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  1. Agree and I hope you’re right. Especially about Carlos Beltran.
  2. Is the reason we look back at Cam and not feel a certain way because we are pretty sure every other elite team was doing something similar?
  3. “My team cheating to get a squad of 5 stars when the best you can muster is a 3 star and these better players don’t affect anything between the lines.” gtfoh with that lol
  4. The Astros were behind the times according to The Athletic. You guys can believe what you want. I know whoever you root for is totally innocent and would never think about doing anything.
  5. So you think it’s right that a group of schools pays and gets the best players? Then when my school that doesn’t have much gets a shot to play one of the big boys it’s a 57-3 score. They get laughed at, put in the ESPN bottom 10, etc.
  6. Cheating is cheating. If you cheat to get a better player on your team that might be worse. Instead of an even competition it’s just who pays the most money.
  7. Who are your teams in all the various sports?
  8. Why doesn’t Fiers apologize like everyone else then. Why didn’t Fiers try to stop it as it was happening? Why does Fiers like teenage girls? yeah Fiers is a stand up guy who had his hand forced
  9. Idk why jomboy doesn’t care what they did. NY lost to them too.
  10. I agree. It’s odd that they aren’t talking about Boston very much. It’s almost all concentrated in one place.
  11. Good lord man. You need to listen to NY talk radio. All you gotta do is beat them a few times and there’s lots of caring and hating.
  12. So are you saying there was nothing being said about the Astros before the report came out? I’m not the one embarrassing myself.
  13. No way. Not even 1%. They won it all too.
  14. Except for the fact that it literally is Boston and no one seems to care. Lol.