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  1. All I see is you trying to poke holes in Mcvays strategy yet its proven to win right now. I don't have to look hard at the browns to see they still suck. I'd rather bet big and try and win the ship once than sit back on my ### and gamble with picks. At least he has the balls to go for it all. Honestly, you shouldn't be throwing rocks while living in a glass house.
  2. I believe they drafted henderson to ultimately replace Gurley. He ran the same zone blocking scheme in college and he has good hands. Brown just knows the offense better and I believe is a better pass blocker which is why I see him in on 3rd downs. You don't want to get Goff killed because a blown blitz pickup by a rookie Rb. Edit: Just to be more clear this is going off of Mcvay saying he might ride the rookie. If thats true I would put money on it he's the early down back. But this is a big game like I stated before. So it could be smoke and mirrors as I believe it will be brown in 85% of the snaps and maybe a breather or 2 to henderson
  3. Exactly my thought. Maybe they miss a formation in film review that could be exposed since they spent so much time planning for hill. It should be a 1 score if hills out. Texans might even pull of the upset
  4. Curious on if they try and get the run going with the rookie and brown for 3rd downs/2min drill. Should be interesting to watch. As a rams fan, I'm really concerned on gurley's knee. I though this limiting his touch was just to preserve him for 20+ carries a week starting around weeks 14-15 to make a late push. But now I'm trully worried that he might be done for this year. This game is huge to for us if we start 0-2 in the division so if gurley was able to play he definitely would as we need him. But again this situation should be interesting to see how it play out. Henderson didn't look to good in preseason but watching his college film states otherwise.
  5. I don't own hill but for one, it waste a good chunk of film time they could be using to study the chiefs without hill. Now that it's possible he might play, they need to watch film on him and create a gameplan as if he is in. Compared to if they knew he wasn't in, they would have all that extra time to prepare.
  6. All 3 videos baker doesn't move his head. He stares at were is going to go with it. The reason he holds it for so long could be trust or he just isn't a good qb. He is waiting for the receiver to "appear" open before throwing it instead of throwing him open. Go rewatch the clips you posted. He doesn't spin his head left or right. From the snap he is looking one direction and patting the ball waiting for the reciever to "get open" instead of reading who already is open. Which was odell the majority of the night
  7. All I see is mayfield doesn't read a defense or even look at beckham. He was open all night vs san fran and doesn't go through his progressions. He picks were he is going with it before the snap. That needs to change.
  8. Any new news on him? Can't find anything online. Hoping someone in LA listens to sports radio and has some type of news
  9. Guy in 1st in my league has DJ. Spent 35% on chase. I myself put in 14% and there was 2 other bids at 20 and 23%.
  10. So do you guys expect any difference in the running game? I'm forced to start peterson and just looking for a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel to give me some hope.
  11. I was offered gurley straight up for him and personally I'm not selling low at all. Can't speak for others but he's a top 5 talent. If kitchens can get his head outa the sand and just design plays such as a quick slant for him he will be fine. He should see double digit targets a game. I'm riding this train the whole year. He has too much talent to trade away for pennies on the dollar.
  12. Atlanta from the top down needs to go. Play calling is awful. Defense has more holes than swiss cheese. Arguably the best wr in julio and he has single digit targets past 3 weeks. They need a change
  13. Been offered gurley for him straight up in ppr and I'm seriously considering it. Gurley isn't the same but this brown offense blows. Mayfield and kitchens are in over their head. How he doesn't get double digit targets a week is just waisting him. It's also a waste to the draft picks they sent to the giants. They traded for a guy and barely use him.
  14. Baker looks awful. He zones in on jarvis often. Odell is a crazy talent and it's mind blowing when guys like him don't get double targets. Especially when they are down. Whats the point of even trading for him if you aren't going to throw him the ball. I also believe kitchens is in over his head. He got the HC job because he was "friends" with baker. They have crazy talent across the board but its just awful to watch.