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  1. we have a loose neighborhood organization with no authority other than to pressure you the homeowner or the city depending on the issue. 5 years ago I decided to do an addition to our house and out of courtesy (not required), I sent my drawings to the board for their approval. President hands it off to one of the board members who is an architect. He sends back a nasty email saying its garbage and an attachment on the email that is a list of suggestions to take into account for plans to be submitted. I looked at it and saw that it was basically a wish list of every urban density planner in the country, i mean this thing was ridiculous in its scope. I replied with a slightly revised version of the building plan to take some of the guys concerns away, but by no means did we hit every bullet point. I mean we probably covered 5 or 6 but there we like 100 points on his list of dream concepts for a simple 1000 sq ft addition and garage. I expected him to reply that it was still horrible. no reply. another follow up email no reply I called the President and left a message saying on reply, twice, from his board member. no reply. I called the City and asked them if I submit the plans without the approval of the local board, do they have the legal right to stop it? He said no, I said, push the plans through then and get me permits. I mean if you're going to be on the board you should probably do the job, and if you don't do the job, don't come crying to me a year later if you don't like the addition i just built. I found it fascinating that this guy, who was obviously a control freak elitist, didn't even engage past the first step. What a loser
  2. come on over to my side, Friend. You can buy an 1800 sq ft tear down for $500-600K, no problem.
  3. too bad this happened the same time a bunch of riots broke out. Was an historic day to be alive and see this happening. What an achievement by Elon Musk and his company.
  4. apparently since its ok to go out and riot in large groups all over the country the general public is rejecting the masks and social distancing we were just all so excited about a week ago. nobody cares anymore, i drive the same route multiple times a day and see no traffic, a few people and everyone wearing masks. Today i see lots of traffic, no one wearing masks and hundreds of people walking around. I even drove downtown Portland just to see what damage the riots did for myself. Minimal, mostly graffiti and a few broken windows. people are stupid
  5. Add: note to do this right you have to turn your left wrist toward the ball and bow it a bit on the downswing, which basically forces you to keep the lag longer into impact. You get an extra 10-15% free clubhead speed with no extra effort. I figured this out today on the range
  6. awesome, thank you. Brings back memories
  7. no earbuds, hate 'em. wireless 10% computer/car wired 70% home theater/stereo 20%
  8. sorry that's pretty douchy sounding in hindsight the point is i'm an audiophile geek that is willing to blow money on stereos/speakers over the years. I started accumulating these components in the 90's. I'm such a geek about it that when i started digitizing and taking recordings from analog to digital i converted everything to WAV files for zero compression (lossless) audio files. While its true you retain the original sound quality/depth by doing that, a 6 minute song is like 20-40MB. Not the ideal way to store large amounts of music. My phone has 18gb of music files on it jsut from stuff i transferred from my computer to the phone. If i had more money i'd blow $50,000 on better speakers, bigger amps and better recordings. I love stereo stuff. Just can't afford to really love it One of the coolest stereo geek things i ever went through was my dads old Marantz tube amp. It was in his garage collecting dust, i said "Dad, why don't use use this?" He says it doesn't work anymore. Dad, can i have it? I'll fix it. "Sure kid. " I took that to my stereo store and they fixed it as new for $200. In todays world that deck is probably worth $800-1000 for nostalgia reasons, but I didn't care about that. I cared about having this really #######g loud deck hooked up to my modern hi end speakers. I wanted to see the difference between old school analog/raw power vs modern digital/smoothed amps. Immediate difference, old amp almost blew my woofers. There's no cutoff and the base is more midrange centered and wants to "pop" your woofers. Along those lines an 80 Watt tube amp was much louder than a 200 Watt Denon digital processor amp. All i can say is it seemed like riding a wild stallion vs a tame pony. I can see why people blew their speakers alot in the 70's and 80's. A few months go by and my stoner brother comes over to visit and asks if i'll loan him the Marantz for a little while as he moved into a new apartment and had no stereo. I said sure. Big mistake. He sold it and bought drugs. Oh well.
  9. i'm in my office during the day, listen to SiriusXM all day via wired speakers/sub. Driving around, Sirius or my bluetooth cellphone Spotify or Napster playlists. Through my cars Bose 9 speaker surround/sub system At home, have a giant home theater/speaker setup with over $8000 worth of hi end speakers, sub and the deck itself. Listen to music via bluetooth off Sirius XM or my playlists. I could put CD's in and listen but never have. All my CD's i've digitized, the physical copies sit in plastic bins in storage. I also have some very nice Sony noise cancelling bluetooth headphones i use to listen to music, often while i'm playing the drums along with whatever i'm hearing. In the living room, we have some wireless speakers that we stream Sirius, Spotify or Napster off a laptop via bluetooth. that's how i consume music. I would say i listen to SiriusXM 70% to 30% playlists. That's lately. Normally its 50/50 ETA: the playlists are all stuff i put together along certain themes. I don't use pandora or random system generated playlists, except for Christmas music during the holidays
  10. watch this one first end with this
  11. I used to camp up there a lot. It's 45-50 minute drive from my house. Lived in Portland most of my life. When I was 12 that thing blew up. Literally. We all watched it. Seeing an eruption it's like watching a car crash in slow motion. It takes a while for that plume to go 15 miles up into the air. It wasn't just one eruption, there were multiple days, months and years where she blew up in a series of smaller burps. There are places up there right now today that look like the surface of the moon. Nothing grows and it's covered with feet of ash, the ground is burnt closed. Little pockets of death litters the forest which is now undisturbed for 40 years, the lifetime to maturity of a Douglas fir or western hemlock tree that is now 2 ft across the base and 80-100 ft tall. The area has lava tube caves you can explore that go deep into the earth. One of them you have to crawl through a hole in the ground to get into, it's filled with stalactites and stalagmites. The top of the mountain is gone. It used to be rounded and people called it the snow cone mountain. Day turned to night, ash rained from the sky and the eruptions created their own weather and some lightning occasionally. It was a real mess.
  12. 50's 1SiriusXM 2Playlists I make ______________ Wired stereo Noise cancelling headphones
  13. yes, the guy was clear that the wrist angle is established right at the top of the downswing. He even said to basically resist hinging your wrists as you start the swing all the way to where your hands reach the top, and only notch the wrists right at that transition to the downswing, holding that angle as long as possible just into impact where it all comes out like snapping a towel or whip
  14. since i pretty much don't play golf from Oct to Feb/March most years (I don't like playing in 41 degrees and rain on sloppy courses here in Oregon), every spring i have to kind of start over on the golf swing. THis year i'm playing just fine but i noticed my distances are down with all clubs. I wondered about that. I'm not that old, in pretty good physical shape just spent all winter working out and skiing. Anyhow long story short i watched a video on youtube that reminded me about wrist angles and lag, and through impact. It also talks about the golf swing overall but the focus is on holding onto the lag as long as possible to allow that clubhead to whip through the strike zone. This is something I used to practice with half swings, but have gotten away from. Turns out the combination of stiff wrists and early release loses you 10% of your distance. Such a simple thing but that's where the effortless power comes from.