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  1. TartanLion

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    12 man, half point ppr re-draft league. I have drafted and amassed what is almost an undefeatable team. 13-1 in the regular season. Hopkins, Julio, Thielen in the 1st 3 rounds. Miller and Conner in the middle rounds along with Kerryon. Amari Cooper and Golladay were also drafted. During the season I attained Carson and Chubb and traded Golladay for Fournette during Fournette’s injury to try and mitigate for if Bell ever came back. QBs - Lamar Jackson, Winston RBs - Conner, Fournette, Chubb, Kerryon, Miller, Carson WRs - Julio, Hopkins, Thielen, Cooper TE - Hooper K - Dallas kicker DST - streaming my biggest problem each week is who the hell to play ! Cooper hasn’t started a game for me. Likewise Carson and Miller hasn’t started in around 6-7 weeks. And yet it still all comes down to some luck over the next two weeks. I have feeling that the most dominant team I’ve ever created will stumble near the final hurdle 😂
  2. I’m going Chargers v CIN this week over Chicago
  3. TartanLion

    Samuels vs Wilson vs Jackson

    Standard league David Johnson at RB1 and to replace Conner, deciding between Samuels @OAK Jackson CIN Edwards @KANS Barber NO Edwards would be the choice I think if Lamar didn’t hoover away goal line runs Have Samuels in just now
  4. TartanLion

    Samuels vs Wilson vs Jackson

    Can’t make up my mind on this one. Have just lost Conner. Own Samuels. Can most likely get first dibs on either Jackson or Wilson Jnr. Who do you go for in a 1 week play ? Wilson gets the touches and volume against the stronger D Jackson I’m tempted by due to the matchup and possibly even more so because I’m starting Rivers. If Rivers doesn’t go off then hopefully it’s because Jackson has busted off some big runs and TDs. Ekeler obviously being the risk. Just don’t fully have faith in Samuels in the RB slot. Confused.
  5. For once I actually have Conners handcuff sitting on my bench, but I’m just not sure how I would feel about putting Samuels into my lineup tbh. That limping report doesn’t make me more concerned, still think he plays. Injuries like this often seem to be at their worst 1 day after
  6. Doesn’t sound like the kind of injury that will cause him to be out tbh. Probably just bloody painful !
  7. TartanLion

    Rams vs Lions - Week 13

    Surprisingly our defence has done a decent job of bottling them up so far
  8. TartanLion

    Gus Edwards Bal RB ... Who is he?

    Think I’m gonna drop Diggs out for him in flex
  9. Think I’m gonna take him out of my flex for Edwards
  10. TartanLion

    I'm Starting L. Jackson Over ________.

    Trying to decide between him and Rivers. Steelers D seems to have toughened up considerably as the season has gone along
  11. I like the look of this Waldron guy. Passing coach at the Rams, has seen things up and close there under McVey and worked with the Patriots in the mid 2000s, 3 years at the same time as Patricia
  12. No plan in place yet, but hoping for a bye. Had a look at the waivers today and all I can see is maybe the Chargers with Bosa back playing against the Bengals
  13. TartanLion

    TE pickups for ROS

    Dropped Reed and went with Howard a while back. Lost Howard and was beaten to punch for Brate. So now I’m back to where I started, picking up Reed last week. He’s getting more looks by McCoy
  14. TartanLion

    What, no Week 13 Waiver Wire Targets thread?

    Tre Quinn has been highly targeted by McCoy. For us QB streamers I’ve maneouvred for Rivers for week 14 CIN week 15 @ KANSAS and have picked up Prescott for week 16 TB but he also has @ IND week 15. Strangely I also have Jackson. I find if my starting lineup is pretty much set at RB and WR going into playoffs and I’m a QB streamer, I start dropping depth and collect some QBs to give me options alongside injury upside RB handcuffs
  15. I actually think we can be quite good next year if Quinn gets things right. We have some decent pieces in defence - Snacks, Slay, Kennard, Davis, Diggs even Christian Jones and 1-2 others all range from excellent ( Slay ) to being situationally very useful in Patricia’s schemes. Ansah was good last game but who knows what happens with him. We need a better TE and a burner WR or 2. With a new OC perhaps - Golladay, Jones, new WR with speed, new TE and Kerryon at RB should see us all set. We should have a high pick. With a decent draft and FA money to spend next year we can be good if Patricia doesn’t bomb and we find a new OC with some more creativity