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  1. Going saints defense and Cleveland offense. Will write out used teams tomorrow when I can get yo my labtop and look at the spreadsheet
  2. Just switched my giants to the saints. They are talking about using Royce freeman as QB for denver.
  3. No idea what the odds are, but I would put house mortgage money on him winning comeback player of the year.
  4. Okay well this is a pretty tough week. I had Seattle penciled in right after the rams won but then I started looking ahead which i haven't done really at all this year. been taking it 1 or 2 weeks at a time but we are nearing the end. I still have a handful of good teams left but now its about matching them up with good games. After I looked ahead a bit i switched Seattle out to week 14 and currently have NO in now. I am highly tempted to put NYG in though and even Cleveland so I can save NO. NYG have no future value while NO can only be played week 16 or 17. Have to make it that far first. In between now and then I have Raiders week 13 @ Jets, Seattle Home vs Jets, Baltimore home vs Jags and than have chiefs and Saints for weeks 16 and 17. So far I've used Buff, Pitt, Indy, Rams, Zona, Miami, Philly, TB, NE, GB, Chargers in that order. I was going to use Minny next week but I have no faith in them. I'll update before the games start who I am personally going with. The more I look at the future matchups that I have left, the more I am willing the risk the season with NYG or Cleveland to have solid matchups on the back end.
  5. As a Rams fan I wouldn't look much into the rushing stats. McVay clearly came into this game not wanting to run the ball. Instead he used quick screens/slants as the "run game". The Bucs are very well known to be good against the run and he clearly understood that. Brady struggled because we could get pressure with just 4 all night. Throw a blitz here and there and he is manic back in the pocket. There was multiple throws he had time in the pocket but since he was hit so many times already, he would throw it early and mostly inaccurately. Goff was surprisingly well against the blitz. They showed a stat at one point that he was like 11 for 11 for over 130yards and a TD. His 1st pick seemed it was miscommunication with him and Henderson. Goff expected him to run out and sit down and JPP happened to be right where I assume Henderson was suppose to sit down. Don't have a clue on his 2nd pick. He does dumb #### some times. I think the rams match up great against the Bucs again because of our front 4 and if they played again would be another very close game.
  6. Think its Calvin, Manning, and Charles Woodson as shoe ins. Everyone else is fighting for the left over spots this year.
  7. All game it's been a quick whistle. They called Goff delay of game before it even hit 0
  8. So just glancing at this upcoming weeks games I'm liking NO, Seattle, and possibly NYG. Will look more in depth in few days. I like Seattle a lot if Rams win tonight as they will not want to fall behind.
  9. Way to trust you gut. Dallas just eliminated 37% of my league
  10. Missed 1st games again. Oh well. Going with raiders offense chargers defense Used offense: philly,tb,seattle,gb,dallas,detroit,atl,kc,houston,zona Used defense:bills,sf,tampa,rams,pitt, NE,philly,kc,tenn,balt