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  1. standard league scoring roster: qb:rodgers, flacco rb: kamara, ap, conner, l.murray, j.howard, a.collins wr: m.thomas, gordon, edelman, gabriel, c.davis, cobb. im a jimmy graham owner and have been pretty upset with his performance this year. drafting him and rodgers i was super excited hoping he would be the jimmy graham in NO. i would be dropping flacco. here are my options on TE's: jack doyle jeff heuerman vance mcdonald jordan thomas who would you pick up and ride ROS? OR just stick with graham? Graham has a nice matchup against the pats this week. but i feel like rodgers spreads the ball out and redzone doesnt even look at jimmy graham. -Thanks
  2. id go washington
  3. standard scoring wdis flex: howard vs jets murray vs saints wdis wr: edelman @buf gordon @buf t.gabriel vs jets cobb @LAR rest of lineup: rodgers, kamara, ap, j.conner, m.thomas,, j.graham
  4. i had howard in before i asked forums. I have a hard time with howard this year due to cohen out performing him. Im gonna take a chance and play gordon and edelman this week with no gronk, gordon and edelman have a chance to put up some points.
  5. i would go sony, and ingram. i believe the patriots believe in sony. ingram will split carries with kamara like they always do, but ingram gets more goal line attempts.
  6. you'd play gordon and edelman together?
  7. I like watson
  8. Crabtree and njoku
  9. Sanu as well. he seems like he is a big factor in the ATL offense.
  10. I would go hooper please help:
  11. standard league scoring start 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1rb/wr, 1flex(rb/wr/te) pick one: t.gabriel, dede westbrook, j.gordon, j.howard rest of lineup: Flacco, kamara, peterson, a.collins, m.thomas, j.edelman, a.hooper, m.prater
  12. Standard League scoring 1pt per 10 yrds 6pts per td, roster: qb: rodgers/carr rb: kamara/a.peterson/a.collins/j.howard/j.conner/r.penny wr: m.thomas/c.davis/j.gordon/j.edelman/dede westbrook/b.marshall te: j.graham part 1: should i start edelman or gordon over one of these options? j.conner or a.collins part 2: so i have j.graham, he hasnt done much for me as of yet. should i drop r.penny or b.marshall for: Gates, fells, swaim. (not much on waivers) part 3: i can also drop b.marshall or r.penny for another wr or rb. wr: t.gabriel, d.moncrief, sanu, z.pascal rb: m.davis, gore, c.grant -Leave a link -WHIR!!!!!!
  13. 1st: I am a Patriots fan and love tom brady, BUT mahomes is hot right now. 2nd i'd go watson vs the giants mine:
  14. id have to agree, as long as fitz is hot, start DeSean. mine:
  15. Melvin who are your other RB's and Flex? could you possibly fit Conner into your lineup?