  11. Team A gets Sammy Watkins and Gio Bernard Team B gets Davante Adams and Demarco Murray 12 team standard
  12. James Starks is an over 30 year old running that has ball security issues. I'm disappointed that they re-signed him. Hillman is 24, they would lose a comp pick if they signed him though. Most GB fans think there is no chance we sign Hillman. He'd be a younger, and likely cheaper option than Starks.
  13. So anyway.... this Alfred Morris guy, he plays for Dallas now. Obviously this is a great for Morris' dynasty owners (like myself). Let's hope this means they don't draft a running back. Can't wait to see Morris behind that line.
  14. Hogan is an intriguing player that could be a sneaky great pick up. Brady could be suspended for the first four, which would make Hogan droppable. I'll see what happens with Brady before going all in on Hogan.
  15. That is a good point, he did well with Bryant in the lineup at the end of the season. Watching him play it just seems that he benefits from Brown/Bryant's talent and is forgotten by the defense.