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  1. If a card has a low population it’s valuable even if it’s a scrub player. You have to get them graded though and if you don’t get a 10 grade you’re out of luck.
  2. Just finished watching. What a post, dude. Spot on. Idk though, hiding in the tree and then having people come right where he is to strategize seems like it could be staged. 😂
  3. I figured this got bumped from the Burger King Twitter controversy.
  4. Can you explain this? I see stuff on twitter about this but I don’t understand what they’re talking about.
  5. Heard something along those lines quite often in 1981. Yes I’m old.
  6. As a guy who has to mow an acre and a half and has had all sorts of problems this year trying to get my mower going this is pretty funny. Go out there for 5 minutes every couple of weeks and do it yourself if need be. Maybe think twice before you complain about every little thing that doesn’t go your way next time?
  7. I signed up for fantasy baseball for the first time in my life for this year 😢
  8. She is definitely sorry. Sorry it was filmed. Sorry everyone judging her. Sorry she screwed up her career. She just snapped when the guy pulled out the camera. Got a million times more mad rather than doing the smart thing and do anything to deescalate the situation. She’s replayed it in her mind constantly for 2 days now and will for awhile. That’s a worse punishment than anyone could impose on her. I’ve been there and know exactly how she feels. Waaaaay smaller scale though lol.
  9. Got to say that I’m surprised she’s a democrat but so was Weinstein. They aren’t all perfect or anything. I also think she’s getting piled on and bearing the whole brunt for something others do or think but there’s no camera rolling. Reminds me of what my baseball team is going through.
  10. Trying to think of other mediocre to decent catchers of that era (sounds like you were collecting cards for fun around the same as me...) Jim Sundberg, John Stearns; Bo Diaz, Terry Kennedy, Rich German, Butch Wynegar, Alan Ashby of my stros
  11. Here’s all the cards I have displayed in my house. I have other high end in slabs. Need to get a display for them someday.
  12. RIP Biff Pocoraba. Had an odd name and caught for the Braves for a few years. I think I’ve read before he ran a sausage business in Georgia for a long time after baseball.
  13. I’ve only done it once. I dated this girl between my first and second marriage. She seemed into me but I guess I didn’t feel it. She had also said something about a lawsuit that was going on and she might be getting money out of it. She also had a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Anyway I ghosted her and forgot about her. I took a second job for awhile and ended up talking to her on the phone a few months ago though she didn’t know it was me. I then looked her up later. First story popped up was she got the biggest judgment in a lawsuit in the history of my county. Man, I was depressed for a couple of days thinking about that.
  14. I got behind again and just got to watch an episode. Like I said in an earlier post, Tony is an awesome player, maybe the goat. Bye bye Kim.