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  1. do you realize it was 17 years ago we met for coffee? holy cow
  2. I could if I wanted to get up at 4am. I already get up at 5. Look at this point I just want to retire, sell my completely overvalued home and cash out to Central Oregon. If it wasn't for these damn leach kids if have already left. I love Portland but I'm tired of it after 50 years and I don't like the way we aren't dealing with real world problems
  3. I just looked at the total monthly unique max rides divided by 2.5 million population. The point being we could have done both freeway expansion and Max, not just max.
  4. 40 years ago they were going to build a freeway from Aloha via Roy Rogers through sherwood down around Wilsonville. nope. They could still do something with that idea you could take 217, close half the exits, make it a double decker. nope 405 downtown you could do the same thing without closing any exits, just make it a double decker. 26 from portland to St Vincents is basically stuck because of the tunnel but you could get 4-5 lanes by using the side median as a 5th lane. Beyond St Vincents they could take both side medians and turn them into lanes and have 5 lanes both directions.. I-5 from Portland to Vancouver get rid of the HOV lane, open up the side median as a 4th lane. Build a new freaking bridge already I-5 from Portland south blow out the medians to 4-5 lanes both sides, same all the way down to Salem. I-205 same thing
  5. i love oregon, sick of Portland. Lived here most of my life plan is to retire in the next 5-7 years then sell house, move to central oregon, buy a 2nd home in texas and enjoy life. i'll give you an example of why i'm sick of Portland. 23 years ago I visited San Antonio for the first time on a vacation with my wife. San Antonio and Portland are the same size city and have been for all this time. I go to San Antonio 2-3 times per year the last 20 years. In that time period both cities have basically doubled from 1.2M people to 2.4M people. San Antonio has accommodated this growth by widening their old freeways from 3 lanes to 4 and 5 lanes, and by building double deckers in places, and by building entirely new freeways around the city. Portland hasn't built or widened any freeway since 1983, the closest they've come is redesigning a connector (217), which is the busiest stretch of hwy in Oregon and 3 lanes still (was originally 2 lane hwy and stop signs; 45 years ago). Portland has opted instead to spend 10's of billions on light rail which benefits about 4% of the total population of Portland, ignoring the other 90% of "the rest of us" that have to drive every day. While light rail is nice, i would have preferred to embrace the power of the word "AND" here and built both light rail and new highways around the city to accommodate growth. Its a city with no visible plan
  6. i'm intrigued by Croatia, not sure on the cost of living./healthcare thing. funny that people keep listing super expensive places to retire in though.
  7. That not only did we land on the moon, we went back several times and drove around on it and brought back samples.
  8. In Oregon it's the law. The left lane is exclusively for passing.
  9. My SUV runs on eagle scat and the tears of our enemies
  10. about a year after my dad died i was driving down the highway and this song came on. after a bit, something hit me and i started sobbing, for a good couple minutes. It was not a song he had probably ever heard, but i had and i knew it was a song he would have loved. the first time i heard this song and listened to the lyrics i got choked up, probably for the same reasons (my dad)
  11. dry cocoa powder (best smell/worst taste) Kim Chi (worst smell/best taste)
  12. i'm surprised this isn't being discussed today, last night was the season premiere and it was one of the best episodes of the series. edit to add clip from last nights show
  13. I watch this show, every episode since the beginning. I barely comprehend it. It blurs reality more than anything I've ever seen.