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  1. Never ended up circling back round to this thread, seems a bit random doing it now, but with the combine on, I’ve become re- engaged with my dynasty roster. Ended the season very strongly and I just love his burst, changes in direction and overall speed. Also showed great awareness for one his TDs right at the back of the end zone last seasons against the Eagles
  2. Yes, not good for his draft status, but could be the positive negative that allows him to be had For good value in rookie drafts
  3. Kelley at RotoUnderworld seems to love this guy and have him ranked right along side Jeudy. By the time our drafts roll around I could see a big four of Lamb, Jeudy, Reagor and Shenault being quite close. Might be great value in the end of round one if either of the last two make it that far
  4. Guy just took over an orphan team in my league and offered my friend the following ... Mark Ingram for 1.01, 1.11, 2.01 and 2021 1st rounder 😂 think he’s quickly going to get a harsh dose of reality in how dynasty values work
  5. Very interested. Picking at 1.07 this year and thinking ( hoping ) that he has w good chance to be in play
  6. Think I basically watched red zone since the Packers loss. Just couldn’t be bothered investing anymore into it this year. Gotta hope somebody trades up to 2 for a qb and we get Chase Young. The O should look after itself next year, maybe we get a new D coordinator in, couple of high draft picks, the D stays healthier and we have cap room to do some things so theres still hope we can be good next year but I’m not holding my breath for it
  7. I’m dropping him this week and rolling out Lockett and Perriman or AJ Brown at WR and Mack at flex. Just too much unknown with Grier coming in
  8. I might start him over .. DJ Moore - Unknown Grier situation AJ Brown - going to be shadowed by Lattimore
  9. I’ve got Steven Sims rostered in my dynasty league. Just caught my eye on a big play earlier in the season - looked like he had great burst and quick feet and with Redskins possibly getting a new coaching team and a new QB starting ( and possibly another one after that if Haskins fails ) maybe he gets more of a chance going forward. Felton Davis, Kansas WR. Heard some good things about him and he’s 6’3. Been on IR all season
  10. Bloody hell. Cook owner that dropped Mattison last week to cover another need 😩
  11. Honestly don’t think that the Fords are stopping this team winning. There’s been a whole myriad of things over the last 10-15 years... - last top draft choices before the reformed rookie pay scale - The team that went to Dallas in the playoffs had a great D, but the team was hamstrung by a poor offensive coordinator in Lombardi who ended up leaving the year after. Opportunity missed. - Ownership was too conservative before Martha took the reigns. - Difficult division that has had Rodgers in it for a decade and a Vikings team that has been very good under Zimmer for five odd years now. We had games against the Packers to win the division where we fell just short, and also played and beat the Vikings several times over the last 5 years. I think you could have swapped us into several other divisions and across the last ten years we would have probably have hosted playoff games and won. No excuses, we have played in a tough division, had quite a few years where we had good teams but ultimately we came up just short every time. I can see why Quinn moved on from Caldwell, he said 9-7 wasn’t good enough, what he didn’t expressly say was that we would better 9-7 immediately. Just that Caldwell had reached his limit and this is something I agree with. I agree with Quinn bringing in his guy that he felt, if given time, wouldn’t top out at 9-7 and a rod playoff game. If his choice isn’t correct then yes that will be on him and he will have to pay for it eventually, however, I’m perfectly happy to call this season a wash and give Patricia next season at least.... Patricia/Quinn seem to have gone outside their circle made a very good offensive coordinator decision. Don’t forget how well the O was doing under Stafford. I want to see Pasqualoni go end of this year and have Patricia/Quinn do their due diligence and bring in a new DC with some fresh ideas to add to the mix. Teams always have injuries, but our D has been absolutely cremated by them this year. We never came close to playing our preferred front 7 this season. Our top CB has been injured erratic. There’s depth and then there’s having to play 3rd and 4th stringers off the street. Add that to the now Staffordless O and stick a fork in us. Im not saying the current staff is definitely the answer but I’m willing to let it play out a while further. Constantly changing staffs is as bad and unhelpful as intransigence and sticking with a staff too long. Vikings are entering cap hell next year I think. I’m not convinced the Packers are all that and as I suspected The Bears are not the all domineering team they were last season. If we get our #### together, get healthy on D and just keep doing what we were doing with Stafford, there is a chance it could turn around
  12. Tannehill for weeks 14-15 Darnold weeks 13-14
  13. Darnold (13-14) and Tannehill ( 14-15) both have fantastic matchups in coming weeks and could be vital in the playoffs. I think I like Tannehill a little more as he’s running for 30-40 yards a week and getting some scores himself
  14. Good matchup this week, but the danger is that he will split carries with Ty and McKissic and if one of them gets off to a hot start you could easily see the carry volume shifting away from Bo. The flip side being if he starts well and Lions get ahead then it could be his. Dangerous play, but not without potential reward
  15. Me three. I have Hill and Williams now, with Scarborough sitting on the wire. Most likely, I want to be playing one of them in my flex.Hill has the Tampa run D this week so most likely striking that option