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  1. Thomas is out it will be tamme if sanders is out I'm think Cadwell will fill in. I'm shocked Latimer isn't gonna get a shot.
  2. If sanders doesn't play is it Cadwell or Latimer who should start?
  3. Fools gold? Anyone a believer?
  4. My concern with Josh Gordon isn't if he'll be a WR1 or high WR2 it's if he can stay healthy and not pull a hammy...
  5. Anyone with a football eye can see that Crowell is by far the best back out of the 3. That's not even arguable imo. When he's back there they actually run the ball very well as you can tell by his ypc avg. The problem is he fumbles and they will continue to feed west and Tate. Only way Crowell has value is if west or Tate goes down.
  6. He's gonna be awful Thursday. I say 60 yards max...if it wasn't for that huge run he wouldn't have done anything.
  7. Kind of like Marino/Montana if Marino had won a Super Bowl. I think Peyton wins another ring he's the guy. Otherwise, just a matter of opinion. Brady wins another that might cement it too.Fantasy wise it's Manning...Real life it's this. Personally I think Manning is better and Brady is more of a system QB that has great Coaching. As of now you can argue either way but I think Manning gets a ring this year and cements himself as the best QB of this generation and arguably the best ever. If this game was played in Denver I think things would have been different.
  8. Love to see the raiders give Carr a weapon like this. Carr could do some big things if they give him weapons. Raiders will have a top pick what's the chances they go after this kid?
  9. Patriots are best when they run the ball with Ridley. It's opens Gronk up it opens the play action. When they run down hill this guy kills it. Stop running sweeps and toss...Run downhill and play action off of that it protects the QB because LB have to respect the PA and DE honest.
  10. My league has IR space so I picked him up week 1 and stashed him on my IR. Now my problem is I can only keep 8 WRs and once he comes off my IR I need to drop one of these guys. Gordon $10 yeee Brown $9 Floyd $6 Edelmen $22 Vjax $30 Hopkins $6 Hunter $12 Allen Robinsion $7 Beckham. $7 It's a 4 year contract keeper league.
  11. Traded for this guy and after reading this thread I'm very very happy.
  12. Whose do you guys like better Robinson or Hurns?
  13. Hurns or Allen Robinson? Hurns only had 1 catch yikes.
  14. In his highlight how does he get caught fr behind if he's so fast? Ran 4.38 ish and gets caught. Anyone see that? I mean look at Pryor he's a stud athlete and if he played RB he would suck. Is that what this guy is? A QB like Tebow and Pryor trying to play RB?
  15. After watching video on mckinnion I'm not impressed. Where is the hype coming from? After watching his tape then putting on some Ellington I'm not sure this kid is as good as what everyone is saying. I saw the article where they said he's a freak of an athlete but just because ur a freak athlete doesn't mean ur a good running back.