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  1. TartanLion

    Raheem Mostert

    Anyone else trying to work him on to their roster ? He’s on the WW and I can’t find room for him, but I have a feeling he could end up being very useful. He suits the profile of Shanahans run game and Breida has been getting dinged all season. Imagine if Breida picks up something more severe and Morris is out of the picture - Mostert could become very useful. Likely this needs monitored for one more week to see if he remains ahead of Morris but it might be too late to get him for free if he has 10+ touches and rips something big off
  2. TartanLion

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Yep, sigh. I dumped McManus and picked up Succop only to see him lay an egg, whilst going against Gostkowski for the double blow. Luckily, I still won this matchup. Going to stick with him again this week going off the idea that he cant possibly lay two nightmare scores in a row
  3. Engram, OJ Howard and Hooper are sitting on my WW. Presumably people would order them exactly as I've listed in a non ppr ? Reed owner but getting a little antsy with the lack of production so looking for an alternative until things change with him
  4. I remember Mostert being mentioned as a SPARQ freak on here about 3 years back, think he was hidden on the depth chart at the Ravens i like Taylor Gabriel as a pickup this week. Looks like he’s earned himself a good portion of the Bears improving offence and he can be electric and produce big plays. Him and Tyreek helped me win a Championship in 16 with an injury riddled roster, both were great WW pickups in the 2nd half of the season
  5. TartanLion

    That time again, what do you need on MNF?

    3 points ahead with my Davante Adams going against his Jimmy Graham. I have a bad gut feeling about it. Tie is only at all in question due to Succup laying an egg versus Gostkowski scoring 22 points for my opponent. Bloody kickers.
  6. Have to say our division this year is fascinating. Bears lead with their fine defence but I’m not entirely convinced that they can keep it up and there is a lot of divisional games to be played. Vikings are strong but have some pretty major warts - O line is struggling very badly, run game non existent and the D has perhaps not been as dominant as suspected Packers have Rodgers, but they also have McCarthy. As a Brit, they remind me of Arsenal under Wenger - talented team but with a ceiling on them whilst he remains in charge. Then us. Removing week 1 there is reason for positivity. Like the others we have our fair share of blemishes, but also our fair share of strengths. Slow starters out of the blocks at 2-3, but a long way to go. Think this might be the most interesting division in football this year, and there is possibly room for a wild card out of it ( presuming that the NFC South takes the other wildcard.
  7. TartanLion

    Smallwood or Clements

    As an addendum to this thread, I think this week is an interesting case as well for these two backs - NY gives up points to RBs this season, there is fantasy points to be had. I have Clement myself and I’m mulling over whether I play him in one of my RB spots over one of DJ ( MIN yet to give up a TD to rbs ) and Hyde ( also tough matchup ). Maybe even over both of them dependant on who I play in my flex. People that are playing either tonight - who are you doing so over ??
  8. Just traded for him in re-draft. Golladay for Fournette in a 0.5ppr league where I have Hopkins, Julio, Thielen, Golladay and Amari but a thin RB corps with questions in Conner, Miller, K Johnson, Carson and Chubb. Sitting at 4-1 right now, figure if it goes right then I'll be in a good position down the home straight and am not risking a change to my starting lineup. The cloud over Conner makes me feel the need to take a risk and make a move
  9. Did this spot get filled ? I’ve never done a dynasty league and have been itching to get involved in one
  10. TartanLion

    I'm afraid to trade James Conner

    Not sure how to proceed. Thanks to DJ underachieving, Conner has become critical to my lineup ( which is very strong at WR ). Again, the uncertainty still surrounding Bell and his usage may mean it is still more prudent to try trade for him than to trade Conner away.
  11. TartanLion

    Waiver wire pickups for week 6.....

    Ronald Jones as a flyer. Seemed to get the biggest workload for the Bucs the week before their bye, maybe they come out from it looking to get him installed as the fulcrum of the running game ( what exists of it ). Most likely not startable for a while but has a fantastic matchup this week against Atlanta. I picked him up and dropped Gio just before this weeks matches started
  12. TartanLion

    Dynasty: Ty Montgomery, WR Stanford

    Sneaky play this week with all the WRs out ? I’m waiting on Adams to see if he plays but if he doesn’t maybe I’ll grab Ty off the wire and play him in my flex
  13. TartanLion

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Matthew Prater - 18 points, long of 54 yards/ 0 misses Should be a high scoring game, Lions so far have terrible red zone stats thanks to Cooter's playcalling If I win, I will select a recipient from my Lions brethren on here. Either that or have it sent to my American cousins in Washington state.
  14. TartanLion

    Official Joe Mixon - Bengals RB

    Trying to trade for him now from a strong RB team, whilst I have Julio, Thielen and Hopkins ( with Cooper and Golladay on bench ). Considering offering Julio
  15. TartanLion

    Alex Collins - RB - Ravens

    Lovely. The old double whammy of Collins going down and my underdog opponent having Buck Allen in his flex who will now most likely be a workhorse