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  1. Bazinga whats ur prediction this week. Been on point lately
  2. Everyone needs to press the brakes a bit. He was late to a meeting most likely and they are just showing its not acceptable. It happened to revis and malcolm brown. Revis got sent home for the day and brown was benched a whole game. So it could be looked as a positive that they like him so much that they only will bench him 1q and not the whole game. Edit: randy moss was also displined for being late so it happens to anyone.
  3. Curious now after week 1 and seeing the way he performs is anyone trying to move him and what value are you looking for. I am debating on sending a few trades out before Monday as i think bell might come back. But on the other hand i can also see bell sitting out till week 11 just because he is trying to preserve his body and after watching this past game he will take one hell of a beating. Cant make up my mind and any input would be huge.
  4. Not using my waiver pick for it since I have the #1 waiver but I'm either picking up Wents or Siemien as right now I'm stuck with Russel Wilson and his fantasy numbers blow. He just struggled against a pretty poor 49ers team so I think I'm benching him for a week or 2 and if his play doesn't change ill have to cut him loose because of the short benches
  5. this kid is GOLD! Looking at their schedule I wouldn't be surprised if he gets 1200+ rushing yards, 500+ receiving and 40+ catches. Could end up as the steal of this years draft. It is early and injuries happen but he defiantly passes the eye test and their schedule doesn't have a lot of very good defenses.
  6. How bout just be the couple that buys the cheapest wine and gets drunk on everyone else dime
  7. In this day and age you would have some type of racist uproar with that title.
  8. Don't know if anyone mentioned it but I'm on bills defense week 1 for streaming. Jets legit might go 0-16. They had their starters in the last preseason game against the birds and struggled greatly and almost got their starting qb injured. Don't believe the bills defense is great but could easily see 2 picks, maybe 1 for a pick-6, and a few sacks.
  9. thats why i think it isn't actually there. Tarly was close with house Tyrell and the lanisters basically just made him kill all of them
  10. Any chance tarly never delivered the gold and maybe he got a tip from varys or just didn't like how he had to kill his close friends of house tyrell. Just think something is with the gold not showing up because the little jab at cersei from the iron bank guy about the gold not showing up
  11. I forget who posted it a while back but I've been riding the ducks over 2.5 goals every game
  12. I have to take the hawks. Cannot see them getting swept. They haven't been playing too great but with their backs to the wall I feel they get this one