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  1. Has worked well for me this year with Thielen and Jefferson
  2. I feel like this guy has the chance to grab the mantle with Mostert, and now Wilson, out for a little while. Would put him behind only Chase Edmonds if he’s out there on any wires as well
  3. Against the same team as the last ten second run off no less ! Weird screwed over history we are developing with the Falcons, I was at the game at Wembley in ‘14 ( I think ), when Prater missed the last second field goal and a wrongfully done flag was thrown which gave him the second chance to win it which he took
  4. Watched the whole game. He looked really good and our line is beginning to open up some lanes this season as well. He looked strong and shifty, a proper all round back. Peterson isn’t going away, but it’s looking up
  5. I’m interested to know what points he racked up in this league after his 96 yarder !
  6. Still holding Isabella for now. He’s had a few peaks, enough to make me wait and see whether it can become more consistent
  7. 1st season of a 12 team super flex. I’m 4-1, strong at RB and WR but ignored QB during the draft ( only got Big Ben, Fitz and Stidham ) gave Everett and a ‘21 2nd got Andy Dalton
  8. He seemed to prefer ‘21 2nd, 4th and ‘22 2nd and 4th ( all will be late barring a disaster ), to Gaskin and Shenault. I wasn’t going to complain. Shenault must be worth a 1st now, and Gaskin a good 2nd
  9. 12 team 0.5ppr offered a team that needs to rebuild .. Gaskin, Shenault, ‘21 1st, ‘22 1st, ‘22 3rd all late most likely for Kamara. he countered asking for my ‘21 1st, 2nd, 4th, ‘22 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th all going to be late hopefully. Gaskin and Shenault removed from his offer. I took it in an instant. Can now roll out Elliot/Jacobs/Kamara as my RB trio Also got done my Joshua Kelley for Toni Pollard Think this seems fair as Im an Elliot owner.
  10. Drop in re-draft most definitely, but he’s not going anywhere from my dynasty roster in the near future. Plenty of scope and logic for things to turn around this season and/or next.
  11. Yep did the same. Massive injury issues and it all made logical sense. Aargh
  12. I might have to start him in a superflex where I ended up very weak at QB off the back of our startup draft a couple of months ago, and also due to an insane amount of injuries/Covid related problems meaning many of the players I’d start in the flex spot above him are unavailable. Big Ben, Fitz, Stidham and Hoyer are my only rostered QBs ! 😩😩
  13. Ended up going for over 170 yards 😃 The TD was awesome as well, very slick to get by the two DBs and made them look absolutely silly