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  1. I'm in a dog fight this week and now I'm without ODB. I'm going to start J. Wilson in PPR with the hopes that he gets 60 yds rushing with 5 catches for 50 yds and TD. I think the upside of Wilson going off with 90/1 and 7/70/1 is much greater than Mixon hitting it big.
  2. Amen, how does FBG miss so badly on Denver WR when they have a beat writer on staff?
  3. I take the FBG recommendations on Denver WR with a grain of salt. I distinctly remember Sigmund and Cecil (Bronco beat writer) fawning over Cody Latimer for a couple years, only to have him never materialize. I'm a Sutton owner and I would love for him to supplant my current No 2 WR J. Gordon, but I'm afraid that he won't the amount of targets needed to make that jump.
  4. The Bears got a HOF in the prime of his career at the second most important position in football. In exchange, they gave up two first rounders and got back second for a third and a fifth for sixth. Considering only 50% of first rounders pan out to be above average players, how many do you think become HOF?? Give me a break, this is an awesome deal for the Beloved. Mack, Roquan Smith, Leonard Floyd and Danny Travathian all being coached by Vic Fangio?
  5. I remember being so excited at the prospect of getting Donald. The Rams were picking before us and I thought for sure they would pass on the DT because they were already stacked at DL. Would’ve been nice.
  6. I'm in a 10 team auction league and went with Roethlisberger. I then read the FFG article and saw they recommended pairing him with Alex Smith... which is what I did.
  7. I’ve subscribed to FFG for the past 5-6 years. I’m curious if they submit their rankings to fantasypros for evaluation. If they don’t, why not? The fact that not a single FFG analyst placed among the 109 analysts ranked in 2017 is disconcerting.
  8. FantasyPros ranks the top 100 or so fantasy football expert’s ranking for both their 2017 draft and in season rankings. FFG doesn’t have an expert on the 109 person list. Did they just not submit their rankings for consideration, or were they that bad?
  9. My opponent seems to be benching Brady for Rogers and D. Adams for Jordy. I respect the balls, but I don't think it's a smart move.
  10. I'm starting him over M. Gordon this week assuming the Buffalo weather is decent. With Gordon on a slow and steady decline, I'm confident Drake can get me 112-15 pts for a floor (PPR) and his upside is higher then Gordon.
  11. I'm starting him regardless of the decoy risk. I need 18-20pts and he's more likely to get it than Eli or LaFell.
  12. I need AB to score 19 points to win the regular season. I feel like Judge Smails..... "Ooohh Billy, Billy. This is a biggie. Don't let me down!"