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  1. Standard scoring, non-ppr, 10-team league. $100 auction. Choices are: Nick Chubb $6 Damien Williams $5 George Kittle $5 OBJ $12 I'm leaning towards Chubb, but I worry about the return of Hunt. Thoughts?
  2. Non-PPR... am I crazy to think Jordan Howard might be a better start than Jaylen Samuels? Is Damien Williams a better start than both if Ware doesn't play?
  3. Unfortunately, I got outbid on Fitz... I don't have much FA $ left. I ended up with Alex Smith. Not a great long-term solution, but a good start this week. I forgot to mention this is a $100 auction league. Keeper prices are 1.5x what you paid the previous year. Fournette would be too expensive to keep. Really appreciate the advice, guys. I was very high on Mahomes during the auction (and the owner knew it). I'm surprised it took him this long to reach out.
  4. Seems like a no-brainer, but DJ is my keeper. I'll get him for $18 next year. Mahomes would be $9 next year. Only get one keeper in this league. I'm not a huge fan of keeping QB's, but this might be an easy decision. QB's right now are Winston and Dalton (bid in on Fitz) RB's are DJ, Fournette, James White, Lindsey, Breida. Hopefully get back Fournette next week.
  5. Agree with Junkie. Doesn't make any sense to trade away a key piece of one of the best offenses in the league. You also want to hedge your bets against Gordon losing anymore playing time to Ekeler.
  6. Thanks for the response. I'm not sure anyone is a Bortles fan, but I'll become a fan if he puts up good numbers this week!
  7. Would you ever start AP over anyone else on your team? I'd consider dropping him and picking up DJ.
  8. 12 team league, standard scoring. QB's are Winston and Mariotta. Thinking about dumping Winston for Bortles and then starting Bortles against the Browns. Thoughts?
  9. Hogan has been a monster when healthy. I'd keep him.
  10. Agree with Londo. C-Mac has been great lately, and Gordon is losing carries to Ekeler.
  11. Thinking of making a bid for Burkhead. Who should I drop? Choices are: Marlon Mack or Thomas Rawls. Other backs on my squad are McCoy, Martin, Henry and Powell. Thanks!