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  1. He’s a pet favourite of mine for sure, having picked him up for nothing immediately after that TD against the Patriots. I do think things are getting a little crowded though, a lot of it will weigh on what Gibson does. I could see him eating into a lot of Sims targets if he gets used as some people predict
  2. Definitely think Chark is being undervalued. He has the prototypical size and speed to be an elite WR at this level and already has a great year under his belt. I’m honestly hopeful that he can occupy an AJ Green level of value/career going forward across the next few years as some of these older guys begin to phase out
  3. Trying to remove all thought of scheme, coaching and surrounding talent from the equation... 1.Mahomes 2.Wilson 3.Brees 4.Rodgers 5.Watson 6.Brady 7.Stafford 8.Prescott 9.Ryan 10.Jackson
  4. To me, the rating of QBs by people is far too influenced by coaching, scheme and surrounding talent in that people underestimate the positive/negative effect this has on a QB. Thus, QBs in good situations CAN be massively overrated, and QBs in bad ones sometimes massively underrated. I’m not saying it’s easy to completely detach those things from a QB and estimate his abilities alone, but I think it’s something that people don’t do enough
  5. Yep, your completely correct, Marvin Hall ain’t anybody really, more a sign that the rest of the passing offence is well rounded so that if you have anybody with any form of speed they can make a difference. Even Marvin Hall seemed to, with limited catches where they were of the type that they made a difference. Just makes me wonder what a real burner on this team could do for us. I wonder if we could make a move a bit later on to add something in this respect, maybe an Andy Isabella if he remains buried in Arizona, or Ross ( not that I like the player ) if he is out of favour at the Bengals.
  6. There is an argument for positivity, there is a logical path/argument towards some form of success.. Defence - The line can be healthier. I don’t think we are ever going to be a massive pass rush team under this system but undoubtedly our line was hampered massively by injury. Hand didn’t get started, Daniels barely featured and Harrison disappeared. Hand and Shelton being available for the season would be a lift and help Flowers et al. There’s reason to believe that the LBs will improve this year with the addition of Collins to be the general on the field and Tavai a year further in. Harmon, Harris and Walker is a strong group at safety. If Okudah can be decent from the get go then Truffant and Okudah COULD be better than just having Slay the year before and we have decent depth here as well. We have a new DC Logically, there is a path to the D being better. Offence - Line has had some changes but I think it can at least be average and hopefully improve somewhat in run blocking. A fit Stafford is in his absolute prime right now I believe - no diminished arm or athleticism, but savvy with tons of experience. He could have an All-Pro year this upcoming season, and if we have even just a marginally better run game then this will help massively. We have the best RB locker room we’ve had in a long time. We have depth and experience at WR, and even a Marvin Hall is enough to offer some deep threat for us. Hockenson a year in. I really rate Bevell as well, liked how much he got play action going and LOVED his bold plays at times ( thinking the flea flicker opening down at Lambeau as an example ). Basically, it’s the Lions as they were for the first five odd games last season, except with a fitter slightly better D. That could and should be enough for playoffs especially with the extra playoff slots
  7. Nice. It seems to me like we haven’t played the Bears early in the schedule for a good few years now, always feel like we have played them at bad times for us whether through injury or form. All being well, I like this as a season opener and would fancy our chances to get off to a good start to the season but we all know how that usually goes week 1 - v Bears week 2 - @ Packers week 4 - v Saints week 13 - @Bears
  8. Just finished listening. Great idea, and long overdue tbh, to get a dynasty specific podcast going on for FFG, so good work guys, it was a noticeable hole in the FFG podcast feed !
  9. I really liked the film I watched and ended up drafting him in my rookie draft. Smallish and only just over 200 pounds but can do some running on the inside and although I don’t think his initial burst is exceptional, when he gets going he seems to absolutely glide and eat up ground quickly. Good vision in open field, is decisive but also patient with allowing blocks to develop. He can catch although it didn’t seem to be a massive part of his game up until now. Henry makes this interesting. Either they intend to let him go end of this season, and will use him as much as humanly possible. In which case, Evans may have a chance to make it his own the following season. Or, they want Henry long term and will try to lighten his load a little bit, in which case we could see 2018 Dion Lewis levels of usage which was 155 touches and 59 receptions
  10. Completed draft. There was a crazy amount of trades that went down late second and into the third, of which I was largely involved. Started out with the 7th pick in each round.Probably the most fun draft I’ve ever done and there just seemed to be players of interest going deep into the third round, start of the 4th tbh
  11. Thank you. Yeah that’s what I was thinking, Sanders I feel could be due a monster year and he’s obviously the youngest
  12. Anybody else been holding him ? I dunno, I just kind of sense he may get his chance at some point this season if it goes ahead. He looked pretty nimble at the tail end of last year and rumour continues to swirl around Fournette. He’s got the size to be a 3 down back. Armstead is there of course, but I think he could beat him out.
  13. Vaughn/McFarland Moss/Kelley/ Dillon/Evans/Gibson the rest. I think Kelley is being underrated, Gordon has vacated around 200 touches for the Chargers and I can’t imagine they’d want to burden Ekeler anymore. Kelley is a very good size and a real rugged runner with decent speed who most likely walks into some immediate action. Evans I almost like best of all as an RB, but situation brings him down a little short term.
  14. Nah I can’t see it I’m afraid, unless injury occurs. Can see 10-15 touches per week for both Swift and Kerryon. Kerryon is also a damn fine player when fit, with carries and receptions. It’s a logical mindset to think that if you have two very good all round RBs, you can divvy up the work and keep them both fresher and in less risk of injury. Then if one does go down, you can change that possibly. Scarborough could feature in short yardage situations as well. Problem in past for us was that if Riddick came in you KNEW reception to him was coming. If it was Blount then you KNEW he was going up the middle. With Swift and Kerryon rotating in you can keep the defence guessing much more
  15. Think I need one RB to push me over the top, how would you rank these RBs in terms of value ? ... Miles Sanders Nick Chubb Derrick Henry ( I now own Evans )