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  1. i never believed it the whole time. I've been saying Trump would win in a landslide since the riots broke out in June. Nothing that has happened since has changed my mind. Now if Biden and all the Democrat run cities clamped down on the violence, and Biden had run a serious campaign (even with his obvious mental decline) then I would have not been confident at all. But they didn't and Bidens campaign has actually gotten worse. At the end of the day, people vote for their wallet and their safety. Trump wins by quite a bit on both of those issues.
  2. Do a search on "can I change my vote" on Google or YouTube. Regardless, maybe you haven't noticed but that double digit Biden lead from a couple weeks ago has vanished. Not that it was ever real...
  3. I agree. But they got it right that one time. You can't deny the post story now, it's been verified repeatedly. You can try, but it makes you look foolish. Sometimes a story gets out in a strange way, but it's true. This is one of those times. Biden was already a loser candidate, but this corruption angle is the death blow. You can thank your lovely DNC overlords, they went with Hillary and Biden after the party clearly wanted to go younger and more progressive with the success of Obama
  4. Yes and the national enquirer took down John Edward's campaign years ago with his infidelity. Your analogy is meaningless. The facts are the facts no matter how it gets out
  5. What? I thought Biden was ahead by eleventy billion?
  6. my favorite part was at the end when Biden says "yes, i want to end the oil industry" and then gave specifics. Trump just gave him a look of incredulousness and shut up. After Joe talked himself into a corner Trump says I hope you were listening Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsyvlania, Ohio etc... i already thought that up to that point Trump was doing much better than Joe overall, but that was like hitting a grand slam at the end of the game to make the score 10-5
  7. Leslie Stahl, alleged journalist, claims the biden corruption story is unverified and that there was no evidence of spying on Trump campaign via the "russian collusion" setup. that's embarrassing.
  8. she made a fool of herself and her profession.
  9. We have an HD protector in the basement with a wicked surround system. The image is about 9' wide and 6' tall. Great for movies and sports. Still not the same as going to the theater. The new digital projectors at theaters are so high resolution you can't see a pixel. Now, you can beat the theater sound system at home, but not the image quality. Then there's the "group excitement" thing when ie Avengers starts. I could live without theaters, but quality of american experience goes down a notch, imo
  10. how many big movies have there been the last few years? Star Wars (down) & Avengers come to mind quickly. I'm sure there's a few more i can't recall right off the top of my head that were BIG movies. However that list of BIG movies per year has been shrinking the last few years. Trend hasn't been good. it cost $6 to 12 Million to build a multiplex, you need at least a couple hundred people per day, with fantastic concessions preferably alcohol to pay the nut on that loan and your staff and the movie fees to hollywood (for a blockbuster, studio takes 60-70% of ticket price). You get some other revenue from local ads and/or national ads, private events, some areas might even have a school district Matinee program. But most of your money is coming from concessions. now we get covid - it potentially will ruin the theater business. I guess its possible some one will buy up these properties for pennies on the dollar, however given the change in the way Hollywood distributes movies (a process that was already changing before covid), the cost of those movies to the theater owner and the lack of consistently good product , as a business man I'd be very leary about owning a theater thinking i was going to make it big showing movies. I might buy it as real estate and tear the building down. I might buy it and convert it to something else, but I wouldn't put a big investment into "the movie business" given the factors already in place: plus covid. I'm in the movie business. I'm sitting in my office on the 2nd floor of a movie theater typing away. I'm not just guessing here. I truly believe we are THIS close to losing a part of americana. We will know in 6 months time. Crossing my fingers both for selfish reasons (income) and me and my family love movies by the way if you have Amazon prime, watch Infinity Chamber tonight.
  11. The pandemic has probably killed it. Most movie theaters are within months of going broke without government intervention. Even the ones that have reopened are struggling to cover costs, let alone turn a profit. Hollywood keeps pushing back new releases. Disney just announced they are all in on their online platform, Disney+. We will still have movies but it will never be the same.
  12. Dark side Wish you were here Animals The wall
  13. 40% of democrats polled are happy Trump got covid according to this poll. Shameful
  14. The history is true, the dialogue and situational dark comedy is made up but based on the actual characters real life personalities. Great acting. Don't pass on this one GM