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  1. I’d go Laird. Even in a standard scoring league, Laird is the #1 back and more likely to get more touches and goalline carries. SEA is the better offense, but MIA is not as bad as the “tank” narrative suggests. please answer mine:
  2. I would go Kelce and Sutton. They are TD scorers. And that’s what it all comes down to. Lindsay is nice, but HOU D is playing pretty well against the run. And the game script may dictate pass if HOU gets an early lead. please answer mine:
  3. It's a good point, but matchups are king, right? CHI has not given up a 20-fantasy point days to many QBs, and shut down some of the best. I can see DAL prioritizing the run over the pass in this one. FWIW, FBG has Jameis rated over Dak.
  4. With the great RB depth you have, I’d pull the trigger and cut Coleman for Laird. Barring something unexpected from Zenner, Laird is unquestioned starter/goalline/passing down back. Even for a lousy team, that’s worth a lot Please answer mine:
  5. In a 6-point per passing TD league, would you start Dak Prescott tonight @ CHI (I also have Zeke Elliott at RB) or Jameis Winston at home vs. IND? I'm in a win-and-in game. Decent matchups with other players. Leaning toward Winston because of home game in FLA and volume. Dak is facing a CHI defense that has limited most QBs to under 20 fantasy points, but is without Hicks, Trevathan, and now, Amukamura. Huge game for DAL and Dak, but I suspect they will try to lean on Zeke. Thinking Winston is the safer QB play because TB will have to throw. Thoughts? I'll answer yours. Thanks
  6. I agree that $1.6 million is not that much relative to the cap. But it is VERY rare that a team will eat $1.6 million for a player they signed to a one-year deal.
  7. I see another projection from Jeff Taylor of the Athletic that leaves Carlos Hyde off the 53-man roster for the Chiefs. Apart from the fact that that would leave the Chiefs with very little NFL experience at backup RB (behind a starter with relatively little game experience), the Chiefs gave Hyde a $2.8 million, 1-year deal, with a $1.6 million signing bonus. The signing bonus is more than Damien Williams' salary cap hit of $1.05 million. I just don't see the Chiefs throwing away $1.6 million to have a 6th round rookie, Darrel Williams, and a converted CB be their only backup RBs. I agree that Darwin Thompson is going to eat into Hyde's touches. But KC will need an experienced "big back" in case Damien Williams cannot carry the load or gets hurt. I think the shark move is to still own shares of Hyde late. Thoughts?
  8. Hey Sig, .5ppr, I need 2 of 3: Lesean McCoy (@HOU), Marlon Mack (@NYJ), Tyler Lockett (@OAK, London). Thanks
  9. I've got a tough call to make before the game whether to drop Jones or Danny Woodhead.
  10. What are owners doing with this guy? Having a hard time thinking he's going to offer much value going forward after losing RT, best blocking TE, Hundley playing awful, and full RBBC seeming to come back. Is he droppable? Thoughts?
  11. I would go Mixon until we see Davis and Morris do it. With Jeremy Hill out on IR, I think Mixon is solidified as 1st and 2nd down back and goal line back. please answer mine
  12. i agree to do it. But i still like carr. but tyrod's running and benjamin make him appealing. please answer mine
  13. From this year perspective, I'd hate giving up Gordon. And theilan is more consistent than hilton, but with lesser weekly upside. However, from a keeper perspective, if you can't keep gordon or hunt, and you can keep ajayi, i would do the deal. it's pretty close, but the keeper aspect helps push it over the edge please answer mine