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  1. Got to stop them on 3rd and 8 there.
  2. 2.18am here, watching on my laptop with headphones on, trying not to shout and scream and wake up the wife
  3. Mildly displeased at what transpired there
  4. Will take holding them to a FG there
  5. Wilson and Stafford have thrown the most official ‘dimes’ since 2016 according to next gen stats ( passes over 30 yards into 1 yard windows ). Just needs to be used right and have a capable coaching staff
  6. Yes but after all these years it’s going to take more than a four game stretch of ‘should be 3-1’ for people to believe the team is different. They certainly feel different this year. Good game plans every week on D, a versatile roster on D that can play any scheme, an OC that seems like he knows how to use Stafford - get run going, give him play action and downfield shots. We shall see. The NFC north is brutally strong
  7. Early days chaps. Very early. This is the Lions
  8. I almost said that - never does a sneak but does a fake spike instead. Sadly, a random regular season road win against Dallas with the fake spike remains one of our most famous wins of the last decade odd 😳
  9. Stafford never does a QB sneak that I can remember. Not sure why given he’s a gritty and bullish QB