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  1. Dropped Gallman for him. Don't really need WR depth but if he comes back he is a WR1. His upside is unmatched. If NE struggles again against Dallas I wouldn't be suprised if they sign him. Brady was clearly unhappy when they let him go and I would bet he has a strong voice behind "kicking the tires" on him.
  2. "I'm the only guy to rip someones helmet off and assualt the other guy with it" - Myles Garrett
  3. Don't forget he think's since no one got hurt there is no crime.
  4. I'm in pretty bad byes this week and debating on starting him as I need some boom potential. Either him or deebo. Should be an interesting week 🙈
  5. Rams miss cooks. Without him they bracket kupp. It also didn't help that it was on the road. Goff struggles on the road.
  6. Great read thank you! I always enjoy learning the backround of some of these players and the struggles they went through.
  7. When stuck between 2 WR always take the one with a better qb. Still kicking myself for taking OBJ instead of Michael Thomas
  8. If the jets lose to miami, gase needs to go. He is an AWFUL coach. He sucked in miami and he sucks as a jets HC. He is still riding the "I coached Peyton Manning" story for jobs and everyone should know, manning doesnt need a coach. He has arguably the best back in football with bell and refuses to design plays for him. We even saw what drake did to arguably the 2nd best defense in the league and gase sucked with him as well. I don't have bell but it just sucks to watch a special talent like bell becoming useless.
  9. There's a local colts writer who posted TY will possible be out some time. I cut larry fitz for pascal in ppr. Pascal has shown he can have some great games if targeted. I think it will be either him or 1 of the tight ends that benefit if TY is out.
  10. He has his issues but he is crazy illusive. He still makes rookie mistakes such as holding the ball to long or even 2 weeks ago he ran out of bound while trying to eat the clock. When he decides to run, very few can catch him. His baseball skills help him a lot like stafford throwing on the run. Biggest issue to his height that I've seen so far is balls batted at the line. It definitely is above average just don't know by how much.
  11. He does have great potential and he is really easy to root for. I've been riding with him since week 1 but the past 2 weeks have hurt. He hasn't been running as much which was what really helped is floor. I grabbed derek carr and am rolling with him just this week. If murray shows any signs this week of getting back to running, I'll most likely roll with him for the rest of the season. I believe it will be Mahomes, D.Jones, and Murray as the faces of the NFL in a few years.