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  1. Gladiator is just a great movie all around, before he got fat. my personal favorite is his character in 3:10 to Yuma. I love that movie
  2. if you had to pick one guy of the new crop of stud PGA players that reminds you most of a younger tiger, i would pick Koepka. wonder if all the guys that finished in 2nd or 3rd yesterday learned a lesson watching tiger go for the middle of the green on 12 on Sunday's sucker pin?
  3. did that last weekend.anyhow to continue the discussion. The guys that want to bang on Tiger are pretty much one or more of the following types a) sucked at all sports their entire life and have no idea what being good at something feels like b) lifelong fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers c) repeat blanket party receivers between the ages of 10 and 27 d) live at home with parents and use stolen cable from neighbors yard to log onto FBG every day e) played golf one time at buddy Karls bachelor party f) dreamed of winning the Masters from age 4 through 13, got cut from freshman golf team, quit the game g) IP banned from 4chan, yahoo discussion boards, :e, curlyboard and one of my better quotes from this thread if
  4. Because of the tiger effect, bringing all these young athletes into the game who are all now in their prime, the competition in world golf has never been better, right now. Interesting stat about tiger's play at Augusta. He only missed 7 greens the last three rounds
  5. Against lesser players in his prime. He is now old and he's playing guys that routinely fly it past him. He hasn't won crap in 10 years, everyone gave up on him. He had to come from behind. It's beyond impressive. This will go down as one of the greatest days in golf history and be reshown for 30 years or more
  6. Jack would have hit the current ball 350-370 and won 30 majors. He was hitting balata balls with wooden drivers over 300yds, 50 years ago.
  7. I disagree. Competition was harder for Jack during his peak years than tiger in his peak years. What Jack did is more remarkable than what tiger has done so far. That being said, tiger is the best golfer I've ever seen. What he did today against that leaderboard is far more impressive than any of his previous wins. This is his greatest victory
  8. Oh my God I'm speechless. I can't remember the last time I felt like this
  9. One of the better leader boards in any golf tournament in a long long time