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  1. He didn’t look right last year and this probably explains why. Last couple of years I think he had improved and season before the one just gone he was perceived as a QB in the 5-10 range by most WR corps traded away or injured. New HC bedding in and Cooter stuck in inertia. Can explain poorer numbers. Fractures in the back can also explain that and furthermore explain why to the eye he just didn’t look like his normal self and was missing throws he can usually make in his sleep.
  2. I think he’s great and have been listening to and reading his material for years. Certainly, his opinion on Butler is going to be interesting as he is an extremely divisive WR. For instance, Matt Kelley on Roto Underworld has been absolutely tearing into Matt over his Butler view ( and is it Waldman or Blooms opinion on Mattison as well ? ). Yet Evan Silva agrees with Waldman. Most of that is just Kelley’s schtick but Butler is marmite and I’m fascinated to see which way he goes. End of the day people will always miss every now and then with strong takes to a certain degree, it’s all the other stuff that can be the most valuable
  3. I just took him at the start of the fourth round of my rookie draft. My team is more WR needy so willing to make a few dart throws at the position
  4. Wow. Damn. Probably wasn’t much more than a handcuff at this point, but as a new Jacobs owner I was happy to be owning both.
  5. Anyone else taking him in rookie drafts ? I just grabbed him in the mid third, still think he could be something
  6. 0.5 ppr will update when I can 1. N’Keal Harry WR 2. Josh Jacobs RB ( my pick ) 3. David Montgomery RB 4. AJ Brown WR 5. M Sanders RB 6. DK Metcalf WR 7. Parris Campbell WR 8. Marquise Brown WR 9. TJ Hockenson TE 10. Deebo Samuel WR 11. Arcega Whiteside WR 12. Hakeem Butler WR SECOND ROUND 13. Darrell Henderson RB 14. Andy Isabella WR ( my pick ) 15. M Hardman WR 16. N Fant TE 17. Kyler Murray QB 18. D Singletary RB 19. D Johnson WR 20.. J Hill RB 21. K Harmon WR 22.M Boykin WR 23. D Haskins QB 24. B Love RB ( my pick ) THIRD ROUND 25. Irv Smith Jnr TE 26. Jace Sternberger TE ( my pick ) 27. Damien Harris RB 28. Devine Ozigbo RB ( my pick, I screwed this up was in limited WIFI abroad and didn’t have time to think properly ) 29. Alexander Mattison RB 30. Jalen Hurd WR 31. Rodney Anderson RB 32. Terry McLaurin WR 33. Darwin Thompson RB ( who I wish I’d taken instead of Ozigbo ) 34. Ryquell Armstead RB 35. Gary Jennings WR 36. Benny Snell RB FOURTH ROUND 37. Alex Barnes RB 38. Preston Williams WR ( my pick )
  7. My first ever dynasty draft starts later today, 0.5ppr. The orphan team I took over holds the 1.02 spot. Will post it in here as it happens. Thinking I’ll be taking one of Jacobs, Harry or maybe Sanders
  8. Fate has determined he is now a Lion. Interesting guy to add to the mix for us
  9. It’s at least worth it giving Quinn the benefit of the doubt for just now. People were WTFing all over the shop re the Walker pick last year and most now seem happy with the promise he showed. Draft ‘experts’ big boards are not infallible by a long shot.