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  1. Supposedly they are. Aaron Boone acted oblivious though yesterday when they interviewed him on WFAN.
  2. Blowing out to rf sounds like a lot of homers could be hit. It’s already fairly easy to hit it out to right Of course lower temperature would make the ball fly less. So a bit of an offset.
  3. I had something similar happen when I got my car back after hitting a deer. I left them the rental, hit a gas station and filled it up then as I’m driving towards home a message comes up. Something like “ a major problem with the hybrid system. Immediately stop the car”. So I had to drive it back and had the rental an extra weekend. Something about the codes they had to get right.
  4. There is definitely hanky panky going on But there will still be a handful of guys in this thread who will defend him to the death.
  5. It’s going to be pretty cold too I heard. Probably helps NY.
  6. The Yankees are so worried about this game. Treating it as a must win. I hope the Astros don’t get comfortable and let up off the gas pedal. If they lose this and pitch JV tomorrow and can’t win they are in a bad spot.
  7. Astros announce Greinke game 4 and Verlander game 5. Game 6 if necessary will be a bullpen game
  8. Supposed to be an announcement at noon according to WFAN. They also had a discussion earlier and everyone agreed that yesterday’s game was not epic. 😂
  9. There are so many people from different areas that come to work in DC. I bet you see a decent amount of Astros fans there. The only place I’d be afraid is New York. I heard they were throwing stuff on the field yesterday and there were fights in the stands.
  10. I hope to go to the Saturday game if the Astros can win. I’ve never been. Only been to one playoff game ever. Drive up Friday and maybe hit some monuments or something during the afternoon and find a local watering hole to catch game 3.
  11. Cheapest WS ticket in Washington on stub hub is almost a grand 😳
  12. If the Cards come back tonight and then win out would it be epic?