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  1. Major banks report next week. Ought to be fun.
  2. Trump was very quickly thought of by me when I read the post but I won’t derail the thread. Let’s talk about the Dems and Chappaquiddick in here guys.
  3. Ok. So more prop job. Looks like I called it.
  4. Seems like it’s recovered some. Do you know why? I have not heard any reason. Maybe the trade deal imminent?
  5. Market getting a bit squirrelly precious metals strong again time for another lie tweet, Don
  6. We might as well get rid of impeachment if Trump does not qualify.
  7. Technology Stuff we dreamed about and was in movies 30 years ago is real.
  8. Lots of people said we’re not in a bubble during the summer of ‘29. Or so I’ve heard.
  9. Earnings are about to go in the crapper. For almost everything
  10. You bought at a great time it looks like.
  11. Precious metals and related stocks are looking very good for the past couple of days. We could be seeing the top right now. VIX or TVIX could make you rich if you buy right.
  12. I also read that Jim Bouton had a hand in the creation of Big League Chew. I’d never heard that before.