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  1. The wifey made plans way ahead of the chosen draft date. Idiot league member's procrastinated and then voted for a labor day weekend draft and I have no way of getting to a computer. Is there a way to set preferences on the auto draft? It looks like you can make players preferred or put them on a do not draft list. Is there a way to make preferences like RB's in first rounds and QB last pick?
  2. Justin Jackson or Gus Edwards. I need a big score because Fournette sucked. Standard scoring 10 team redraft league. Opponent has Ekeler.
  3. i'm struggling with this one too, but only have Rivers and Keenum. I doubt Philly benches starters, but Rivers and Keenum are your best bets. Both have great matchups. I think i'm going with Keenum. good luck.
  4. Murray for sure. I generally defer to the RB unless it's AB or Julio. I think Minn will be playing with a lead.
  5. I'd go Diggs. Great matchup and the passing offense looks great.
  6. I have him starting over Rivers right now. I'm not thrilled with this, but started Rivers last week and barely survived.
  7. Standard scoring. Fighting for playoffs
  8. Who would you drop to pick up Eli Rodgers as a hedge against Brown not playing? Burkhead R Woods D Henry I’m 7-5 along with 3 other teams fighting for a playoff spot
  9. McCown in one league. Considering him in another