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  1. Rotoworld refers to it as a hyperextended knee. Not sure how forthright the Steelers are being with the playoffs looming.
  2. Felt good after Sanchez' performance, now my butt hurts...I read about the Steelers D stiffening up lately, didn't expect this, but Steelers wanted this game more...
  3. If Stafford can be a little better than Trent Dilfer they have a chance.
  4. Someone mentioned he plays Reggie Wayne's position better, couldn't tell what the story was. Maybe he is only a deep threat a la Robert Meachem after all.
  5. Sanchez game last week doesn't look so bad now. Dallas is on a mission. Epic fantasy disaster...
  6. Typical Sanchez game, took advantage of a really bad D, couple turnovers. Overall happy fantasy wise. Would have been nice to have a little more garbage time an a TD, but I'll take it.
  7. Yeah same decision here. He scares me, but I'm an underdog, swinging for the fences. Was run d is solid so they are going to have to throw to move the ball against an awful secondary...Alex Smith is prob the safer play. Also I want a reason to watch the game today...
  8. Watch him drop 150 and 2TD. The upside and targets should be there. Indy has a crappy run game remember. Risky yes... I'm an underdog, If TY sits, he's in.
  9. Thinking Moncrief over Landry even in a return league for upside. This game has a 31-28 feel to it...
  10. Anyone starting Moncrief this week? Sounds like Wayne will be on a snap count and who knows what TYs status will be. I may have to play him either way but it would help if one of the starters sat big-time. Should be a shoot out
  11. Dr Gene Bramel on Audible Waiver Wire podcast speculated that he thinks Julio may sit week 16. Says the hip that is injured i sopposite of the side he took the helmet to. Possibility it could be longer term labrum issue. We'll see.