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  1. I'm ok with waterboarding but I draw the line at electrocution
  2. buy one of these
  3. Had a perfect 10 up at Mt hood Meadows today. 8-12 inches of crystal powder. Blue bird. No wind. It was my 10 yr old daughter's first ever powder day, they didn't groom anything.
  4. Totally forgot about love and rockets. Listened to them in college, pulling all nighters. Another band, Jesus and Mary chain.
  5. Children of the sun. Billy Thorpe late 79 released, early to late 80's FM rock staple. Fat Boys, Run DMC, early Beastie boys, never hear anymore but important music. U2 had some extremely good songs buried on albums that never made the radio. ie, bullet the blue sky
  6. Soundgarden backstage. Joe Frazier Gary Payton Peter Buck Jessica Chastain Ronnie Lott Robert Downey Jr
  7. Whatever you do go with overkill on the amps. That's the only weakness of my system. Just need more power
  8. I hear they're a delicacy in Peru
  9. My favorite is bit of finger, sleeping village. The change in the song about 1/3 way through when it goes mostly quiet then this piercing guitar solo kicks in is one of the better song transitions of that or any era
  10. ps- they also had no say in the sound mixing, recording because none of them knew anything about how to do it.
  11. it was recorded in like 12 hours or something. The story goes when they first started out they'd play 8 shows a day at a club, for 45 minutes each set. they only had like 8 songs, so they would just jam out and extend each song to 45 minutes. All of the first album and most of the 2nd album came out of this jamming experience. Ozzy would just make up gibberish lyrics and sing a melody live. When they went to put the songs down on paper, Geezer wrote most of the lyrics at that point, using Ozzy's melody lines. Geezer says even though Ozzy couldn't play music, his ability to create a melody on the fly, live, was genius and totally integral to the band's stardom
  12. interrupting, sorry. best band to listen to: Smashing Pumpkins all time worst band live, by a great margin: Smashing Pumpkins.
  13. by the way, that first album is one of the greatest albums ever recorded for three reasons. Quality of sound mixing/recording, style of music and quality of the songs themselves.