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  1. Rotoworld refers to it as a hyperextended knee. Not sure how forthright the Steelers are being with the playoffs looming.
  2. This guys arm is like a sawed off shotgun
  3. Felt good after Sanchez' performance, now my butt hurts...I read about the Steelers D stiffening up lately, didn't expect this, but Steelers wanted this game more...
  4. Someone mentioned he plays Reggie Wayne's position better, couldn't tell what the story was. Maybe he is only a deep threat a la Robert Meachem after all.
  5. Sanchez game last week doesn't look so bad now. Dallas is on a mission. Epic fantasy disaster...
  6. Typical Sanchez game, took advantage of a really bad D, couple turnovers. Overall happy fantasy wise. Would have been nice to have a little more garbage time an a TD, but I'll take it.
  7. Yeah same decision here. He scares me, but I'm an underdog, swinging for the fences. Was run d is solid so they are going to have to throw to move the ball against an awful secondary...Alex Smith is prob the safer play. Also I want a reason to watch the game today...
  8. Watch him drop 150 and 2TD. The upside and targets should be there. Indy has a crappy run game remember. Risky yes... I'm an underdog, If TY sits, he's in.
  9. Thinking Moncrief over Landry even in a return league for upside. This game has a 31-28 feel to it...
  10. Anyone starting Moncrief this week? Sounds like Wayne will be on a snap count and who knows what TYs status will be. I may have to play him either way but it would help if one of the starters sat big-time. Should be a shoot out
  11. Dr Gene Bramel on Audible Waiver Wire podcast speculated that he thinks Julio may sit week 16. Says the hip that is injured i sopposite of the side he took the helmet to. Possibility it could be longer term labrum issue. We'll see.